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Австралийская актриса. Наиболее известна ролями Тэйлор Фрай в сериале «Непокорная» и роли Вероники диАнжело в третьем сезоне «The Saddle Club».
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Ramsgate ratbags 🏡🌊🏄🏼#homesweethome


Icebergs Bondi Beach

I'm into you, 2017 😏

Sydney Opera House

To every single person who has been a part of my life over this past year- I hope you know just how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you. From here on in, I will always remember 2016 as the year in which I found my way back to what I love most, who I love most, and the place I love most. From those of you who have been a part of who I am for years, to those who came into my life once I decided to call Sydney home- thank you. All I can hope for in 2017, is to make you proud. (And a huge thank you to @denaamy and @arielerinkaplan for what was easily the most unforgettable New Year's Eve of my life so far)

Try me

This was actually all I wanted for Christmas. These people are my home

Twelve days to go before you'll find me exactly like this on New Years Day at @watsonsbayboutiquehotel, thanks to the gems behind #surflodgedownunder. Might see ya there? 🥂 (📸 by my one true love, @alyssmnxphoto)


The Potting Shed at the Grounds of Alexandria

Given how bloated, emotional and weirdly turned on tonight's dinner left me feeling, you'd think I was the pregnant sister.

Ratbags 👅

Managed to score a hot date to the @tiffanyandco #lovenotlike summer launch on Thursday night, thanks to my main gal. Huge thanks to the dream team at @_edwardsandco (@byronturnbull, @charlie_edwardsandco and @dane_edwardsandco) for gettin' us all scrubbed up! 🍾✨💍

Back together. About bloody time.

Always knew T Fry and L Leonard would end up gettin' hitched #Hoges

Took Nan out on a hot date to visit her ol' stomping ground from the 50's. We found the house she and my Pop lived in when she was my age- which she hadn't seen since she left. Pretty special little afternoon 👧🏼👵🏼

Keep ya chin up baby-g (Completely forgot that we shot a second black and white roll during this shoot, until I got a little surprise email last night from my gal @alyssmnxphoto)

After a week of shoving Vicks up my nose and leaving an endless trail of tissues behind me wherever I go, I'm ready for @dane_edwardsandco to come back into my life (every morning) to make me look alive again like this, plz.

North Bondi Beach Sydney

Tough Tuesday 🌊

Congratulations to my big cousin Ben for somehow convincing the beautiful Mel to marry into our pack of Kennedy ratbags. You're officially stuck with us now Mel! 👰🏼 (And this is only one eighth of us)

Sydney Harbour

When ya best bloody mate comes home from four months in Europe with a legend of a new boyf, who not only helps you peer pressure her into moving to Sydney but also lets you third wheel a whale watching date. To all the other boys wanting to date my friends, the benchmark to win my approval has been well and truly set today. 🐋

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