Марина Ламбрини Диамандис

Валлийская певица и композитор греческого происхождения.
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Waiting for your m8s like 💋🍸✨💁

Lovely Jack.

Went to the Ivor Novellos yesterday. It made me fell very proud to be a British songwriter!


I too... Have been there.

Classic beauty never dies.

Greece lighting the Olympic flame was so beautiful.

"Trying to switch the milk of one species to another doesn't make a lot of sense..." . Perspective changing, if not a life changing book. #EarthDay


Goodbye, FROOT! 🍇

Pick your final FROOT… The full range of Neon Nature merchandise is now on sale for 7 days. ✨FROOT CYBER POP-UP STALL✨ http://smarturl.it/LAST.FROOT

Final FROOT show with my brilliant band. 💔 It's been a whirlwind of a year!

Lollapalooza Chile!

Lollapalooza Argentina.

Buenos Aires, I had an amazing experience. I feel so much love for this country + continent! I'll be back again one day. : ) Ciao! 📸 x @ccamiaguero

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