Марлон Уайанс


Американский актёр, продюсер, режиссёр и сценарист.
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NyC tonight after my shows @carolinesonbway come join me for My all white Yacht party @ Jewel yacht for Tickets DM @THerealeddieo @RepurSign powered by @LVEntertainmentGroup @LuisRMiami

STARTING TONIGHT AND ALL WEEKEND! STARTING TONIGHT!!! NEW YORK! NYC! I'm LIVE @carolinesonbway May 26-28 @carolinesonbway New York, NY GET TIX NOW! https://tinyurl.com/ovwcpdx

STARTING TONIGHT!!! NEW YORK! NYC! I'm LIVE @carolinesonbway all THIS WEEKEND May 26-28 @carolinesonbway New York, NY GET TIX NOW! https://tinyurl.com/ovwcpdx

On @fox5ny promoting my shows at @carolinesonbway THIS WEEKEND!!! May 26-28th GET TIX NOW!!!

Tomorrow @breakfastclubam is gonna be lit as fuck! Why? Because I'm on it! Yes SWEATING 😅 Like a damn crack head, spitting jokes and truths. Tune in!!! Nyc I'm @carolinesonbway all weekend get tix now!!!

Tune in NYC I'm on @hot97 with this dude @rosenbergradio who STILL OWES ME 100$ ... I'm bringing the goons next time! #im promoting my show @carolinesonbway this weekend COME LAUGH WITH ME NYC

My time @rumble_boxing boxed with @sydneyisfunny and @justinbieber ... random but true. Good dude... not you syd, you're asshole. But #BEEBS COOL AS FUCK 😎


Great work out @rumble_boxing boxing with @joeferraro7 its effing dope!!! Hardcore workout full of sexy ass peopl sweating their asses off. Me and @justinbieber went in at the 7:30pm class yo @eugeneremm #beast Tag me and stern and erin !!! @stenz18 @erinweekly @andrewgstern

On a wall with greats... in a rap battle I'd burn them both. I got punchlines for days... but my raps and rhymes would be trash. On @hot97 Tomorrow morning with @rosenbergradio promoting my show @nbcmarlon my movie #naked for @netflix and my upcoming shows this weekend @carolinesonbway get tix now https://tinyurl.com/ovwcpdx

Hey people, Check out the #RedNoseDay 🔴 special tonight at 10/9c on @NBC, and donate now! https://rednoseday.org/donate

NEW YORK! NYC! I'm LIVE @carolinesonbway all THIS WEEKEND May 26-28 @carolinesonbway New York, NY GET TIX NOW! https://tinyurl.com/ovwcpdx

Getting my @diddy cool ass Harlem nigga pose game together... okay I got a long fucking way to go. So what? NYC! I'm LIVE @carolinesonbway all THIS WEEKEND May 26-28, 2017: Caroline’s on Broadway / New York, NY HET TIX NOW! https://tinyurl.com/ovwcpdx

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” ― Brian Tracy

Pope: I just met the devil. Pardon me God, BUT ... Fuck this!!!

Damn @marksgarden makes the most beautiful floral arrangements.., fit for a princess 👑 happy bday Amai. Papa loves you! Why do I want to rob my own daughter of her snack basket though.... I ain't shit

Flowers from daddy... happy birthday Amai... who loves you? For 2 forevers times infinity plus one day. A daddy's love and expression to his child fills them babies with a confidence of unconditional love and acceptance. If you can't your children then you don't love yourself. No excuses! Get out of your own way and love that baby. It's the greatest form of love.

Happy birthday @cwayans my talented, funny, sweet, loving, angry as hell, little neice/nephew/daughter/sister/friend/protege/teacher/peer it's no secret how much I love you. Thank you for all that you do. From handling drunk ass, people to ripping up the damn stage every night and making that crowd laugh and get in the mood for the wild night of jokes we provide. I am grateful to have you with me on that lonely road it's nice to have family with me. Thank you for challenging me to grow as an artist... I ain't there yet but I'm coming. Just know the fire im blazing is because of those real talks we have about just how great I can be. But Fuck me!!! YOU... are special! You are going to be a monster! You're already a beast! Continue to challenge yourself on that stage, every night! We gain something every show that help shape us as the legends we strive to be. I hope you see you as I see you because if you do then you know how fucking GREAT you are. Continue to grow. I hope you smile today a big cheesy little man grin. And I hope your heart and spirit smiles that Amie everyday. Always know I want the best for you... I am always here to drop jewels or have life talks or give a fatherly hug or annoy the shit of u on your period. I'm here. Love you for life and then some. Always... happy bday Lil angry 😡 genius 🤓

Rehearsals for @nbcmarlon we got an amazing show coming to the 📺 tv this summer August 16 at 9 & 9:30pm. We got jokes! Photo by @therealjoliewayans_

PALM SPRINGS! LOS ANGELES! CABAZON! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! JUNE 2nd at the Morongo Casino! 1 SHOW ONLY!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/lgl4g9o

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