Малез Джоу


Американская актриса, певица и композитор.
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spotted in the new season of #Casual, eps 4+5. out today on @hulu! 🙆🏻‍♀️

some see a weed || some see a wish . . . sharon tate photographed by walter chappell, 1964

Los Angeles, California

**sappy (+ v v long) caption alert** first, thank you to everyone who has watched and been giving love to my first ever music video. having one of my own has always been a dream of mine. it was also my first whack at directing a thing, so this is checking off two career goals with one music video. little me is ecstatic. this music venture is truly an indie one, and i have to shine a light on the superstars that made this little labor of love possible. jensen! my DP! the method to my madness. the order to my chaos. you honored and enhanced my vision so beautifully. this would not have been possible without you. words can’t even describe how thankful i am to you. kenna + nicole! my ladies! thank you for helping this vision soar. the details and heart that you put into this is what really gave it the magic it needed. also, thank you for drinking wine with me at 10:30am for the shoot. marcus, gentry, + dustin! the handsome fellas! quality actors that dedicated their time for this. damn. thank you so much for gracing my video with the present of your presence. i’m over the moon. paul + braden! thank you for your time and for being an extra pair of helping hands. you’re amazing. and again, thank you to all of you for watching and commenting. it truly means the absolute world to me. up next is the EP! hehe. xo

Los Angeles, California

self-caring the shit outta this saturday

the official video for #TRYINGTOSLEEP is out now on youtube + IGTV!!!! my heart is bursting with excitement ✨✨ 🔗link in bio🔗


my spirit animal is a drunk dad on a cruise

livin’ life in cool blues + warm yellows

Golden Road Pub - Orange County

unintentionally matching since 2012

Laguna Beach, California

my bb sister from another mister is ENGAGED!! i remember our preteen talks about this moment like it was yesterday. i’m over the moon excited for you and @westvegh. perfect couples DO exist, y’all. 😭💒💖

Venice, California

i followed my heart and it led me to nachos on the beach

Los Angeles, California

woolgathering [wool-gath-er-ing] noun 1 indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining

Los Angeles, California

summer luv, wya?

Chaz Dean Studio

@annaleefiorino does cut+color like no other. thanks for making me feel like a million 💸💕

Big Bear Lake, California

this post is brought to you by coppertone + bud light

Big Bear City, California

cool as a cucumber cocktail

Big Bear City, California

🦋 the wind beneath my wings 🦋

Venice, California

summa summa summatime 🌞

Los Angeles, California

them: wanna go out tonight?! me: wish i could, but i’m suuuper busy also me:

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