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Top of the Line Barber College

Anytime the homies come in to the shop and let me do work I’m grateful! Rad to see my man Phillip yesterday and line him up. My instructors and classmates are making the journey one of my best experiences thus far. #barberlife #charleston #CHS #charlestonbarbers

Throwback to a tattoo session for the books. Getting tattooed by @carlostorresart and meeting @sullenclothing founders @unclejeremy @colorcrimes was an experience I’ll never forget! These dudes are rad! We were some of the first ones at the convention and the last ones to leave. About 11 hours in total #tbt #2014 #Hook #DustinHoffman

Boston, Massachusetts

(Mushy caption). ❤️😍🤪.

Top of the Line Barber College

Switch backside double cork flat top clipper grab. 💈 • • • #studentbarber #barberlife #barberschool #charleston #CHS

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

So lucky to spend time with my beautiful sisters this evening. Family is everything! We’re missing you Ty @sorry_i_tyleredonyou ! Hope everyone has a rad and safe holiday🙏🏼!

Top of the Line Barber College

Straight Razor Saturday. #barberlife #barberschool #dontworry #hesurvived

Charleston, South Carolina

“Apothecary for the modern gentleman.”Rad to see one of my best buds @chaddy_p and @lukelieske bring vision to reality and follow their passion to create a rad product. Thanks for your support and if you haven’t make sure to give @luckybastardco a follow!!

Top of the Line Barber College

Learning something new for me comes with so much repetition, failure, and not getting it “perfect”.But the main thing is, I’m willing to take suggestions, ask questions, and be humbled enough to say “I don’t know” sometimes in order to grow. Stay grinding yo!#barberlife #theprocess

The Process.💈. #humbling #FakeItTilYouMakeIt #BarberLife

That feeling you get when the bagel bites come out the oven. #TBT

You can’t sit with us. #YAS #QUEENS #BETCH

I sure start to miss that snowboarding stuff this time of year.😩😩#2011? #FS9

West Ashley, Charleston

Learning stuff💈🧔🏽. (I’ll be on the floor starting next week if anyone wants to come in and get their dome cut or a line up shoot me a DM)!

West Ashley, Charleston

SUHHhhh!!! Today marks a new beginning for me as I start Barber School. Couldn’t be more stoked! Transitioning out of professional snowboarding got the best of me. Drugs, booze, 6 months in rehab, 2 cross country moves, and no idea what I was gonna do with my life when I got sober. 17 months later, I wouldn’t be at this crossroads without the support of my family and my oldest friend in life @beastmodio. Grateful for everyone in my life who’s supported me thru this journey to get well and have a second chance. Anything is possible even for a once hopeless cocaine cowboy like myself!!!

Happy Birthday to the air to fakie king, 5x US open champ, undisputed rad human and friendo @dannykass ❤️

Happy Birthdah to my beautiful sister @molly_mcallister_jantz. Badass snowboarder turned badass nurse and overall amazing accomplished human. Always inspiring me and honored to be your brother. Thank you for being you!!!❤️❤️❤️

Music Farm

Polaroid vibes with Spaff Daddy 🕺🏽 @sospaff . 📸 @marissashreds

Damn it’s crazy to wake up and see this kind of stuff online. I had the pleasure of getting tattooed by @booboonegrete a couple years ago when I still lived in LA. What a humble and friendly dude. A true talent, and will be missed in the tattoo community😢. Rest easy homie

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