Мария Менунос


американская актриса, телеведущая и журналистка греческого происхождения. В 1996 году победила на конкурсе Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. В 2006 году вместе с Сакисом Рувасом была ведущей конкурса песни «Евровидение 2006».
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When Musiara was rescued by the @DSWT, they knew they had a fight on their hands to save him. Incredibly weak and barely alive with just a faint heartbeat, it took months of specialised veterinary care, lots of TLC and even his own private mud baths before he regained his full strength. Thankfully, this little miracle is now fighting fit – learn more about his remarkable recovery at: thedswt.org/musiara #ElephantTales

Meet Mia, a gentle and soulful Pit Bull mix available for adoption at @WagsandWalks. This 60lb beauty is sure to melt your heart. Mia is polite and friendly with children of all ages, walks beautifully on a leash! Learn more about Mis WagsandWalks.org #MariasMondayMutts

Happy 17th bday my angel! 🎂🍭one year ago everyone counted you out. Every vet said it was over. Then you pulled through and we celebrated your sweet sixteen in style! We thought we were pushing it for a xmas celebration with you, but you kept fighting. Here we are today celebrating 17 beautiful years together. My best friend. My first baby. I ❤️you so much my little miracle. #nevergiveup

Whether you have a trunk, hooves or horns, the @DSWT Voi Reintegration Unit is a safe haven for orphans of all shapes and sizes. Kore is one of the orphaned animals they are caring - rescued as a tiny baby and believed to be an orphan of bushmeat poaching, he's best buds with Ngulia, an orphaned zebra. Keep updated on all the latest goings on at: dswt.org #ElephantTales

Meet Al, a squishy, sweet, and eager to please American Bulldog mix available for adoption at @WagsandWalks. This 40lb is a doll with everyone he meets, dogs and humans alike. Al is playful, but also the best cuddlebug around! Learn more about the future love of your life at WagsandWalks.org #MariasMondayMutts

Happy Father's Day baba! I ❤️you so much!

#tbt photo shoot with my big girl athena. Rescued her on @todayshow segment about puppy mills years ago. She was such a gift...miss her so much! She gave the most glamorous high fives ever! ❤️#poodles

Meet Shea, a stunning and vibrant fawn Pit Bull mix available for adoption at @WagsandWalks. This 65lb stunner loves to play and already knows basic commands like "sit" and "come!" Shea is well behaved, gentle, and would make a wonderful family pet! Learn more about this cuddle-bug at WagsandWalks.org #MariasMondayMutts

Awaiting our next orders 😝! In a few minutes I turn 39! 39 will be the year I change my life in many ways. 39 begins a new chapter. Living my true purpose, living my life exactly the way I want to and with those I love. I'm so blessed to have amazing friends and family who love and support me. Who throughout my moms health crisis have been there for us. That's when you know who is who in life:) even though the current circumstance have been challenging, we will get through. I believe and I have faith. 🙏❤️⭐️

❤️these two:) thank you for the ❤️guys ..your friendship means everything 😀

Happy elephants to make you smile The future of Africa's elephants remains uncertain but these orphaned elephants offer hope - rescued by the @DSWT, who will hand raise them until they are old enough to return to a life in the wild, they'll then be protected by the DSWT's Anti-Poaching efforts. Meet the 30+ orphans in the care of the DSWT at: dswt.org/orphan-profiles #ElephantTales

Meet Zeus, a handsome Rottweiler mix available for adoption at @WagsandWalks. This 55lb hunk would make a great companion for anyone looking for a gentle giant. Zeus loves to run around a play, but also knows when it’s time to relax and cuddle! Learn more about this hunk of love at WagsandWalks.org #MariasMondayMutts

Saw #wonderwoman with the fam last night &we all loved it! I got so emotional seeing such an amazing depiction of a woman's strength. And together we are unstoppable! LADIES GO SEE IT! It's important for so many reasons. Not just to support a female driven movie, which by the way shouldn't be taken lightly. We go to see movies for many reasons. I love the escape but I really love the movies that inspire me. I have so many male driven movies that get me through my darkest times like @officialslystallone #rocky..but can't name one female driven movie. That will hopefully change now. Go see this to feel empowered as a woman..know we are so much stronger than we sometimes think. I have an electricity running through my veins after seeing this & I have to thank this beautiful woman here for repping us so well @gal_gadot . She crushed it! @pattyjenkins thank you for this & your incredible body of work & for showing women everywhere that we are just as capable if not more! #wonderwoman

#FBF to one of my favorite photo shoots ever with the amazingly talented @brianbowensmith. Connection with a photographer is so important and Brian made me feel so free and comfortable and he helped me be my most creative as well. Swipe to see the collection

Elephant orphans Ngilai and Ambo comfort one another at the @DSWT elephant orphanage in Nairobi. Find out how these two came to be rescued at: dswt.org #ElephantTales

Lunch with mom and @alyssawallerce 😀

#FBF to my 2014 and 2016 @healthmagazine covers! Had such a blast shooting these two covers. For all of my tips and tricks for bikini season, check out my book #TheEveryGirlsGuideToDietAndFitness! 👙🌞

Ever wondered how tiny baby elephants clear their trunks? Here’s how! A little orphan receives a helping hand at the @DSWT. Keep updated on all the latest goings on at: dswt.org #ElephantTales

Reflecting on a beautiful night with these beautiful souls at @runwaytohope last night. These kids are all battling pediatric cancer-WITH SMILES! They moved me so much with their positive spirits and their fight. They all have dreams outside the hospitals walls & they are fighting to get to them. They made us all smile and laugh and reminded us all of the struggle so many face. Cancer affects the entire family..and when your child is sick the struggle to be there for them , while the other kids at home need you too is unreal. How about worrying about paying the bills when you can't really work bc taking care of your sick child is a full time job? Organizations like this help them and help alleviate some of those worries. I'm so thankful I got to be part of it and feel so blessed to have met each and everyone of these incredibly Courageous kids. May god bless them all ! 🙏

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