Марлон Уайанс


Американский актёр, продюсер, режиссёр и сценарист.
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Keep swiping left to watch one of my favorite sketches EVER. #AGrimeyHalloween. Happy Begoween muhfuckas...SWIPE LEFT!

Go check out my new sketch on my YouTube channel. Judge Willy link is in bio

So apparently we can’t yell at our kids’ soccer games now.... this lady called the cops on a black parent rooting for their child... introducing #golfcartgail

@TheHateUGiveMovie - Amazing film! Take your whole family to see it when you can. I’m taking mine. #LifeLessions #TheHateUGive

Here’s a crazy ass scene from “A Haunted House”. The hell is wrong with me?!

Click the link in my bio to watch “Judge Willy” Episode 1 and make sure you subscribe! | @shots

Great time at the @atlantafalcons game supporting the homey with the Puerto Rican first name and a black as hell last name @juliojones_11 he beasting on this field. Yo vamos Brazil 🇧🇷 amigo! Carnival

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

At the @atlantafalcons game with my platonic “boo”. We both got our “THOT” faces on. #shesmyassistantchill

My favorite player... my son @shawn.wayanss forever a fan. #rp @mikeh_213

Proud of the math you did on this play son. This wasn’t checkers you played chess with 3 defenders... so proud of you @shawn.wayanss continue on that work. You have greatness in your veins keep working it. #gamewinner #gobuckley great D at the end fellas

All the real G’s at a supper #rp @snoopdogg “dogs playing poker” by @art_of_a_giant

Happy Friday... I’m walking into this Friday giving everybody Wayans Bros daps. I want everybody to do the same. Send me the videos or mention me @marlonwayans and I’ll post them on my story.

This is the way @Kanye should’ve dapped up Trump.... maaaaan i would’ve 😂

I’m just so confused...

Dubuque, Iowa

DUBUQUE, IA! Come see me LIVE on November 29th at the Q Casino! 2 shows | Link: https://bit.ly/2NLwuQh

Almost halfway through... still wondering what the fuck i got myself into... all good. We gonna get this great. #levelup just do the work. I’m as great as i work to be

Me and @eppsie Mike Epps working together on 50 Shades of Black... Fuck all the beefs that are happening In comedy right now. Let’s all get together and make this world laugh. Got nothing but love for all y’all.

Me after working long ass hours on my newest movie

On this day #requiemforadream was released. My first drama. People were so surprised. Wow.... he can do drama? I went to performing arts high school for the dramatic arts. And as beautiful as drama is I’ve always gravitated to the art of comedy. When i think of oscars and statues i hope to take it all the way back to when the Oscars were new and and win an Academy for a comedy. An unappreciated art form... one day. I will continue to challenge myself and pray one day that the world sees what i feel. The commitment, the work, the focus to make people laugh and feel something. I’m blessed to be in this industry blessed to work with great people and even more blessed to make people laugh. Thank you all for your love in this journey it means everything... humbly... me

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