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американская актриса, телеведущая и журналистка греческого происхождения. В 1996 году победила на конкурсе Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. В 2006 году вместе с Сакисом Рувасом была ведущей конкурса песни «Евровидение 2006».
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Thank you @curetoday for having me as your keynote speaker last week. It was amazing to meet all of the incredible people helping those with glioblastoma. The news is generally filled with so much negativity that we forget there are beautiful giving people who help those who are struggling. What an inspiring night and I look forward to supporting these great humans as they support people who need help In the fight against brain cancer. Everyone who fights cancer or any disease,disability or ailment is my inspiration. With the holidays upon us I want to send everyone out there struggling my love and prayers. You are not alone. We are not alone. God bless.

Happy Sunday! Piggy’s excited for #sundayfunday #bichon #bichonfrise

Happy birthday to my fiancé @undergaro . You are the most giving, selfless, kindest, smartest, most diversely talented Man I know. There’s nothing beneath you or above you. You are a renaissance man. You are a care giver. You are my best friend. Thank you for almost 20 years of love and devotion. 😘💋❤️

Supermodel vibes @maximus_menounos

❤️ 🍏 🍎 #Fbf and yes I made them pose (parents shot not the apples lol) hahahhaha

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend 😝. #tbt to when I was a correspondent at @entertainmenttonight And wore a diamond-studded dress to the academy awards from @RandiRahm. This one-of-a-kind dress had three thousand hand-sewn round, princess and marquis-cut colored stones totalling two thousand carats, weighs 2.5 lbs and was worth $2.5 million. I wore it to host @abcnetwork Academy Awards pre-show. I had security guard will be with Me at all times. The other diamonds were by @harrywinston . I was told that Angelina Jolie has it on hold to wear and then I was lucky enough to get it when she went in another direction. Such a surreal day and many thanks to @randirahm bc this dress definitely made a splash!

Meet our newest addition, Maximus, a dog I feel was sent to me. We rescued him in honor of our other beloved rescue, Apollo. But where I’ve always been heartbreakingly allergic to animals including my sweet Apollo, miraculously, with Maximus, I'm not! I’m over the moon at the fact that I can let him kiss me and hug him all without medicine. I also feel so incredibly lucky to have somehow showed up on a whim at @westsidegermanshepherdrescue only to discover a perfectly trained, well behaved gentleman in Maximus. People spend tens of thousands for a trained protection dog and we found him at the shelter. You never know! Truthfully, there were so many others, too, but Maximus also needed a little medical help and we knew we could provide that. We are so in love, I’ve never been happier and he is already so attached and guards over us in a way I can only say was heaven sent. We are so grateful to Robin and Steven at Westside for rescuing these incredible friends and for working tirelessly to send them to families like ours. And like I said, Maximus was not alone. There were so many beautiful, loving and loyal babies waiting to go home. Follow him on Instagram @maximus_menounos as I will be posting about him and other available rescues from the shelter. Sorry honey, Maximus Undergaro didn’t sound as cool as Maximus Menounos! 😝

Beautiful day celebrating @kimkardashian and her 👶 🍼 on the way. Felt like we were in a beautiful forest with lots of ❤️.

The coolest jobs of all time, making your visions come to life in a dream board, and the TV shows you can’t be missing out on right now! These are a few of the MANY amazing topics in this month’s Hello EveryGirl newsletter! PLUS another awesome giveaway this time featuring @vanitygirlhollywood @dunkindonuts and @eberjey !!! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter by clicking the link in my bio 👌🏼

Thought for the day... What we believe....will be

Meet Zack, an energetic and spunky 4 month old Chihuahua mix at @WagsAndWalks. This little guy weighs 6 pounds and has adorably large ears. He loves to run around and play until he tuckers himself out. Zack has tons of love to give and will fit right in with any family looking for a new friend to bring some more happiness into their lives. Zack will thrive in a home that is ready to take on the rewards and challenges of raising a puppy. Learn more about Zack at WagsandWalks.org #MariasMondayMutts

Cutest little leaf! Happy fall! 🍁

After Murit fell down a well, rescuers from @dswt weren't sure if he would make it as he was covered in bruises and desperately ill from drinking dirty water. Thankfully, after months of TLC, he turned a corner and began to thrive! Now, he spends his days playing with his new family, learning how to be a wild elephant. Watch his dramatic rescue and learn how #DSWT brought this orphaned elephant back to health: thedswt.org/murit #ElephantTales

Before surgery my priest kept saying in greek ΥΠΟΜΟΝΗ -PATIENCE. He admitted it was even tough for him. But patience is so important. If Life is happening for us not to us, we must remember that patience is important and that everything isn’t going to happen according to our timeline. It will happen when it’s supposed to. Perhaps you aren’t ready for whatever it is you desperately seek. From my experience, it comes when it’s time. Or doesn’t because of some reason unbeknownst to us at the time that will later make sense. It’s a great reminder to all of us to trust in god, the universe or whatever higher power you believe in. ❤️

Meet Louie, an adorable Shih Tzu with the best underbite! He is available for adoption at @WagsandWalks. At 5yrs old, this little guy has a sweet and mellow personality. He loves going for walks and cuddling with his human. He seems to like everyone he meets including other dogs. Learn more about Louie at WagsandWalks.org #MariasMondayMutts

See...we have fall 🍁 activities in la! More pumpkin patch favorites 🎃 and yes we were the crazy canine parents carrying our babies in Bjorns! Tag me in some of your crazy canine parent photos!

It all started this one day we went apple picking last wknd. I threw an apple in the air & thought GENIUS 😝😝😝 here are some fun photos I forced my family into. Oh and later of course had to tend to some phone calls. 🍎 ❤️

Its bed time for Musiara! Musiara’s life has changed a lot since @dswt rescued him, after he was found collapsed and all alone in January 2017. After months of TLC, he's made a miraculous recovery and has found a new family at the #dswt Nairobi Nursery, home to other orphaned elephants like him. When Musiara’s older, he'll return to the wild in a protected area but until then, you can see his incredible recovery in pictures here: www.thedswt.org/musiara #ElephantTales

About last night 😀 #angelball #cancerresearch @marialuciahohan24

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