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Американский актёр, продюсер, режиссёр и сценарист.
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SAN DIEGO! CALIFORNIA! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! JULY 27th-30th at THE AMERICAN COMEDY CO!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/yccmf6az

SAN FRANCISCO! CALIFORNIA! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! AUGUST 4th-6th at COBB'S COMEDY CLUB!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/ybrsenvp

SAN FRANCISCO! CALIFORNIA! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! AUGUST 4th-6th at COBB'S COMEDY CLUB!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/ybrsenvp

Damon Wayans, Jr.’s New “Special Guest” App Brings Live Entertainment to Your Party. #huffingtonpost @mrdamon2 glad to be a part of it

On a cleanse ... the sweetest thing I can have is this. #mommakisses #thebest #loveher

SAN FRANCISCO! CALIFORNIA! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! AUGUST 4th-6th at COBB'S COMEDY CLUB!!! 5 SHOWS! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/ybrsenvp

Happy bday Me, You are blessed in so many ways. Great family, great friends, great heart to understand to forgive. Blessed with a strong power of perception of life. Never unhappy or disturbed when things don't pan out the way you hoped. Blessed to have the foresight and understanding that everything happens for a reason. Once you get the "why" you get the lesson which is the blessing. Happiness... got that. We just getting happier. Long climb ahead of you... lucky you. So blessed to be on this journey. The vast hills of greatness ahead of you. Strap on your boots, Tighten those laces we about to take this hike. Let's see how far we can get. Trust God, listen to his whispers, fear nothing. There's. I wrong everything is right. In purpose it's all written

Happy birthday me... your best is yet to come. 25 years of studying under the best. Now it's time to execute. I'm about to show myself how great I can be. You all will be watching the growth and transition.?All I'm saying is "I'm coming". #zone #watchnaked #NAKED AUGUST 11 on @netflix and @nbcmarlon on @Nbc AUGUST 16th. So proud of both projects. They're not jay st funny but they're good. You FEEL something. Showcasing so much range in both that's what makes it special

Watch @issarae insecure TONIGHT! Season premiere of season 2. Love this girl, her show, her writers, the humor the Excellence #insecurehbo

Happy birthday to my birthday twin... my mother. As long as you live I will always celebrate you first and foremost and if there is time and energy I'll enjoy as well. What an amazing woman to create love care nurture and hug and kiss all ten of us. We are us because of all that you and pop sacrificed and channeled in to us. Thank you for your love, creativity, biting edge, satirical outlook on life and circumstances. If there's a joke you find it, you're never afraid of speaking your mind And being bitingly truthful. I love you momta. You will always be my bday girl. Love you for life and then some. There's only one momta and boy is she special. Happy bday!!! Thank u for popping me out on your bday. Happy bday mama "stitches"!

A beautiful bday with my big crazy beautiful talented funny fun ass tribe we call #wayans #family #love #softball

Studio City Recreation Center aka "Beeman Park"

Who just hit a #homerun on his birthday? This guy!!! 4-4 2 doubles, a single, a homer in and 6 RBI's

SAN DIEGO! CALIFORNIA! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! JULY 27th-30th at THE AMERICAN COMESY CO!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/yccmf6az

I had the pleasure of working with John Heard in #whitechicks he was a great guy. Shared a lot of laughs. Sad to see such a good spirit and actor taken. Thank you for all your contributions to our beloved industry. May you live forever through your vast body of work. #ripjohnheard

In my zone... on a stage. SAN DIEGO come see me NEXT WEEKEND JULY 27-30 at the AMERICAN COMEDY CO!!! Get your TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/yccmf6az then SAN FRANCISCO the week after August 4-6, 2017: Cobb’s / San Francisco, CA http://tinyurl.com/ybrsenvp

Go support my friends and a funny ass movie #girlstrip I hear nothing but great things. I'm taking my family this weekend! Take yours too!!!

Uh oh... we coming!!! Spotted a dope ass billboard on sunset. @nbcmarlon AUGUST 16 at 9pm & 9:30!!!!

I'm focused man. Late night reps on that stage #crackemupthursdays w/ @mitchmarchand we growing

Happy bday to my brother @omarepps LIFE... we doing it! DEATH... we been through it. FAILURES... just lessons and blessings SUCCESS... we ain't eve close yet. DREAMS... unlimited. LOVE ... unconditional. I'm proud of you man. Everytime life Gabe u lemons you made lemonade. Thanks for teaching me t have the self confidence that no matter what "I'm gonna be alright". We been through bro. We getting better. We hungry.its our time. Shit is real. We are prepped. God has us ready for our 2nd act in life and business. Cheech you listening? Ain't nobody seen nothing yet. Statues, stadiums, worldwide, household names, brands, boats, internal smiles, donations, re-raising ourselves by giving back to what raised us. I love you my brother 32 years of friendship thank you for dreaming with me. For being there for me when I was broken and helping pick up my shattered pieces. Thank you for life advice, unconditional acceptance, for being an ear when I need.thank u for always having the balls to remind me who I am yet embrace who I'm bout to be. Thank u bro for having the self confidence to encourage me to be my greatest me. Thank u for trail blazing and showing a natural born Leader how to follow. I got a lot of older brothers and a lot of little brothers but I only got one brother the same age....I love my nig. Your friend your brother your peer your family ...me nigga. #letsgetit #crafletothegrave

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