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Австралийская актриса. Наиболее известна ролями Тэйлор Фрай в сериале «Непокорная» и роли Вероники диАнжело в третьем сезоне «The Saddle Club».
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Edwards And Co.

After a hilarious morning of ADR for Top of the Lake (which I'm now bloody excited for you all to see), I got to head to @_edwardsandco for a cheeky shoot with my love @dane_edwardsandco, who is actually a hair and makeup prodigy. (And a huge thank you to @hayden_edwardsandco for the best colour yet, too!) 💁🏼

Lox Stock & Barrel

I've posted this exact same meal on Instagram twice already. But hey, tough shit, here's round three ☕️

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Well, shit. When it comes to adventures, it's gonna be bloody tough to outdo what @benefitaustralia and @the_upside organised for us lucky gals this morn! They already had me sold at yoga and a breakfast picnic, so when I somehow found myself on top of the harbour bridge, I've never felt more grateful- especially with these two ratbags by my side the whole way. (Sorry to everyone else in the group who had to endure our rendition of 'You're the Voice' the whole way down.)

For anyone in need of a last minute Valentine's idea, look no further than this bad boy from Noelene's wardrobe. Nothing sexier than covering half your torso with supportive beige, I say. (See you in my DM's boyz)

Feeling very bloody overwhelmed by the endless amount of love and support I've received this week. It's been a long time coming, but with the first little cab off the rank last night, I'm genuinely excited to share the next few upcoming projects I had the honour of being apart of over the last year. Thank you for being so patient with me while I fell back in love with acting. I know I took my time, but I'm here now. Ready. Also, at the risk of writing the biggest cliche I've ever written: if you're actually insane enough to be pursuing acting and feel like you've been fist fighting with fire for a while now- hear me when I say, I've been there. And will be there again and again throughout my life. That's the game we're playing. If it is a part of you, and always has been, it won't ever leave you. So be patient. Sort your inner shit out. Sit down and ask yourself if it's what you honestly want. Cry. If it has always been a part of you, it has never left you. You just have to dig deep to find it. Finally, regardless of what you are working towards in life, you are allowed to take your time. Take your time, but please, don't you dare waste it. 📸: by my favourite genius, @jodypachniuk

Paul and Ed. Just two kids, in love, and somehow making it work. Part one of #Hoges. 8.30pm tonight, on @channel7

HealThy Self Co.

A trip back home to Melbs is never quite complete until George and I pay @healthyselfco a visit ✨🍓🌼

Have been missing my two (and a half, if you want to count the pregnant suit) little babes since this last day we had together on the set of Hoges. Luckily, I finally get to see their cheeky faces again, this time next week. Tune in to @channel7 at 8.30pm to see how bloody easy it was for me to fall in love with my little onscreen family (and how dangerously hard it was to take off the preggaz suit once we wrapped) 🤰🏼

A huge thank you to the talented @jodypachniuk for completely saving my ass with new headshots (only took me four years to update- my agent was ready to kill me 😇) For any Sydney based actor mates of mine in need of some updates- Jody doesn't bullshit around. I bloody hate having my headshots taken, but this shoot legitimately took 15 minutes, and didn't end in tears from either of us. ✨

Okay, I was definitely planning on just captioning this with a joke about how even after twenty three years I can't help but ruin every nice photo I'm in; but birthdays make me sentimental as hell, so you're gonna have to deal with my feelings instead, suckers. Twenty two was irrefutably one of the best years of my life so far. And when I looked around at mine and @bectippett's birthday on Saturday, I realised I owed that entirely to the people I was surrounded by. Granted, I missed my family and friends from home so much (although having @ashavasilliadis there was like having a piece of home with me), but here I was with the people who had become my second family, since moving to Sydney. And I've never felt more grateful. To all of you (whether you were there in person or spirit), thank you for making my 23rd so unforgettable. And finally, to my little birthday partner in crime- Bec. Thank you for not only being as equally weird as I am, but being my designated sister up here. Happy 23rd my gal. Love you always x

Ramsgate ratbags 🏡🌊🏄🏼#homesweethome


Icebergs Bondi Beach

I'm into you, 2017 😏

Sydney Opera House

To every single person who has been a part of my life over this past year- I hope you know just how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you. From here on in, I will always remember 2016 as the year in which I found my way back to what I love most, who I love most, and the place I love most. From those of you who have been a part of who I am for years, to those who came into my life once I decided to call Sydney home- thank you. All I can hope for in 2017, is to make you proud. (And a huge thank you to @denaamy and @arielerinkaplan for what was easily the most unforgettable New Year's Eve of my life so far)

Try me

This was actually all I wanted for Christmas. These people are my home

Twelve days to go before you'll find me exactly like this on New Years Day at @watsonsbayboutiquehotel, thanks to the gems behind #surflodgedownunder. Might see ya there? 🥂 (📸 by my one true love, @alyssmnxphoto)


The Potting Shed at the Grounds of Alexandria

Given how bloated, emotional and weirdly turned on tonight's dinner left me feeling, you'd think I was the pregnant sister.

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