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Австралийская актриса. Наиболее известна ролями Тэйлор Фрай в сериале «Непокорная» и роли Вероники диАнжело в третьем сезоне «The Saddle Club».
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Bare Naked Bowls

Monday's with my ray of sunshine ☀️ @livphyland

Sunrise dip this morn ✨ Thanks for the cheeky pic @aquabumps

Tomorrow night, 8.30pm, ABC. Footy wag lyf begins on season three of Janet King. Thank christ for Hollywood tape, is all I can say 🏉🏉

WHAT A RIPPER OF A MORN! ✨ Thanks to my mate @elle_fit, I got to give her 'Get Bendy' stretch sequence a test run after my morning dip... and BLOODY HELL I FEEL ALIVE 🌊 I've had years of lower back/hip flexor problems (shoutout to 15 years of dancing, horse riding, and look, skydiving probably doesn't help either), and I know I definitely need to prioritise stretching more, to help alleviate the pain I often have. And now thanks to Elle, making the time for a proper stretch will feel effortless. (I can't bloody wait to use 'Get Split' next to give my eleven year old self a run for her money 🤸🏼‍♀️) If you wanna get on the bandwagon too, Elle has agreed to give a cheeky 10% off any guides or bundle deals when you use the code word HAPPYDAYS. Which is fitting, really 😏☀️

Great Ocean Road

Only one week down and I'm homesick for this moment already 🌊

I've loved supporting the @girlsmakeyourmove campaign. Ten years ago, my thirteen year old self landed a role on a show that required me to be able to ride a horse. For thirteen years I had been a dancer, and was terrified at the idea of even having to get on a horse, let alone know what I was actually doing. Ten years later, and horse riding has irrefutably become my favourite outlet. Especially on days when I get to ride alongside the gal who was right there learning with me, a decade ago. Girls, I know how easy it can be to hold yourself back from learning a new skill. But please, don't let fear try and justify itself. Give yourself the chance to fall in love with a new way of getting active. Push past those boundaries you've set for yourself. It's time to make your move, head to www.australia.gov.au/girlsmove to find out how. #girlsmakeyourmove #girlsmove #sponsored

The invitation told us the premiere was beach themed. Not one other person dressed in beach theme. How embarrassing for them. #baywatch


This porridge date left me genuinely shuk.

One last cuddle with my boy before heading back home to Syd. Goodbye never gets easier. Lucky to have a talented sister like @tarrynabraham to capture these quiet moments to take with me ✈️

If you're going to drive around in 'Mango' the Kombi, it's very important to wear kicks that have his initials on them if you're going to have them up on the dash. Added bonus if they happen to be your initials too, but beggars can't be choosers. Thanks @knotsbycj for having me covered 😉👟

Great Ocean Road

Having withdrawals from our baby already 🚌 (And look, don't say I didn't warn you if I end up posting a sad powerpoint presentation dedicated to this weekend. Hope you like Celine Dion and dissolve transitions)

Johanna, Victoria

This. The quiet moment I realised that this is all I really need. 📖🚍🌊

Johanna, Victoria

Last weekend's camping/skydiving adventure was going to be a tough act to follow, but @hireakombi bloody stepped up this weekend ✨🚌🌊 Nothing will ever beat the feeling of falling asleep and waking up to the ocean out the back window of this bad boy, especially when you've got these three ratbags to share it with! 👧🏼👩🏼👱🏼‍♀️👩🏼

What a bloody ripper of a week ✨ Nothing better than packing up the car, camping along the coast and skydiving at the dropzone you first ever jumped at, all alongside your partner in crime! Was so surreal to get back to where it all began, this weekend. Thanks for putting up with us ratbags again @skydive.oz 😉

✨MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! ✨ Five days of @livebelowtheline have finally come to an end- and thanks to your incredible support (and some unbelievably generous anonymous donations), I was able to hit my target goal this morning! 💫 When I realised that the $5,000 we raised will go on to provide TWENTY teachers with training, suddenly sleeping on the hard ground, eating shitty plain porridge and dealing with stomach cramps during our roadtrip seemed beyond worth it. Thanks for comin' along for the ride this week guys- and a special thank you to my partner in crime @livphyland (who quite literally came along for the ride- hanger and all) 🚙⛺️🗺✨

The @girlsmakeyourmove campaign has so many great ideas on how to improve your physical and mental health. For me, swimming laps in the morning or spending the day with mates at the beach is the one thing that balances me out and reduces my stress. Since moving to the beach a year ago, I cannot begin to tell you how much being near the ocean has changed my overall wellbeing. That's the beauty of getting out into nature - she doesn't need a filter and doesn't ever expect one from you. Head to www.australia.gov.au/girlsmove to help find what balances you out. 📸: @beaupilgrim (courtesy of @lettinggo_series) #girlsmove #girlsmakeyourmove #sponsored

Well, this is the most depressing flatlay I've ever taken. (Shoutout to anyone who knows how well I deal with wheat, ISN'T THIS GONNA BE A GREAT WEEK 😐) Day one is off to a flying start with my bowl of plain oats and half a banana (which I was clearly ecstatic about in my story.) Currently sipping on hot water because I'm too scared to give up my first tea bag just yet. So it's all going really well and I'm not crying, you're crying. More importantly, a special thank you to the anonymous donations that came in last night, taking our raised amount to $3,306! Every single donation counts, so please feel free to give a cheeky visit to the link in my bio if you want to support @livebelowtheline!

My mother raised me to accept gifts graciously, so I mean, it would've been rude not to take the new salted caramel for a test run, right? 😏 And hey, at least now there will be one less block staring at me for the next five days during the LBL challenge. 😐 #CadburyDarkMilk #workingwithcadbury

For anyone wanting to donate to this incredible cause and help make a change, the @livebelowtheline link is in my bio! Thank you all, so, so much. All my love. x

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