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Австралийская актриса. Наиболее известна ролями Тэйлор Фрай в сериале «Непокорная» и роли Вероники диАнжело в третьем сезоне «The Saddle Club».
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My mates at @volleyaustralia have now finally dropped their ‘Revival’ sneaker today! These bad boys are as comfy as the ol’ faithfuls you remember growing up with, but they’ve had a serious glow up. Head over to their insta to grab yours while they’re comin’ in hot ✨👟

Voting for the Logies closes on April 1st, so just two and a half weeks left to back your ol’ mate Marns in for the popular new talent award! (Link is in my bio- it’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but I’ll be bloody grateful) I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for my work on both Hoges (above) and Janet King, the two productions which irrefutably helped me find my way back to doing what I love. As some of you may already know, I spent almost four years away from acting- and it wasn’t until my role on Hoges, that I was able to fall back in love with something that had been such a defining part of my upbringing. It really was an opportunity to start again. And I am so indebted to both productions for giving me that chance. Hope I can make ya all proud. (And hope I get to break these moves out again on the Logies d-floor) 👰🏼

Bondi Beach, Sydney

We were definitely holding onto the last remnants of Summer last night, as we watched the storm roll in over the ocean⚡️ Took my new @volleyaustralia jumper for a test spin too, and it’s now made the cut as my favourite ‘chuck over bathers’ choice for moments like this. Their new range is completely unisex- and their whole brand ethos is based around equality, which is pretty bloody fitting right now. Salty hair, dirty feet and a bit of equality. Not a bad way to kickstart the week. 🌊

Sydney, Australia

Got the best insta dm of my life last week, from a legend named @thatboykwame. He told me to have a listen to his new track ‘WOW’ on Spotify, as I might pick up on a little shoutout to his girl T Fry. This is it. This is my career peak. (It’s actually a sick track, so go have a listen right now to ‘WOW’ by Kwame!)

Was such an honour to be invited to the @charlieteofoundation Oscars charity luncheon yesterday, thanks to @channel9. Got to spend the day with my Bite Club right hand man @darcieis, too! 👯‍♀️ (Starting to get pretty bloody excited for you all to see the show so soon!) Thank you to @becandbridge for the dress and earrings, and to @lollie_makeup for covering up my 6am flight from Melbourne 😏

Had the best bloody night last night, celebrating my little partner in crime’s 21st birthday! 🥂 Hope you had the most magical night @kaylalavell- now please enjoy this photo booth of us Kennedy kids. (The middle photo is me literally lunging for Tarryn when she screamed and tried to run out when she heard ‘Crazy in Love’ start playing) 👧🏼👩🏼👱🏼‍♂️

Today’s vibe, courtesy of @alyssmnxphoto 📽

Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has sent beautiful messages over the course of the last six weeks, after watching the @lettinggo_series. It has been so bloody rewarding to hear the impact it’s had on people who now feel brave enough to get out there and ‘let go’- not just in relation to skydiving- but by just getting out there and finally breaking past fears, old habits or preconceived ideas of themselves and their limits. I’ve had old friends and strangers alike tell me how seeing us jump out of planes solo put their own fears into perspective, and have since adjusted their lives to feel as if they’re really living. Really letting go. The team behind Letting Go really want to be able to show the full versions of the episodes you’ve seen- this is really only just a glimpse of our full trip! But in order to get that out into the world, we need to prove that people want to see it. We’re 50 subscribers away from hitting 1000 on YouTube (which will be a massive game changer), so please subscribe, spread the word, tag friends and get our series off the ground (mind the pun) so we can show you so much more! Link is in my bio 🛩

Sydney, Australia

Massive thanks to @tropfest for a killer night out last night! Congratulations to all the amazing filmmakers and a huge thank you to all the volunteers who work so hard to make the event run so effortlessly. (Also didn’t realise this year’s @tropfest theme was roses. Bloody nailed the brief though) 🌹

Sydney, Australia

Beautiful night of catching up with old mates, and meeting some incredible filmmakers at the @tropfest launch party last night. Very excited for the big day tomorrow! 📽

Seal Rocks

Ready when you are, @livphyland 🗺

Treachery Beach



This is it. The very last episode of @lettinggo_series. These reactions were after the final stage of our AFF course- called the ‘Hop and Pop’. For every other previous dive, we were jumping at 15,000ft. For this last one, we were jumping out of the plane at just 5,500ft- which means that you legitimately have only a matter of seconds to exit the plane, stabilise, and pull that bloody shoot! As you can probably tell from our reactions- this is not an episode you want to miss. I just want to say a huge thank you to my Letting Go family for allowing me to share this life changing journey with you all. To our ringleader @christian_whyte who took us on this unforgettable trip; thank you for every double check of our chutes, every reassuring piece of advice and for reminding us all how life should really be lived. To the beautiful @knackstudios who captured every single emotion we experienced along this journey- thank you for never failing to believe in us, even during moments when we didn’t believe in ourselves. To @apfskydive- thank you for trusting us to inspire others to experience this feeling for themselves- and allowing the entire trip to even happen! And finally- to @beaupilgrim, @thehealthytradie and @livphyland. No matter where our paths take us from here on in, I’ll always be proud to call you my brothers and sister after this experience. Thank you. Now- for all of you still reading- get subscribing to our YouTube channel! Big things are in store if we can get to 1000 subscribers, so please tag your mates, give us a follow- and most importantly, go out and live your life. Push yourself beyond your limits. Be brave. And just let go. 🛩

Treachery Beach

All I’ll ever need ✨

Treachery Beach

Whenever I find myself getting homesick, I just have to find my way back to this. Dirty feet, salty skin, homemade brekky spread (charred peaches are the bomb with granola) and my best mate to share a tent with. This is home.

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

EPISODE FIVE IS LIVE! 🛩 This episode actually doesn’t have any jumps, funnily enough. But it does perfectly encapsulate what life on the road with my @lettinggo_series family was like! Adventure, uncontrollable laughter, hours on the road, adrenaline, freedom, amazing food (life changing crayfish, specifically) and an incredible day out at Rotto thanks to @corsaireaviation! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY- I NOW GET TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF THE FREE SKYDIVE! I absolutely loved reading everyone’s answers- but as soon as I read that a gas cooker and tent had been purchased in order to hit the road after being inspired by our trip, I realised the winner had figured out what our skydiving fam is really all about. So @ashjrigg, CONGRATS MY LOVE! You’re going bloody skydiving mate!!! Huge thank you to @apfskydive for making this happen!🛩

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Look, it’s no Titanic. But we’re still out here taking our couples costumes very seriously. (Hope you had the best 30th @sheepmanu!)

Hôtel Opéra Richepanse

Missing this particular morning ☕️

Airlie Beach, Queensland

Thought it was only fair to show the actual jump from this week’s episode (if you hadn’t already seen it on the @lettinggo_series YouTube page!) I also want to give everyone the chance to experience this feeling for themselves- as it honestly changed my life forever. So for any of my followers who are also following the @lettinggo_series, let me know why you’d love to win a free skydive in Australia in the comments below! And yours truly gets to pick a bloody winner! 🛩 (Massive thank you to @apfskydive for such a generous offer- and for making this all happen!)

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