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американская актриса, телеведущая и журналистка греческого происхождения. В 1996 году победила на конкурсе Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. В 2006 году вместе с Сакисом Рувасом была ведущей конкурса песни «Евровидение 2006».
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Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses today, and to download my latest episode of CWMM on @applepodcasts ! 😉 Find out why Arianna Huffington is on a mission to make sure everyone gets their sleep, + Richard Cohen & his wife Meredith Vieira discuss his battle with multiple sclerosis & how he turned anger & frustration into hope.

I’m sooo strong! 😝 So proud to kick off our @rallyhealth “rally on the road” tour in NYC today! @kevinhart4real @justtrain & I had a great time with everyone who came out. We will be going across the country on tour with the goal of inspiring people to focus on their health. Our mission is to show that being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be simple and fun. We want to inspire people to adopt healthy habits that are easy and fun. We did just that today in New York and we will throughout this tour. Go to rallyhealth.com/tour to get dates and come join us!

#tbt to the #missteenusa pageant....miss Nevada @cerinavincent reunited last year on my @siriusxm show! Love her! Ps-what was I thinking with my hair? Or the brown lipstick? No wonder I lost! Lol

My first guitar performance! Can’t even believe it...gonna talk all about it on @siriusxm tomorrow am! #hobbies

Loving my amazing and stylish #specs from @Chloe just in time for #HealthyVisionMonth! Cheers to taking a much-needed break from my screen use. Thankfully, my #glasses help protect my eyes from digital devices, they are also SO CUTE and complete any outfit! Thanks, @eyecessorize. #Spon

Fun times with @maximus_menounos ❤️

Vegas was a success! Thank you @generalelectric for having me and allowing me to share my story with your team. What a warm and beautiful audience! Oh and thanks @giannetos for your great paparazzi photo of the Gorg braid you gave me today!

Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

Thank you @themmrf for allowing me to share my story last night&for all the amazing work you are doing. Their founder Kathy is a unicorn -after being told she had maybe 3 years when diagnosed w/multiple myeloma ...she went to work& created a new model all cancer foundations will follow to accelerate much needed medicines and cures. 20 years later she is here and doing well & helping so many who were hopeless have hope & live longer! She is my hero& I’m so excited to work with you @kathy.giusti to help make a difference in brain cancer. @bonniehunt_real was an amazing mistress of ceremonies &the warmest human ever.the video you will see is a clip of my speech where I speaking about the letters I wrote & had my friend distribute while in surgery. I wanted my parents to know I was going to pursue a very different life in this part 2. And they may not be able to brag about me in the ways they did before. My number one priority was going to be my health&happiness. I was dying to just be me& not cave to the pressures of who “I’m supposed to be...or “how much money I’m supposed to make.” I still get emotional...& so happy that I chose this path! Special thanks to the four seasons employee who brought me tissues right after this! So kind!

Chicago Lakefront Path

Morning stroll and pause in beautiful Chicago! 😀❤️

@johntravolta walking into social media like… #WelcomeJohn Go give him a follow :)

To the woman who raised me, taught me, believed in me, fought for me, basically did everything for me-#happymothersday ...THANK you and I LOVE you. ❤️💕😘 you are a special woman mom. smart, talented, beautiful, and all the rest of the positive adjectives! 😝here’s to many more mothers days with you! #thankyougodformymom

Celebrating mother’s everywhere by dedicating this week’s Conversations with Maria podcast to keeping the women in our lives healthy and happy!  Check out #CWMM on @ApplePodcasts to learn how to let go of what no longer serves you in life from best-selling author/motivational speaker @agapisees + Pt 2 of my interview w/renowned surgical breast cancer surgeon @DrKristifunk . Find out the risks of paleo & ketogenic diets, the link between breast cancer & birth control, which foods are cancer-fueling, why alcohol increases cancer & SO much more NOW! Thanks to my @afterbuzztv special co host this episode @stephsabraw

The Beverly Hilton

Early day speaking with the @unitedhealthcare group about my love for @rallyhealth and all about my journey through brain tumors....love sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way. FYI brain tumor awareness month!


❤️ my Greek sister @vickyvlachonis ...this was taken one day before brain surgery last year. She was with me every step of the way and has helped me, mom and our entire family through these challenging times. Couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you vicky for sharing your knowledge, talents and most of all your heart. I am forever grateful for you in my life. Follow her to find out about her amazing book and her work!

Happy #cincodemayo

As Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try” so in honor of #StarWarsDay I bring you a moment I tried and…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And if you’re TRYING to make it in #Hollywood be sure to check out an all new ep of CWMM on @ApplePodcasts where I bring you part 2 of my “Break into Hollywood Tips” with advice on how to make it as a stand-up comedian, producer & screenwriter! #maytheforthbewithyou Music: David Lindup “In The Limelight”

This is a long overdue post to honor a very important woman we recently lost. I had the privilege of interviewing Dame Daphne Sheldrick while I was covering a story for Nightly News with my producer Marisa. Seeing the incredible work she did to save the lives of elephants—many of which lost their mothers to poachers, was a life changing experience. Daphne spent 28 years perfecting a special milk formula that matched in nutrition and taste to their mothers milk in order to bottle-feed baby elephants. She was a one of a kind woman whose legacy will continue to live on through generations of elephants to come. @dswt

H A P P Y ☀️❤️😊

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