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Guess who @ryanjamaalswain wants for the second season of @poseonfx... story to come. @outfest 📷: @photography_one_life

We are here. #AngelsinAmerica. #husbands #nyc #broadway #gay #loveislove #visibilitymatters #neverforget

#selfie time @selenagomez #hoteltranslvania3

Yesterday, we celebrated Fabian’s green card. We asked our friends and family to bring clothing to donate to the @lalgbtcenter’s homeless youth shelter. I was moved to tears when I saw how much we collected. I am not posting this for any other reason than to say we must do what we can to help others. We’re living in some very scary times and we must never forget to help those who continually need our support. As I look at these bags of clothing, I think about the young LGBTQ people on the streets who have dreams. No one dreams of being homeless. No one dreams of sleeping on the streets. Fabian had dreams. When there was nowhere else to go, the Center welcomed him, fed him, clothed him and gave him a bed to sleep. They gave him the tools to keep dreaming. There are a lot more Fabians out there who need our help. Fabian is living many of his dreams and now we must help others do the same. 🌈

FACEBOOK LIVE! TOMORROW! Join me for a special show with Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Carlitos Rodriguez talking about life after the #Parkland shooting and his work with #StoriesUntold followed by a candid chat with @abc7la entertainment reporter @karljschmid about coming out as HIV positive. Thursday, June 21, 4pm PT/7pm ET. Live at http://www.facebook.com/marcmalkin. (Rodriguez photo: @portraits)

Sometimes ya just need an escape so you go to a lunch for the @jerseyshore at @littledomsla. Great seeing @mikethesituation, @djpaulyd, @vinnyguadagnino, @realronniemagro and @deenanicolemtv! Thanks @mtv. Story over at Facebook.com/MarcMalkin/.

The last couple of days have shown me that visibility really does matter. The emails, messages and texts I have received since coming out as HIV positive have been overwhelming. In the best possible way. You have told me you are living with HIV. You have told me about family and friends living with HIV and you have also told me about those you have lost to the disease.Thank you for trusting me with your stories. Thank you for all the love. #visibilitymatters

Selfie time! @oprah! I think she may be blowing me a kiss...okay, maybe not. @owntv @loveisown

I am back home. Back home after riding my first @aidslifecycle. The ride has left me with many things, but probably the biggest gift I have received is the inspiration to live my truth. On this beautiful day of LGBTQ pride, I have something to say for the first time in such a public forum. I am HIV-positive. In short, I lived much of my thirties in confusion, depression and a search to find myself. I partied too much. I struggled with crystal meth. I was diagnosed with HIV about nine years ago. Today, I am sober and living with HIV. @haircoloristfabian came out as HIV-positive recently on Facebook. My dear friend @karljschmid did the same on Instagram. These two amazing men sparked the inspiration to come out about my status. AIDS/LifeCycle convinced me it was time. Visibility matters. Just ask the men on the ride who told Fabian that his story inspired them to ride. So, here I am celebrating LGBTQ pride and honoring my Uncle David and my Uncle Arthur by standing up and saying, “I am HIV-positive.”

Look what we did today! Halfway home...!!! @aidslifecycle @lalgbtcenter #aidslifecycle

Orange you glad you follow me on Instagram? Today we wear orange for safety day. #aidslifecycle @aidslifecycle @lalgbtcenter #tutu #orange 📷: @photography_one_life @haircoloristfabian

I’m as ready as I ever will be. 🙏🏻🚴🏻‍♂️🌈 #UncleDavid #UncleArthur @aidslifecycle @lalgbtcenter @sfaidsfound @photography_one_life @haircoloristfabian #neverforget @theaidsmemorial

I am ready to start my first @aidslifecycle. We dropped off our bikes today. We’ll see them next weekend in San Francisco. Thank you to all my donors. Thank you for helping us support HIV/AIDS services at the @lalgbtcenter and the @sfaidsfound. The fight is not over. 🚴🏻‍♂️❤️.

Check out last night’s #BeautyandtheBeast at the @hollywoodbowl with @rebelwilson @tayediggsinsta @zooeydeschanel #janekrakowski #kelseygrammer and more

I was a freshman in college when I took an intro to news writing and reporting class. It was then I decided I wanted to be a reporter, a writer, a journalist. I was also obsessed with @interviewmag. I devoured every issue. At one point, I saved every issue I got my hands on. I eventually got a subscription and when my Mark Wahlberg issue didn't arrive quickly enough, I called the magazine and they sent me the issue overnight. One of my first journalism assignments was to interview someone on staff where you wanted to work one day. I flew to New York and interviewed editor Michael Lassell. When I walked into his office, he asked me if I was a spy for Conde Nast. No, I said. Besides, I thought, I don't even know who this Mr. Nast is. Rest in Peace, Interview.

Moderated a chat last night with @t.r.knight for @sagaftrafound. Great stories, especially fun hearing that @rosie sent him a toaster when he came out with a note, “Welcome to the club.” Full interview will post on @sagaftrafound YouTube page. Also, make sure to check out TR as poet Max Jacob in @natgeochannel’s #Genius #Picasso. Quite the transformation!

Tomorrow. @kevinmchale is stopping by the house for a chat on Facebook Live. Thursday, May 10, 4pm PT/7pm ET. We have a lot to talk about.

It was not even a month ago when our future was still in limbo. But now, we are in Guadalajara, where just two days ago Fabian reunited with his family after 14 years. Yesterday, was a day (and night) that I will never forget. We started with breakfast (Fabian devoured the menudo but I stuck with cheese quesadillas and coffee) followed by a visit to the market. Later, everyone got together at Fabian’s bother’s place. His mom and sisters cooked and the kids played in a bounce house rented for the day. My Spanish is limited as is the family’s English but it didn’t matter. We were able to communicate just fine. There was so much laughing and yes, some crying. Please remember, #WeAreAllImmigrants.

When Fabian and I started dating about eight years ago, he told me he was undocumented. He told me about crossing the border when he was just 17 years old. I thought I knew what he meant. I thought it meant that, yes, he “snuck” into the country but now that he was here, all was OK. How wrong I was. I didn’t know that being undocumented meant he couldn’t return to Mexico. I didn’t know he couldn’t have a driver’s license, that he couldn’t get health insurance or work without a social security number or work permit or that every time we flew to see my family in New York there was a chance he wasn’t going to be allowed on the plane. I didn’t know that Fabian was living with the fear of deportation on a daily basis. But I fell in love with an undocumented immigrant and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Together, we decided to apply for a green card. We started the paperwork when we got engaged so that as soon as we got married we could file our application. And that’s when the 5 years of denials began. The government continually denied our application and our appeals. We cried a lot. After the 2016 election, one letter demanded that Fabian leave the country “as soon as possible.” But through it all, Fabian was a rock of strength and hope. Despite the denials, he knew in his heart that everything would work out in the end. Our attorney Andres Ortiz stood by us. He was a calming voice who told us that he would never give up on us. And then three weeks ago, after our five-year fight with my government, Fabian was finally approved for a green card. We received the approval letter on a Thursday. By Saturday, the green card arrived. The weight of our fight and our fears had finally been lifted. And today, we will board a plane for Guadalajara. Fabian will see his siblings for the first time in about 14 years. The day has finally arrived. A new chapter has finally been opened. Fabian and I know what we need to do next. We will do whatever we can to help our undocumented community. We need to. We fought for each other and now we will continue to fight for others. Te amo Fabian. Eres mi todo. With love and light, Marc

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