Мамаду Сако


Французский футболист сенегальского происхождения, защитник, выступающий за «Ливерпуль» и сборную Франции.
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Safari !! Not only for fun, now homework with Sienna 😅🎓 lol Maintenant les devoirs de vacances !!! 💼🦁🐯 #SakhoFamily


Safari Time in Tanzania 👌🏿✨🦁 #SakhoFamily @majdasakho

Via @majdasakho Family Safari in Tanzania

Thank you very much for the warm welcome here in Tanzania 👍🏿🙌🏿✨ #Safari #Holidays #SakhoFamily 📷 @majdasakho

Training now to be back at the top 💪🏿🔥⚽ ! Some holidays next week !

Fête des mères avec AMSAK pour le Secours populaire #AgirPourLesAutres / Morther's Day with AMSAK ! #amsak @majdasakho

Fêtes des mères avec AMSAK pour le Secours populaire @secourspop 👉🏿 full Video on / www.amsak.net _______ Mother's Day with AMSAK for Le Secours Populaire


Congrats for the win today !!! 🔴🔵👍🏿 #CPFamily #Thankyou 😉 @cpfc

I'm glad to give my support with AMSAK to the orphanage project of @amirkingkhan @amirkhanfoundation 👍🏿✨💛 __________ Heureux d'apporter avec AMSAK mon soutien au projet d'orphelinat de @amirkingkhan @amirkhanfoundation #amsak

i was very touched to receive the prize of the association of the year for AMSAK that i created 5 years ago with my wife @majdasakho #boaawards _____________ J'ai été très touché de recevoir le prix de la meilleure association de l'année pour AMSAK que jai crée il y a 5 ans avec ma femme @majdasakho . 👉🏿 www.AMSAK.net #amsak

#Theguardian ⚽️📰 https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/apr/21/mamadou-sakho-interview-liverpool-crystal-palace

Proud of my wife @majdasakho --> RP/ 💥 Congrats to @diesel & @iamnaomicampbell for their new charity collaboration. #fashionforrelief help all children in need worldwide. Proud to support them 😍❤ #childatheart #fashionforrelief #diesel @nicolaformichetti @renzorosso 👏👏👏Thank you @karlaotto and #juliendufour & Pray for #paris 😪

Training today ⚽️✨ #CPFCFamily

Training today ⚽️✨ #CPFCFamily

Journée en famille !! 👌🏿✨ #DayOff #SakhoFamily @majdasakho

#neverforgotten #LFC

@cpfc 🔴🔵

💥⚽️ @cpfc

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