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Американская актриса, певица и композитор.
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Silver Lake, Los Angeles

this is why i should never be left alone to watch over pets and/or small children

ᴊʟ+ʏᴏ+ɴʏᴄ <3

Los Angeles, California

combated a case of the mondays with some polka dots

them: you can’t just cut people out of your life— me:

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

féminin 🌼

Electric pussycat


my new song #tryingtosleep is about an emotional hangover after a breakup. who knows what i’m talking about? 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . . film by @action_jackson5

Los Angeles, California

✨ #tryingtosleep 🌙 get this bish a melatonin, amiright? hehe. share with your friends for #newmusicfriday and i’ll show you some luvvv

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

📍happy place

Los Angeles, California

#tryingtosleep . . . have you given my new song a listen yet??? comment some 🌙s if you’ve added it to some of your playlists hehe . . . film by @action_jackson5

Los Angeles, California

#TRYINGTOSLEEP IS NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY + STREAM!!! . . . for a second i wanted to try and be cool about this release, but NAH I’M TOO DAMN EXCITED! music is my first love and only now have i officially released a single. it’s a dream come true, and the first taste of the EP i’ve been working on. i hope you guys luuuuv it and want to share it with your family, friends, frenemies, significant others, exes— all of ‘em. thank you in advance for the listens 💘 LINK IN BIO . . . tagged in the photo is everyone who made this release possible. you guys are the real MVPs.

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

i really want some strawberry ice cream

sunday morning goals

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

oh ma gaahhh thank you @khoa_bui + @wovenfree for my new favorite jacket 😩🙌🏼

“there are always flowers for those who want to see them” -matisse🌸

Silver Lake, Los Angeles


Griffith Observatory

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*les étoiles*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Los Angeles, California

allow me to *reintroduce* myself. hello, my name is melise. same same, but different. officially back to my original spelling and it feels so damn good 🐝🍯

as cold as your ex’s heart

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