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Hollywood Pantages Theatre

#tbt in honor of being back in LA and reunited with @rightordoyle

If you haven’t yet, read this book. Your mind will be blown. Thank you Stephen Hawking. 🙏🏼

Literally every day

#fbf ethnically ambiguous 🚭

Jotham’s back tonight on an all new @abcmodernfam doing what he does best: drinking & plotting someone’s (everyone’s) demise


And a Happy Birthday to this handsome Lebanese piece.

HBD to this icon who is throwing her birthday party at Gelson’s™️. Love you for life, Desi.

✝️G ℹ️ F

#tbt Pieces

#tbt cubby hole sundays

I often think what the world would be like if Keith Haring were still in it.

A James Bidgood moment of Valentine’s whatever.

Love my friends

Long Island City

I put her in the kitchen. 🔪⭐️

Chill Life

It’s @connorga’s bday. He loves wine, weed, and tats. He’s chill & single as hell. Send him nudes. ❤️

Vintage Yul Brynner. 👌🏽


United States Capitol

The State of My Mother Fucking Union.

#tbt Looking for meaning in a Meghan Trainor song..

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