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Австралийская актриса. Наиболее известна ролями Тэйлор Фрай в сериале «Непокорная» и роли Вероники диАнжело в третьем сезоне «The Saddle Club».
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Wes Anderson, eat your heart out. 🥐

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Four years in the making 🥂

Cecconi's West Hollywood


Venice, California

It’s been four years since I was last in LA. And a week or so ago, I had absolutely no immediate plans to return anytime soon. My best friend however, had another game plan for me. This was us yesterday, an hour after getting off my flight. What a bloody lucky gal I am to have ya in my life @alyciajasmin. (And thank you for capturing/being a part of these first moments @itselliotknight) ✨

Alright guys. I need to explain something to you all. When I first moved to Sydney two and a half years ago, my cousin @adamkennedy_bbs asked me if I watched the show @wentworthonfoxtel. I told him I was a massive fan, and he said, “Good. Because a few of the footy boys and I do this thing called ‘Wentworth Night’ every week.” Every Tuesday, four full grown AFL playing men would religiously sit down together to watch a show about a women’s prison. Someone would bring a dessert every week. They play cards to decide who ‘Tea Bitch’ is (loser has to make a cup of tea for everyone). Adam regularly stalks the cast on Twitter after each episode. Nicknames have stuck. And for two and a half years, I’ve been a part of it. So with that ridiculous context, you can now probably understand how excited I was to tell them that their ol’ mate Marns was heading into the slammer this season. Look out for my mug tonight at 8.30pm on Showcase. (Really just hoping this little role gets me out of being tea bitch for a few weeks)

After a year and a half of not having my best friend around to just share some wine and cheese with, @thewinerysurryhills made sure we well and truly made up for it with this cheeky spread for our reunion! 🥂🧀 #thewinerysurryhills #ad

Bondi Beach, Sydney

A year and a half later. Here’s trouble.

This. This picture is the closest I could possibly get to articulating just how lucky Braeden and I are to have had such a strong, intelligent, empathetic, protective big sister to have been our guiding light throughout our entire lives. Tarryn, you are still our captain. My captain. You have guided me along my path from the very beginning, and I wouldn’t be half the person I am today had I not spent my entire life trying to even remotely be the woman you are- and always have been. It’s clear from this photo why you are such an incredible Mother to Ben. And it’s clear from the past 31 years why you are so loved and respected by everyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with you. I’m just so grateful I get to share this path with you. Love you always. Happy birthday my gal x


Was going to use this picture to take the piss out of my previous sunglasses post, but ended up getting distracted by T Fry being a lowkey dealer at age eleven 🕶

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Whilst Dan might’ve been on the other side of the world for our one year yesterday, we definitely made up for it with this spread before his flight on Friday! Thank you for looking after us @watsonsbayboutiquehotel! And the cheeky rosé was just a head start before Watson’s throws their BOTTOMLESS rosé brunch event on the 9th and 10th of June! Head to my insta story for the swipe up link to book your tickets- and if you happen to see a blonde girl stuffing extra scones into her handbag in between sips of frosé, just be cool, man. Be cool. 👜🤫🥂

London, United Kingdom

At this exact time one year ago, I was walking to good ol’ @hotelravesis to meet my best mate @livphyland after a full day of skydiving. Whilst we were almost not going to go out, we figured we’d survived jumping out of a bloody plane four times that day, so had probably earned a quick drink and dance together. And never in my life have I been more grateful than I am for that last minute decision. Because in this exact moment, one year ago, there ya bloody were @danbrown61. The iceberg to my Titanic. Whether we were packing up the car and heading away for a last minute camping trip, or somehow finding ourselves in a penthouse suite in Paris like two naughty kids, this past year has irrefutably been the best of my life. Because I got to share it with you, Dan. Can’t wait to see what adventures this next year has in store for us. Love you always. (And consider yourself extremely lucky that I didn’t go with a much more embarrassing picture for the bants) ✨

Royal Hotel Paddington

Massive thank you to @royalhotelpaddo for the amazing brunch date last Saturday! Not sure who was more excited about the bottomless cocktails- me, or Dan. (It was Dan. The boy loves an espresso martini- or eight.) If you’re after a cute date idea to get yourself some serious brownie points, go get booked in! #royalhotelpaddo #ad

Just two well behaved gals, ready to stay hydrated and quietly watch some football. 🍷🏉👯‍♀️

Hôtel Opéra Richepanse

No matter how many windows I awkwardly hang out of to eat my breakfast, it just isn’t the same as doing it in Paris 🥐 (Just found the slippers I took from this hotel and it made me wanna wake up back here)

I am a proud supporter of @Girlsmakeyourmove. This important initiative reminds us gals (myself included) of the importance of getting outside and making the most of your ability to move the incredible home you live in- your body. Over the years, I’ve figured out how to incorporate exercise into things that leave me feeling content- whether it’s swimming, pilates, horse riding, dancing or boxing. Getting active and making the most of your body is what #Girlsmakeyourmove is all about! So get out there with ya gals and surprise yourself. Go fall in love with something new. Head to the link in my bio for some ideas! #girlsmove #ad

Rising and shining on the road, thanks to our ol’ faithful @jucyworld van ✨

Adelaide, South Australia

And then there were three. With Em on a flight last night, and Gracie and Ally heading to the airport as we speak- it’s now just down to Liv, Teigs and myself for the drive back to Sydney from Adelaide. Not gonna be the same without the missing half of our convoy. Miss you girls already. ✨

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