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Австралийская актриса. Наиболее известна ролями Тэйлор Фрай в сериале «Непокорная» и роли Вероники диАнжело в третьем сезоне «The Saddle Club».
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Quick question before you start your weekend, my loves. When was the last time you changed someone's life by spending $52? With ten days to go before I participate in the @livebelowtheline challenge, I wanted to reach out to you all. And I'm really hoping this hits a nerve with some of you before midnight tonight- because until then, @livebelowtheline will be automatically doubling every single donation made- at absolutely no extra cost to you. This weekend, $52 might get you a round of drinks at the bar. It might get you brunch and dinner. A new item of makeup. It might be how much you spend on petrol. Or how much your nails might cost to get done. Or it could fund a year of education for two young students. It could change two lives. When was the last time $52 let you do that? For anyone wanting to get behind this incredible opportunity- link is in my bio. Can't tell you how much your support means!

Okay girls, this one goes out to you. It's not often that a campaign like @girlsmakeyourmove comes along and hits as close to home as this one has for me. As some of you may have followed, I recently travelled around Australia getting my skydiving certificate - something that I never believed I would or could ever do. If I'm being honest, skydiving always seemed like such an inaccessible experience; male dominated and exclusively for wild adrenaline junkies. But with ten jumps down, I realise now how wrong I was. I have never felt more empowered, supported and as alive as I have felt after these past few weeks. That's why I'm a supporter of Girls Make Your Move, which is all about getting active, but doing something that feels good and is actually enjoyable! Gals, please hear me when I say, you honestly are capable of doing anything. There will always be fear around the unknown, but I promise you... it's worth taking the leap. Head to www.australia.gov.au/girlsmove to start making your move! #girlsmove #girlsmakeyourmove #sponsored (Photo courtesy of @lettinggo_series)

Admittedly, we probably set Ben's expectations for all future Easter's a little too high with this bad boy of an egg. Happy first Easter, my little Hot Cross Ben. Love, Aunty Marny ✨

Bondi Beach, Sydney

'I'm so confused by you, do you actually fully walk to the beach with a cup of tea?' - @kaylalavell after I texted her this photo. (Wouldn't have been a perfect morning if I didn't have all my favourite essentials, mate) Great Friday, if you ask me. ☕️🌊

This moment. This feeling. This is what our series is about. And this is how I felt after watching the first cheeky sneak peek of @lettinggo_series this morning. Nerves, adrenaline, tears and all. I can't wait to share our journey with you all very soon. And most importantly, I can't bloody wait to see who this series will inspire to go out and feel this moment for themselves. I hope it's you. ✨🛩🗺 (Moment captured by @beaupilgrim)

There are genuinely no words to adequately articulate how grateful today has left me feeling, to be surrounded by such intelligent, inspiring, open minded/hearted gals. Liv and Teigs, I can't even begin to say how proud I am of the two of you for making your dream a reality- and how honoured I feel to have been a part of it today. As for all the girls who absolutely GLOWED today- you are all little forces to be bloody reckoned with. I am so excited to see the impact you inevitably leave on this world. Shine bright, my gals. ✨

I'll be falling asleep thinking about you tonight, Mum. Whilst I couldn't be there today to spend your birthday with you, we both know you and I will always be together in spirit. Not a day goes by that I don't feel grateful to have you as my Mum. You are an absolute force to be reckoned with; and especially during the course of this past month, I've realised there are so many things I would never have achieved in this life of mine, had you not instilled your bravery in me. I know that over the last twenty three years, there have been days you wish your daughter wasn't jumping out of planes, travelling to third world countries or deciding to move overseas as a teenager. But you also know exactly who I get it from, mate. And I'll never stop being grateful for that. I love you Mum, always.

Now that my feet are firmly back on the ground after this past month, I've finally had the time to decompress and focus on a cause that has remained close to my heart for a few years now. As some of you may remember, I was an ambassador for @livebelowtheline back in 2015. After a year off from the challenge, I decided that it was finally time for me to get back to raising much needed awareness and funds for this incredible cause! From the 1st to the 5th of May, I will be revisiting the hanger (hello darkness my old friend) that comes with living on $2 a day for five days. Back in 2015, I set my initial goal to $2,000. With your overwhelming support, we somehow managed to surpass that by over $30,000. It was, and will forever remain one of the most significant experiences of my life, knowing the impact that that amount was going to consequentially have on the young lives of those living below the poverty line, with limited access to adequate education. This year, I've decided to raise my initial target goal to $5,000. Every single dollar counts towards empowering young minds to use their knowledge to rise above the poverty line. I believe that access to education should not be a privilege, but a basic human right. That is why, with your support, I will be living below the poverty line. So that others can rise above it. Head to the link in my bio for the chance to get behind this incredible campaign! (And for those who have already donated to my page, thank you so, so much!)

Whilst I bloody love being on the road and living out of a suitcase, there's nothing quite like finally waking up in your own bed, with your own mug and your own (like, really specifically your own) pajamas. Thank you @jasmineandwill for the little welcome home gift ☕️☁️

So, who wants to win a free skydive?! All you have to do is follow @lettinggo_series and click on the link in the bio! Fill out the form, and when it asks for a comment in 25 words or less, we've got you covered. Just write, 'I can’t wait to watch Letting Go, Episode 01'. I truly wish that every single one of you gets the chance to experience this exact feeling at least once in your lifetime. And now thanks to @apfskydive, one of you will! Time to let go baby! ✨🛩☁️ @iflyoz @skydive.oz @skydivejbay @airliebeachskydivers @aust_skydive 📷: @beaupilgrim

There's nothing I love more than catching someone talk about their passion. Suddenly, their voice drops a little. Grounds itself. They use their hands more, trying to find adequate words to articulate themselves. They get overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated. Passionate. Their eyes remain focused, sparkling. And despite any adversity... they glow. For the past four weeks whilst filming the @lettinggo_series, I have watched and listened to my gal @livphyland talk about something she has spent years dreaming about. Something that immediately resonated with me. Empowering teenage girls. In just five sleeps, 'Girls Who Glow' will be held at the Bronte Lifesaving Club. I just got off the phone to Liv an hour ago- and what she and @teigannash have in store for you gals on Monday is something I wish my seventeen year old self could have been a part of. If you live in Sydney and are looking for an opportunity to strip away the bullshit that comes with being in highschool, being on social media or just being a young woman trying to find her god damn voice- I urge you to come spend the day with us on Monday. Tag your best friend, your sister, your cousin, your girlfriend, or even just that one girl in your life who you know would benefit from this incredibly inspiring day. Grab your tickets in the link in my bio and come meet some like minded humans with life changing stories and advice. Whether we spoke about it in the early hours of the morning, as we drove along absentmindedly in the night, or during a cup of tea in between jumping out of planes- I listened to Liv talk about this workshop. I watched her light up- glow- and it became contagious. So take it from me. You will not regret coming along. ✨ (And look mate, there's gonna be food too.)

How am I supposed to be able to keep saying goodbye to you? Thanks for being the first boy to break my heart, Benjamin. ✈️💔 Love you always. @tarrynabraham

This lucky gal got asked by her talented mates to be a part of the latest film clip for the @crookedcolours boys. Directed by Jared and Daniel Daperis, shot by Max Walter, here's a little sneak peak of 'Flow'. Go check out the whole clip on YouTube and let the lads know what you think! 👁📺🔮

This morning, after what has irrefutably been the most unforgettable few weeks of my life, I finally got to meet the one person I was thinking about every single time I jumped out of a plane. Benjamin Rory Abraham. I have loved you from the moment your parents told me you were coming into our lives. And in this exact moment, I knew I would never love anyone more unconditionally than you. I can't wait to watch you one day realise how lucky you are to have the incredible parents you have. For twenty three years, your Mum has been my absolute rock- so I know how fiercely you are going to be loved and protected. Brad, I am so relieved my sister has someone as intelligent and caring as you for a partner in crime for this next chapter. Tarryn, I have never been in awe of anyone more than I am of you right now. You are a force to be bloody reckoned with. Thank you to both of you for trusting me to be Godmother to your perfect baby boy. (God help the first girl who breaks his heart, is all I can say.) As for you Ben, I promise to be there for you always. Whether it's your first steps, first hangover or first love- I will be there guiding you as best I can. And when you're ready to jump out of a plane for the first time, your Aunty Marny will be right there too.✨

Skydive Jurien Bay - Perth

Three weeks, four states, and ten jumps later, I now not only have the official training behind me to jump out of a plane and land solo, but I also have a newfound family who have been right by my side throughout this life changing journey. Have never felt more proud to share @lettinggo_series with you all! 🌤🛩🤾🏼‍♀️✨🌊🐢🎬🌴🌏🎥🍾💫

Perfect way to kickstart our mornin' in the Whitsundays! Thanks @bohemianraw! 🌊✨🥝🍓🍌🌺🌟

Airlie Beach, Queensland

A huge thank you to #airliebeachskydivers for helping us ratbags complete our 6th and 7th jumps today! When @christian_whyte told me at the start of this trip that I'd be doing backflips mid free-fall, I laughed and told him to piss off. A few weeks later, and here we are. Watching back our debrief footage tonight has left me so bloody excited to share @lettinggo_series with you all, very soon! (Especially this particular episode, which hit very close to home) ✨

Australian Skydive

I think this exact moment after a sunset swim encapsulates how magical these last few days in Torquay have been. I grew up in Victoria and spent a lot of my childhood down along the Great Ocean Road. So to be able to skydive over the beaches that saw me grow up, and then have my parents waiting for me upon landing a solo dive, was something that I'll never forget for the rest of my life. I may live in Sydney now, but there really is no place like home ✨

The Twelve Apostles

Finally reunited with this pack of ratbags to pick up the rest of our incredible adventure around Australia! From watching the sun rise over Bells Beach this morn, to watching it set over the Twelve Apostles tonight, you can see why the withdrawals kicked in last week. Luckily, these guys are now stuck with me for the rest of March. Suckers. ✨

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