Марлон Уайанс


Американский актёр, продюсер, режиссёр и сценарист.
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MIAMI! FLORIDA! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! October 7th at MAGIC CITY CASINO! 1 SHOW ONLY!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/ya494nrz

Had a blast in vegas! @steveaoki almost had me pulling the glow sticks out 😂 as for the ashy ass lips I was getting my Terrell biggums on. And why my hand look like chris Elliot's in scary movie 2. #mystronghand wild ass weekend in vegas

Catch LA

Happy birthday @catch having some great times here. Congrats @markbirnbaum and @eugeneremm you've built a great fun space with good food great drinks and greater people.

Yo @donaldglover_ I'm happy for you and proud of you. Keep beating bro!

Girl Collection

Hey champ thanks for the wisdom. 'Preciate you! By the way if y'all in vegas go to @girlcollection so many beautiful women and the music and environment was fun as hell

CHICAGO! ILLINOIS ! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! October 27TH-29TH at THE IMPROV!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/y88fcx8c

CHARLOTTE ! NORTH CAROLINA ! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! October 1st-2nd at Comedy Zone!!! 4 SHOWS!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/yd5qn6ly

NAKED... If you haven't seen it watch it now on @netflix

Good times with great people

Me and @adrianbroner in #vegas

@nicole_filia is looking for a home for these two cute babies. They're a package deal... any takers? Hit her!

That one time When I performed at Radio City Music Hall on @chappellercmh show.... so dope #livelovelaugh

Chilling with @Chappellercmh and @finessemitchell yooooo @cblacksmith where you at?! #vegas

Me and the champ @miketyson great show. If you're in vegas go see it! It's raw and insightful

GREENVILLE ! SOUTH CAROLINA ! @marlonwayans performing LIVE! September 28th-30th at Comedy Zone!!! 6 SHOWS!!! GET TIX NOW!!! http://tinyurl.com/yckwcpz8

Tv Stevie and the REAL Stevie.... VEGAS!!! @nbcmarlon the LONG VERSION 😂

Celebrating with my brother @affioncrockett and TV wifey @essence_says "I don't give a FUCK KISHA!!!" #ahauntedhousefam

Got a tip for y'all: R&B makes anything sexier. Don't believe me? Try it! Full video on YouTube: bit.ly/2js1bvl @nbcmarlon

#squad holding' up the deuce ✌️ for season two of @nbcmarlon thoughts?

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