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Американская поп-певица и актриса. В 2003 году лауреат премии "Молодой Голливуд". В кино известна благодаря главной роли в фильме "Спеши любить".
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Clearly there's a lot on Rebecca's mind. Also the second picture is just bizarre so I had to include it. We can't give anything away so we're pretty limited with what we can show.... buuuuut we're picking up where we left off tomorrow night at 9pm on @nbc. #thisisus

My heart bursts for each and every one of these ladies. If you are the company you keep, then I am in excellent standing. Thank you @rp1313 for being the greatest hostess/sister/bff and for giving us all a reason to hang, celebrate and enjoy some delightful gluten-free tea sandwiches (and 🥂) like ladies do.

👋🏻 Bye summer! Ready to embrace my favorite season with open arms. Another #Fbf of my days as as MTV VJ, hosting my own show during the summer beach house days in San Diego in 2000? Anyone remember?? And yes those are aviators with red lenses and a matching bejeweled tank top. Oooof, fashion.

I'm probably gonna get in trouble for posting this but come on! #fbf to some time with the fam a few weeks ago. #thisisus

‪Can't wait to show you where we're headed in season 2... and where we're headed BACK to. Tuesday, September 26th at 9/8c on NBC.‬ #ThisIsUs

Get ready. 9/26 #thisisus

T-minus a week (and a day) until we're back. Can't wait! #thisisus

Still energized from being at the #Emmys last night, but back to work today. Thankfully I have @HelloFresh this week, full of nutritious and simple recipes to cook when I get home. I love that @hellofresh isn't just about the food, but they really create a great experience from start to finish. I've partnered with them to offer you 50% off at hellofresh.com/Mandy with code Mandy50 for your first box. #hellofreshpics #getcooking #hellofreshpartner #ad

I managed to get close to no personal pics last night 😩 and while this isn't the greatest quality, those smiles are genuine. I couldn't let the #emmy's experience pass without taking a minute to congratulate my friend and "son", @sterlingkbrown. What an absolute pleasure it is to share a scene with him. He's on a another level in every way and brings out the very best in all of us. ❤️ you, SKB!! #thisisus

Thank you @carolinaherrera for allowing me to wear this STUNNING dress and the sweetest, most talented @jenmeyerjewelry for the out of this 🌎 custom pink sapphire and diamond jewelry of my dreams. Everyone stepped on me all night but it was worth it. Most importantly, it does take a village to get ready for these things and I couldn't be luckier to share these experiences with my friends and reap the benefits of their artistry: @jennstreicher, @ecduzit, & @streicherhair. Thank you & ❤️ you ladies to the moon and back!!

Last looks with @streicherhair and @garnierusa before headed out the door at yesterday's #emmy's. #garniergirl

My #Emmy's look wouldn’t be complete without an @essiepolish mani. Loving the simple, vintage-inspired half-moon design using @essiepolish muchi muchi and ballet slippers #essielove #essiepartner

Emmy weekend lewks c/o my fav crew; @streicherhair, @jennstreicher, @ecduzit and @micahmarcus. 👯👯👯

Further evidence that even in 4th grade, I was ready for my @garnierusa campaign. 🙈 ALSO, I had those stinking braces for a whopping 6 months and they did absolutely nothing for my teeth. I remember being mostly excited to do red and green rubber bands for the holidays. #fbf #permedbangs

Happy Birthday to my OG ride or die Bestie/sister, @rp1313. I love you to pieces and am forever grateful for your guidance, humor, wit, compassion, support and knowledge of all life's most important things (cats, sugar, politics, the list is endless).... How lucky we all are to know and love you.

Holy cow! Thank you for the honor, @hollywoodreporter. Also, my tv family is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Just sayin'. Link in bio. #ThisIsUs

Ok... a bit of a confession. I’ve always LOVED changing my hair (as you can see from these photos.. and trust me there are so many more examples) -- but a few years ago, I decided to change my life. From my work, to my friends, to my relationship with myself... It wasn’t easy, but it paid off. So when Garnier asked me to be the new #GarnierGirl, and open up the conversation about transformation in a fearless way, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m really excited to share this with you. And there’s a lot more to come. #ad

Yesterday was a dream: spending the day surround by empowered women from different backgrounds, with different passions, all there to celebrate and support one another. Thanks to @jaclynrjohnson and @createcultivate for welcoming me into such an inspiring and impressive community. And thanks to my bff ❤️, @rp1313, for hosting a discussion with all of the hard-hitting questions. You are the best there is. Oh AND all 3 @streichersisters were in Seattle too? Come on! Love love love.

Just about a year ago we shot this scene for episode 5, where Rebecca performs with her band (@dawestheband and co graciously stood in that day, NBD) and now the FULL version of that Little Feat/ Linda Ronstadt classic, "Willin'" is available on the #ThisIsUs soundtrack. Check it out. Link in bio....

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