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Best dressed. Done. Perfection. Goddess. #nicolekidman #emmys2017

#emmastone I mean, perfection in @louisvuitton. Guess where she keeps her Oscar? At her mom's! Too sweet. @battleofthesexesmovie

EXCLUSIVE! @mandymooremm is engaged! Read about it over at my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marcmalkin/posts/10155604215608361

Yes, I just took my second yoga class and apparently it is the hardest class. Oops, I thought I was taking a beginners class. #sweaty #yoga #namaste

#tbt someone asked me the other day if I was really a redhead. This is me at age 9. Enjoy! #gingersrock #redhead

Shootin' a lil' something at @theadvocatemag #advocate50 #lgbt 🌈

Spent some time with @bobthedragqueen 2day just before her @outfest premiere of #suspiciouslylargewoman @logotv @wowreport more to come!

Last night, I was honored by @nlgja with The Lisa Ben Award. I am so full of gratitude this morning. So grateful for the life I've made for myself. Grateful that @fabianhaircolorist and I found each other and grateful for @scottseviour and @conradwoolfe for being the bestest of friends anyone can ever ask for.

This happened today. What do ya think? ✂️: @fabianhaircolorist 📷: @sirlukedavid

#aidslifecycle. When you sign up to ride @aidslifecycle, you get a t-shirt. This is the t-shirt. Yes, I have signed up to ride next year. My first time. I can't wait to start training--I think. @aidslifecycle @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound

Fairfax High School

#aidslifecycle @fabianhaircolorist in the left. @gregory_diaz on the right. 545 miles! Congrats and THANK YOU!!! @aidslifecycle @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound

This is Christina. She is a 37-year-old auto mechanic from Phoenix. This is her fourth @aidslifecycle . "During my first fundraising, a close friend of mine told me he was positive," she told me at Day 6's Rest Stop 2. "He was the first person I knew who was [living with HIV]. Since then, it's gone up to 15." Christina will be back next year. Two friends have promised to ride with her. @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound #aidslifecycle

This is Victoria. She couldn't train her last month because her daughter went into labor three weeks early. She flew back to the east coast to be in the room for the baby's birth. She wore her @aidslifecycle t-shirt in the birthing room. Here, she is showing me a pic of the baby just after he was born. Victoria turned 60 in October. This is her first ride. She already has plans to return next year. "I'm hooked," she told me at dinner earlier tonight. She is riding in honor of a late friend who ran an HIV/AIDS clinic. @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound #aidslifecycle

This is @keahukahuanui. Yes, from #TeenWolf. He signed up for his first @aidslifecycle just five weeks ago. He raised close to $41,000. After recently taking a tour of the @lalgbtcenter, he said he now wants to do what he can to help support its Transitional Living program for homeless LGBT youth. (No, the mustache is not real. It was part of his look for #reddressday) #aidslifecycle

This is Jimmie. She is 73 years old. This is her 13th time as a roadie on @aidslifecycle. Her son, now 48, was diagnosed with HIV when he was 24. "We told him we loved him and he was our son no matter what," Jimmie told me. @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound #aidslifecycle

This is The Plum Lady. She sits outside @oldwestcinnamonrolls in Pismo Beach and offers @aidslifecycle riders free plums and hugs. She told me, "I wake up every morning and say, 'Best day ever,' and it always is. I also say, 'Step back and be the light.'" @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound

This is Mike. He is 33. He was diagnosed with HIV when he was about 25. This is his third @aidslifecycle. "During the rest of the year, I'm quite lazy," he says. @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound #aidslifecycle

This is Jenni. She's from Wisconsin. This is her first @aidslifecycle. She is doing it with her mom and sister after her uncle asked family to join him on the ride. @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound #aidslifecycle

This is Chicken Lady. He suffered a massive stroke and the prognosis wasn't good. But he bounced back faster and better than anyone thought he would. Doctors credit the muscle memory from doing so many @aidslifecycle rides for his recovery. @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound

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