Марк Хоппус


Американский панк-рок музыкант и композитор, наибольшую известность получил как бас-гитарист и вокалист группы Blink-182. Также является одним из основателей группы +44
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Rehearsing for this weekend. 📷 @robertnoise

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again. Also shout out to whomstever the people behind us were.

Haunted Mansion socks.

No filter. I’m just great at photographering.

Happy birthday to the man with the hatchet, who, in a totally unrelated incident, literally had his throat slit earlier this week. Speedy surgery recovery, and here’s to many more happy birthdays, my friend! 🎉

Thanks @rupert_neve for the awesome socks!

Very Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. @alexalltimelow sent this to me.

Very honored to join the volunteers at @childrensla this morning. Good people here, doing amazing work. Happy Valentines Day!

Spray paint.

New @chaseblissaudio studio toy, suggested by @tychomusic @ohmygoshua

This man needs a wife.

Super congrats to my in-laws, celebrating their 50-year anniversary. They’ve been nothing but kind, adventurous, funny, and supportive since the first day I met them. Here’s to the next 50 years. 🎉

I will wear my own band’s merch because I am a fan of the American rock band The Blink One Eighty Twos. Also these are my D-Fens glasses. Thank you and God bless.

Our dog is a huge fan of the American rock group The Weezers.

Okay now how do I drive this thing?

My babies are coming home from 🇬🇧


Disneyland with the Plus One and Jack “No Photos Please” Hoppus!

I went to see my sons’ band play and they pulled me onstage for this photo. Very proud of these guys, who started off as just an amateur blink-182 cover band, and have worked hard to become a professional blink-182 cover band.

Cool photo of the American rock and roll band @blink182 in the new @elmakias magazine.

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