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Австралийская актриса. Наиболее известна ролями Тэйлор Фрай в сериале «Непокорная» и роли Вероники диАнжело в третьем сезоне «The Saddle Club».
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Beach Burrito Bondi

Cheers to the lads at @beach_burrito_co for the feed! Three very happy amigos after that Saturday spread 🍹🌯🌮🌽🥑🌶

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to share my travel adventures with you all (like this bad boy of a sunrise during a roadtrip to Joshua Tree). And in doing so, I've always noticed the comments mentioning how much you guys would love to head out on your own adventures one day, too. Well, my mates at @statravel are giving away the chance to do exactly that! If you head to the link in my bio, you could be sorted with a tour and flights to either Peru, Africa, Japan, USA, Thailand or India, valued at $5000! Your ultimate adventure could be waiting for you 🗺 #ad

Who knew true contentment was found on the kitchen floor, drunkenly eating pizza at 2am with ya @danbrown61 🍕

Got to spend my Saturday roadtrippin' out to Rye with my main gal @kaylalavell, to shoot with the incredible @marissaaldenphoto and @clairewarmenhoven! (Dat highlight tho) The absolute bloody dream team ✨

Happy birthday to my partner in crime. Honestly, well done on being the one to finally lock this shit down. And most importantly, thank you for agreeing to eat icecream in bed like an eight year old without any judgement. You're the best 😘

Marns does not piss around when it comes to putting on a Sunday spread. Bummer about the company though.

So my beautiful sista from another mista went and got herself hitched recently, and I finally got to congratulate her in person last night 👰🏼 Then I remembered the last wedding we attended together and decided to post this to ruin her life, like any good younger sister would. 👱🏼‍♀️👧🏼

Sydney, Australia

Happy 24th birthday to my missing half. Half your lifetime ago, you and I crossed paths for the first time, Lysh. Little did we realise just how important that collision would end up becoming. I miss you. I love you. And I am so proud of everything you are. Now please just find your way back to my right hand side soon. 👯🌊🥂👡🥐☕️✨

Working back down in freezing Melbs was all well and good, until I found this photo from back in summery Syd. Bloody past tense Marns. Go ahead, you take your selfie and go for your stupid fucking sunset swim. We all know you've still got your makeup from work on. You deserve the black shit running down your face when you get out. Warm bitch.

Missing the sky this morn (especially knowing you two ratbags are jumping today @thehealthytradie @knackstudios). Three months down in Melbs means I'm gonna have to start heading back to the Torquay dropzone 🛩

When u see dat waiter bringing your food to you. #janetking

Edwards And Co.

Over the past 23 years, @hagaraustralia has helped more than 16,000 women and children to rebuild their lives after experiencing human trafficking, slavery or severe abuse. Hagar, alongside @elevenaustralia has created the incredible incentive 'Style for Life', which @_edwardsandco are now proud supporters of, including myself and @char_best. Whilst the salon has never opened on a Sunday, the team at Edwards and Co will be donating their time to work on Sunday the 30th of July at their Surry Hills and Melbourne salons- with all proceeds going directly to rebuilding the lives of those who have survived such horrific adversity. So get in touch with @_edwardsandco to book your appointment and help make a significant difference to some brave young lives ✨

Uh-oh. Tune into Janet King on ABC. LIKE, RIGHT NOW MATE.

With Winter well and truly kicking in, it's getting harder and harder to keep heading out for adventures ❄️ Luckily, my mates at @hireakombi have figured out a cute way to keep you warm and toasty this July while you still get to hit the road and explore. For anyone who books 5 days in between the 1st to the 15th of July, you'll get yourself a kombi for $110 a night (which is a massive ass saving from the usual price) Just get in contact with @hireakombi to lock your roadtrip in! 🚌✨

Trailer trash on set of Janet King ☕️You know the drill: 8.30pm tonight, on ABC 👩🏼‍⚖️

There's someone whose path only crossed my own a few months ago, who I've been wanting to tell you all about, since the day we met. I thought today, on her fourth 're-birthday', that it was time. She is irrefutably the most inspiring soul I have ever had the privilege of meeting. And recently, while herself and @elle_fit travelled through Melbourne on their way back to Queensland, she stayed in my family home along with Elle. And I heard her story. Really heard it. Really felt it. And no story has ever- or will ever- hit as close to home for me, as hers did. This is @em_carey. 'The girl who fell from the sky' four years ago, today. The girl who taught herself to walk again, despite all odds. The girl who has taught me more about how to live life in the short few months I've known her, than anyone else I've ever encountered over the course of my entire life. The girl who felt instantly familiar- overwhelmingly so- when we first met. And the girl, alongside @elle_fit and @livphyland, who has become my sister without even really realising it. As some of you may have followed, this year has given me one of the biggest gifts of my life- the ability to skydive. The one thing that changed Em's life- forever. I hadn't met Em at that point. I had only heard her incredible story through Liv. And yet, without her ever even knowing it, I would take her up on that plane with me every time, in my mind. And every safe landing was a miracle. Every safe landing reminded me how precious this life really is. Em has taught me one of the most crucial lessons I think I could have ever learned. Five words that are written on the first page of my journal. Five words that stay with me, wherever life chooses to take me. 'If you can, you must.' If you can get up and see a sunrise- you must. If you can tell the people in your life that you love them- you must. If you can inspire others with the hand you have been dealt- you must. And Em, my gal. That is what you do. Every single day. I am so unbelievably grateful for the day you entered my life. And I am so honoured to be able to walk alongside you during this next chapter. Big things are coming. And I know you're ready. ✨

Missing working with this absolute dream team (yeah, yeah, you too @hmshmchl 🙄) Tune into ABC for episode three of #JanetKing tonight, 8.30pm 🎬

This shitty Sydney weather is making me miss being back in this exact moment, on the road with my @lettinggo_series fam. Luckily we get to have a cheeky reunion tonight to have a sneak peak at the footage! 🎬🎥🛩

Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the beautiful girls of Our Lady of Mercy College, who invited me to share my story with them for their Wellbeing Week a few days ago. Whilst I may have vastly underestimated the turn out (only prepared myself for a few year twelves- not the entire school. Good one Marns), I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude when I realised how receptive and welcoming the students and staff all were, despite how bloody nervous I was! Finally, a huge thank you to the beautiful Taliya. Thank you for reaching out in the first place my gal; allowing me the privilege of standing in front of hundreds of absolute forces to be reckoned with, to speak about something that hits so close to home for me. I can't wait to see the change you girls will all inevitably make in this world. All my love, Marns. x

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