Марлон Уайанс


Американский актёр, продюсер, режиссёр и сценарист.
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I’ve known this brother so long that i could’ve co-written this book with him. I am so proud of this accomplishment and all your accomplishments @omarepps i used to tease omar about not having a daddy when we were kids because well... i was clearly an asshole BUT to watch this boy grow into a man in front of my eyes with the help of his beautiful strong moms and take in the challenge of Fatherhood without the blueprint that some of us inherit is even more impressive. Anxious to read this book because i know there is lots of wisdom and jewels for me and everyone who puts their eyes on it. I am so proud of you brother you’re trailblazing on this one. Congrats! Y’all regram repost retweet and BUY this book on Father’s Day.

Fox Theatre at Foxwoods Casino

I just did that!!! Standing O! Beautiful. Still warms my heart when you’d earn that type of appreciation. We laughed for 1 1/2 straight no breaks. If I’m in your city come see me and @sydneyisfunny we got jokes. Watch #wokeish on Netflix and JUNE 14th season 2 @nbcmarlon

Fox Theatre at Foxwoods Casino

Congrats to my baby girl on her last day of classes. You’re a perfect child with a perfect heart a beautiful mind a soulful spirit and an innocent aura. I am soooooooooo proud of you babygirl. It’s just the beginning... you’re already a legend. Keep practicing your excellence. Remain fearless continue to grow and walk with the confidence that your daddy loves you, supports and always has your back. Have fun at USC.. but most all have fun in life. Be home to kiss your face Tuesday.. big wet spitty kisses with my itchy little beard

Growing this beard all summer. Make it do what it do... or in my case do what it don’t. @foxwoods y’all ready it’s about to go DOWN! Expect the unexpected... one love, uncountable laughs

Just shut down the #chevaliertheatre IN #BOSTON 🍀 THE NEW HOUR IS 🔥ask about it! Connecticut tomorrow night @foxwoods don’t miss it

Happy Born Day Malcolm X. In these days we remember your strength, your perseverance, your humility, your purpose. May we stand for equality, may we strive for peace, may we attempt to embrace all of our brothers of every Color, may we all be a loud voice for equality and stand strong in defense of ourselves and morality. Thank you for your sacrifice may it not be in vain.

Irvine, California

IRVINE! ORANGE COUNTY! LAGUNA! LOS ANGELES GET YOUR TIX NOW!!! @marlonwayans LIVE at the @irvineimprov May 31 - June 2 | Link: http://bit.ly/2KMydj5 And watch @nbcmarlon June 14th at 9 & 9:30pm EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT for 5 weeks on @Nbc SEASON 2 is 🔥so crazy funny. Like face hurt stomach aches laughing 😂

BOSTON! CONNECTICUT! THIS WEEKEND! Come see me LIVE! May 19 at Chevalier Theater Medford, MA May 20 at Fox Theater @ Foxwoods Mashantucket, CT

This nigga @tonybakercomedy made me 😂 LISTEN TO THE COMMENTARY

This freestyle by my bros @iamjamiefoxx and @snoopdogg is better than 98% if the shit on the damn radio now. Drop this now niggas

“Now sit down we watching SEASON 2 of @nbcmarlon THURSDAY JUNE 14 and that’s that! Sit yo asses down and wait...” caption this:

Ever have this feeling? @nbcmarlon June 14th and every Thursday at 9 & 9pm

This nigga wearing “nipple pink” sweats said what now?!

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Universal Studios Hollywood

@nbcmarlon we just having fun! June 14th THURSDAYS at 9 &. 9:30pm on @nbc

I swear i hate the internet 😂 😂 😂 this shit right here!!!

Permanent smiles... life.let nothing break your spirit. Let it MAKE your spirit

Somebody explain this meme... who this?!

I grew up in a house with my legends idols and heroes... how lucky was this lil boy. Love y’all. thank you God!!!! #wayansfamily #legacy #thegreatestofgreats #myheroes

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