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Австралийская актриса. Наиболее известна ролями Тэйлор Фрай в сериале «Непокорная» и роли Вероники диАнжело в третьем сезоне «The Saddle Club».
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Ratbags 👅

Managed to score a hot date to the @tiffanyandco #lovenotlike summer launch on Thursday night, thanks to my main gal. Huge thanks to the dream team at @_edwardsandco (@byronturnbull, @charlie_edwardsandco and @dane_edwardsandco) for gettin' us all scrubbed up! 🍾✨💍

Back together. About bloody time.

Always knew T Fry and L Leonard would end up gettin' hitched #Hoges

Took Nan out on a hot date to visit her ol' stomping ground from the 50's. We found the house she and my Pop lived in when she was my age- which she hadn't seen since she left. Pretty special little afternoon 👧🏼👵🏼

Keep ya chin up baby-g (Completely forgot that we shot a second black and white roll during this shoot, until I got a little surprise email last night from my gal @alyssmnxphoto)

After a week of shoving Vicks up my nose and leaving an endless trail of tissues behind me wherever I go, I'm ready for @dane_edwardsandco to come back into my life (every morning) to make me look alive again like this, plz.

North Bondi Beach Sydney

Tough Tuesday 🌊

Congratulations to my big cousin Ben for somehow convincing the beautiful Mel to marry into our pack of Kennedy ratbags. You're officially stuck with us now Mel! 👰🏼 (And this is only one eighth of us)

Sydney Harbour

When ya best bloody mate comes home from four months in Europe with a legend of a new boyf, who not only helps you peer pressure her into moving to Sydney but also lets you third wheel a whale watching date. To all the other boys wanting to date my friends, the benchmark to win my approval has been well and truly set today. 🐋

Three votes to M.Kennedy for locking in a date with this one to the B&F last night. #sheedymedal #favouritekennedy

Wishing I could be over there with you in Amsterdam today my gal! But I'm definitely there in spirit, watching you try to drunkenly request 'Come on over baby' to a person who doesn't either A. Run a karaoke bar or B. Understand English Happy 23rd birthday, my wild one 💃🏼

Found out the night before the @_edwardsandco shoot that I'd get to work alongside my gal pal @amypejkovic! (Which was all very exciting up until she walked onto set and I remembered I am a potato) 💁🏼

Got to spend the day shooting with the absolute dream team, for @_edwardsandco. ✨ (Special shoutout to the talented @dane_edwardsandco for today's dreamy hair and makeup)

Thanks for the ~summer vibes~ today Sydney, ya massive babe. Gave me the chance to give the new @barbasandzacari sunnies a test spin at the beach. Go have a little look-see at their new eyewear range if you like! (Once you're done admiring my homemade acai bowl, obviously.) 🌴

Haven't taken this little bad boy off since it arrived last week, courtesy of my new crush, @nomadicstore ✨

Couldn't be prouder of the GWS boys after two incredible wins this weekend! And couldn't have picked a better gal to watch them with 👭🍸🏉

Back In 2013, I received the heartbreaking news that my little cousin and best friend @kaylalavell, had been diagnosed with Pleomorphic Sarcoma- a form of cancer found within the bone tissue. At just sixteen years of age, Kayla immediately underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment over the course of the year. For anyone who has ever met Kayla, you know she is a god damn force to be reckoned with- and almost three years later, I am so proud to say that not only has she been in remission for over two years, but she is also the face of the Cancer Council's 'Relay for Life' this year. My gal is raising funds for the Cancer Council, an organisation that has irrefutably helped Kayla and so many other young lives along their journey to recovery. For example, just $10 can offer exercise programs to help cancer patients build strength during recovery- or provide a temporary soft prosthesis to a woman after breast cancer surgery. If you'd like to support a cause very close to home for so many of us, or even just read more about Kayla's journey, feel free to click the link in my bio. And to anyone whose life may be currently effected by cancer- this one is for you. Much love to you all x

Happy birthday to my partner in crime. Hope twenty three feels just like this, @lily_sullivan ✨ Here's to the next twenty three years of gettin' our kits off x

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