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Американский актёр, продюсер, режиссёр и сценарист.
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After 4 flights and the 8 shows and 7 days of straight training ... i needed to restore and recover @ntrecovery and #hypervolt

@gobearcats we did that tonight! An amazing group of listeners... thank you for your love and mostly y’all laughs #standingovations never get old... just me @chicagoimprovschaumburg y’all are next GET TIX NOW CHICAGO! They’re selling fast. THIS WEEKEND LETS GO!!!

What in the damn Tawana Brawley is going on?! Man... 🤦🏽‍♂️ i just need answers... excuse my French in this situation... BUT... THIS N***A!!!

New #YouTube video is LIVE! Click the link in my bio!

Tampa, Florida

TAMPA! We added a show Sunday @ 9:30 PM. GET TIX NOW! Come laugh with me. Link in bio. @tampaimprov

When you drop your baby at college knowing you raised a magical soul. So proud of you babygirl. Papa loves you #gotrojans #usc

Tampa, Florida

Florida... I’m coming back! Come laugh with me in #Tampa February 15-17 at the TAMPA Improv. GET TIX NOW! Link in bio!

Catch LA

Got the first pair of @crimebydesign @timberland the drip is hard. Thx ray.... they ain’t ready

Congrats to this Amazing woman/actress/person @essence_says on your #naacpimageawards nomination it’s well deserved. Love you so much. This made my heart smile

Proud of you @jcruz106 you didn’t bomb like i prayed you did... so what... I’m a hater. @fluffyguy showed up... damn Latinos always got each others backs. #respects

Tampa, Florida

Florida... I’m coming back! Come laugh with me in #Tampa February 15-17 at the TAMPA Improv. GET TIX NOW! Link in bio!

Always good seeing this guy!!! @fluffyguy Thanks for blessing the stage brother and rescuing @jcruz106 from disaster. 😂 hey @jcruz106 I’m proud of you brother you did great!

Brea Improv Comedy Club

Come watch @jcruz106 hit the stage tomorrow night! @breaimprov

Had such a beautiful time with these people. How is it possible that in 20 classic episodes of television we built a lifetime of friendship. I’m thankful for the universe and God for bringing us together. Last night we celebrated my tv wife @essence_says such a sweet loving soul. To see you smile and cry tears of joy always warms my heart. Love you girl... remember that shit. Always... #Marlon #family but how we only been cancelled 3 months and already having reunions though? Miss y’all like the audience misses us 😉

Los Angeles, California

LIVE NOW on REAL 92.3 LA! @bigboysneighborhood

Los Angeles, California

Don’t miss my interview with @bigboysneighborhood airing TODAY in the 8AM hour. Listen LIVE on REAL 92.3! And BREA, CA! Make sure you get your tickets to come laugh with me at the @breaimprov ALL WEEKEND! 2/8-2/10. Link in bio.

My new head shot... thoughts?

Quixote Studios

Quite the sophisticated lad... #MTO we get the trash #shermanshowcase

This one hurts. Such a great dude. A good hearted human being. I know how hard you grieved the loss of your son. They say a parent starts grieving the day their child passes and that grieving ends upon their death... i hope you have finally found peace brother. I know you re somewhere holding your son in your arms. Love you man. Rest well. #ripkristoffstjohn

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