Мэтт Лантер


Американский актер, известный благодаря роли Лиама Курта в телесериале "90210: Новое поколение" и роли Эдварда Саллена в фильме-пародии "Вампирский засос".
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San Diego Convention Center

Come out to our Q&A panel and a special surprise (as per our creators)! You guys kept us alive for a season 2...come out and celebrate your victory!! 🍻#SDCC

Universal Studios Hollywood

Fun in the booth yesterday for #PitchPerfect3 #whatdoeshesay? #whodoeshesayitto? #doeshesing? #duet? #whatsong? #doeshedance? #mybuttitches? #waitwhat? #areyouseriouslystillreadingthesehashtags? #blessed

#tbt to last Friday night. Things got a little weird. #VampiresSuck

Haha this was 💯% NOT on purpose! Thanks @disneyprinces_live for pointing this out. #reallifedisneyprinces #princeeric

@abcnetwork what the actual F

Happy first day of summer from my hottub to yours! #nationalselfieday

Head over to elisasamore.com for the link to download an audiobook I narrated! Touched: The Caress of Fate. Out now!

Gee news travels fast! Great seeing @heruniverse and my Star Wars fam yesterday!

4 years. Never looked back. #mylove @angelalanter

Green Lake (Whistler)

Way back Wednesday and my woman crush Wednesday exploring Whistler, BC with @angelalanter

Remembering all those who gave their lives in service. Thank you.

New York, New York

On the carpet for TIMELESS SEASON 2!!! Yes I said that! Haha @verbalberappin ... kinda explains it all. Thanks @hugoboss @theory__ @tobootnewyork for keepin me fresh. 👊

Guess it's time to hang up my time-traveling boots. People always say, "don't live in the past".... I don't know man.. we sure had some fun. Been on some epic adventures with these guys. This is our first scene with the Lifeboat filming the pilot. What a journey huh @abigailspencer and @verbalberappin ? A sincere thank you to our creators Eric Kripke & Shawn Ryan. To our incredible cast and writers. Our dedicated crew and DEFINITELY to our awesome FANS!! #Timeless Ps. Just so y'all know, Sony is shopping it around to see if another network may want more time traveling adventures! Ya never know.

Waiting on a #Timeless season 2 renewal like... @nbctimeless @nbc

Sony Pictures Studios

Oh the feels. Loved running into this one last night... Out supporting @cityyearla! @jessicalstroup

May the 4th be with you! @starwars

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Dat water doe @angelalanter

Scum and Villainy Cantina

Just a couple a guys having some drinks. @scumandvillainycantina @starwars

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