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hope everyone enjoys their family, friends, food, and cocktails today💘

FIN. #Shannara season 2 finale is tonight! 9/8c on @spiketv 💘

the amount of punny jokes in our cast group chat after this happened 😅 we love you @deschiam! riga, not so much... . . . 2 episode SEASON FINALE of #Shannara is TONIGHT. be ready for more pics + hop on over to twitter with #askshannara to live tweet with me and the rest of the cast!

Auckland, New Zealand

the ladies behind the #shannara looks. the real mvps. . . . @jayderutene the other, more badass half of mareth. this girl is as sweet as she is tough, and i’m so glad to have shared this character (and most importantly, the buns) with her. . . . @nat_ellah the woman in charge of mareth’s hair, makeup, tattoos, elf ears, AND druid runes. tall freaking order. she is the coolest, most creative chick i know. there’s no one else i’d rather rack up hours in the hair+makeup chair with. #beliebinyourself . . . and allll the wardrobe ladies!! mareth’s costume was surprisingly one of the most complicated in the show. sleeves, belts, boots, and layers. literally could not have gotten dressed without them 😅 . . . season finale of #shannara season 2 is tomorrow! hope you all enjoy xx

Vista Hermosa Natural Park

do you suppose she’s a wildflower?

happy birthday to the sassiest ray of sunshine i know!!🎂💘♏️ @gentrywhite #gareth

two back-to-back new episodes of #Shannara TONIGHT. so much is about to go down, y’allll. + mareth gets a new toy that i’m super stoked about 🤗🗡

Dolby Theatre

✨carpet moment✨ caught by @mannystreetz . . . 👗: @jazminwhitley 💆🏻‍♀️💄: @makennamariejow

Dolby Theatre

360° @karenfukuhara

my mom bought me this shirt which actually makes her the one that’s cool as fcuk

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

a sunday well spent...

throwing this up on the feed cause it’s been on repeatttt 🔂

wil + mareth go back in time at a NEW time— 2 new episodes of #shannara will now air back to back at 9/8c tonight on @spiketv ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Big Bear City, California

what the french, toast?

Big Bear Lake, California

when the spirit of cardi b possesses you #shmoney

hallowqueen** 👸🏻👻🎃🕸🥀🖤

Little Tokyo Japanese Village

been ready for the temp to drop in LA like... 😅🙌🏼

goodnight, moon. 🌙✨


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