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Американская поп-певица и актриса. В 2003 году лауреат премии "Молодой Голливуд". В кино известна благодаря главной роли в фильме "Спеши любить".
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I just went on a trip around the world, asking questions and chasing answers because of my deep love for this lady, my grandma. She’s been heavy on my mind for the past few weeks and just missing her even more today. Eileen Friedman was a gem. 💘 #tbt

‪To our extended Pearson family, our fans- ‬ ‪We are deeply indebted to all of you who have started and continue on this journey with us. Thank you for giving us a platform and reason to tell these stories. Until next season ❤️ #ThisIsUs ‬

Family time and #SXSW for the #thisisus Season 2 finale screening.

The grand finale (for season 2) is tomorrow night, and we cannot wait for you to see it...especially if you love a good wedding or two 😉. #ThisIsUs

Just had the most unforgettable 10 days learning about one branch of my family tree. Thank you, thank you, thank you #whodoyouthinkyouare, for the greatest gift: a resounding connection to those who came before us. The names and stories and choices that live on in all of us, whether we know it or not. My heart is so full. A huge debt of gratitude to the crews in Australia and Ireland.... but also my new friends, Shannon, Kindra, Chris and Craig. What a trip!! 💕 (*sorry for stealing your pic, @kmannmakeup)

Tonight, next week, and then it's a wrap on season ✌🏻! But don't worry, the Pearsons have plenty more to share with you before the break 😉. What do you think we'll explore next? 🤔 #ThisIsUs

This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life. ❤ #ThisIsUs

We here. #sydney 🇦🇺❤️

I’m super passionate about taking care of our planet, so I’m VERY excited to be teaming up with @Garnier, @DoSomething, and @TerraCycle to educate and motivate young people to recycle their beauty and personal care products. Nearly HALF of Americans don’t recycle their empty beauty and personal care products, so join me and do your part to prevent those #empties from ending up in landfills by signing up for Rinse, Recycle, Repeat. (Click the link in my bio to find out more)...#ad

Ellen DeGeneres Show

This happened backstage at @theellenshow and I’m not sure I will ever recover. @adaripp you are EVERYTHING and then some. Can’t wait to watch you continue to take the world by storm. ALSO he let me wear his medal. 💀 👋🏻

A glimpse of a few J+R cherished moments, of which there are MANY more to come. Let’s start with tonight, shall we? ❤️ #ThisIsUs

✨Reflections of the heart✨ #ThisIsUs

Me and Mi. We both look a little delirious because a) we were all together as a cast and b) we had just won the @sagawards!! A little #tbt action on a Monday. Also feeling a teensy but nostalgic now that the season is over. However we’re back tomorrow with an all new episode!! 9 pm on @nbc. #thisisus

What a sweet way to wrap up season 2! 💕 Thanks @coolhaus for treating our cast and crew to some very *cool* treats. 👌🏻 #ThisIsUs

More empty house pics by @stephenschauer ......

So we are all moved in but our house isn’t quite finished yet (furniture, art, some outdoor components, etc) but when it is, I am definitely planning on sharing some photos here (for those who’ve been on this renovation journey with us and care). In the meantime, the great 📷 @stephenschauer came by to take these magnificent photos right before furniture got delivered.

That time I made my friends take my picture next to this goddess. #joniislife #fbf

16 year old me with the inimitable @julieandrews and @heathermatarazzo on the set of #theprincessdiaries. #tbt #thosecurlstho

I know the video is flipped but that doesn’t put a damper on my excitement for my friend @shira_rd and her new book. She is my go-to resource for anything food related and I have a feeling that her book will become just as invaluable— I can not WAIT to delve into this. #thefoodtherapist 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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