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Yeah, it’s my birthday! Thanks, @variety

When Timothée ran into Amy and Maya... #goldenglobes @variety #timotheechalamet

This guy! I mean, he has to be the next James Bond, right? #richardmadden @variety @goldenglobes #bodyguard

This is @darrencriss right after he win and walking back to his seat with his Globe in hand. Congrats, buddy! @goldenglobes @variety

Category is...#GoldenGlobes! Spot the stars! @variety

Ally and Norma Desmond! @ladygaga #glennclose @goldenglobes #goldenglobes @variety

Que lindo. #rickymartin @goldenglobes @variety

Here we go! Thank you @haspelclothing! Seersucker tux! @goldenglobes

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Today’s tea party look. Rob Marshall said I’d look perfect in @marypoppinsreturns. I don’t mind that at all.

#selfie time with @blackpanther #ryancoogler, @danaigurira @michaelbjordan @variety @psfilmfest

#selfie time. Palm Springs morning with #EmilyBlunt #MaryPoppins @psfilmfest @variety @cadillac

2018 was a year of life. It was life on life’s terms. We had ups and downs and everything in between. After who knows how many Green Card denials, our application was finally approved. After more than 15 years since he was last home, Fabian reunited with his family in the spring. The trip to Mexico changed us forever. The uncertainty of Fabian’s immigration status had finally been resolved. Truth be told, I still get nervous opening about his immigration because of the awful politics now surrounding immigrants and more specifically, Mexico. But it’s our truth and I am so proud of Fabian for staying so strong and calm throughout it all. Fabian and I also came out as HIV positive. We appeared on the cover of @hivplusmag because visibility matters. Finally free from the burden of keeping secrets, I no longer live in fear and shame of being positive. I also told the world I’m in recovery. I have been sober for more than five years. Again, not an easy thing to share with the world, but it’s my truth. As for my career, I spent about half the year freelancing and even worked on developing my own show through Facebook. And then came @variety. I joined Variety on July 31 and nothing has ever felt so right. It’s been five months and I have never been happier and I have never felt more respected for what I do and how I do it. 2019 will continue on as life does. Some changes we know are coming and there will be others we’ll face as they arrive—both the good and the bad. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow in 2019. I love you, Fabian and... Happy New Year, everybody!

About last night... #selfie! @jasonmomoa @aquaman #haka #aquaman @variety #bluecarpet @chinesetheatres

About last night’s #selfie time. Have I mentioned how good @vicemovie is? Seriously that good, great. But it’s a mindf—k cause, well, it’s about very dark and evil people. #amyadams #stevecarrell

Go ahead, make my #selfie. #clinteastwood @themulefilm @variety @wbpictures

Thursday with @henrygolding @johndavidwashington and @jeffgoldblum @gq @variety

Life. Husband on the left. College boyfriend in the middle. I love these men. And I loved being at #TrevorLive with them.

#selfie time with #marypoppins and a true Hollywood legend. #emilyblunt #dickvandyke

#selfie time with one of the greatest actors ever.

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