Малкольм Гудвин


Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по роли Шона «Ши» Дэниелса в телесериале «Короли побега» и многочисленным появлениям в таких сериалах, как «Гангстер», «Детройт 1-8-7», «Я — зомби» и фильме «Сумасшедший на воле».
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Congrats to our awesome script supervisor Linda-Lisa aka “LL”on directing her first episode of Izombie! She did an amazing job! #izombie

Some days the struggle to keep a straight face during funny scenes with @rahulkohli13 & @imrosemciver is real:) The outtakes this season should be epic. #izombie

Shoutout to my homeboy since our college years @jasonmooreofficial on the premiere of his new show “The Punisher” showing on Netflix at midnight!!! Proud of you man! Long time coming! You know I’ll be up watching! I’m hyped!

We saw some of Season 4 last night and wow! I can’t wait for you all to see it! #izombie

‪Happy birthday to my boy @rahulkohli13 , dope actor, gamer, person and friend. Much love bruv!‬

Ring Ring (Teaser) part 2 of 2 Coming soon 2018.

Ring Ring (Teaser) part 1 of 2 Coming soon 2018.

Ring Ring. Coming soon...2018. This was a fun one! Can’t wait for y’all to see it. @the_t0mmy_kijas @kirbybliss @theofficiallouferrigno

#tbt Screengrab from my first role on TV in a Showtime movie called “Color Of Justice”. i called what i do now “The Acting Thing” at this age. i have always had a part time or full time job since age 11, but every once in a while i would do “The Acting Thing” to express myself. Since i couldn’t afford to travel anywhere, i decided to travel the world vicariously through the lives of my characters. Ivan from Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” took me to Russia, Boy Willie from August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” took me to Pittsburg, Shylock from Shakespeare’s “Merchant Of Venice” took me to Venice, to name a few. i day dreamed about traveling for real, and doing “The Acting Thing” full time. i think I’m literally day dreaming in this pic:) i knew i didn’t have much control over those results but what i did have control of was how much hustle, energy, and heart i put in pursuit of that dream. Now i look back at this pic and it’s crazy to think that those day dreams are now a reality. So whatever “thing” you’re going after, it is attainable. Believe me. Use your dreams to fuel your hustle and stay the course by any means true to you.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone attending. See y’all in a few days.

Lmfao!!! Who did this? #izombie

Trying to stay hydrated between takes:) #izombie #behindthebrains

#Tbt to Izombie Halloween 2017! Everyone in the crew dressed up and it was just a day filled with laughter, fun and love. Of course I did a behind the brains vid. How could I not:) #izombie #behindthebrains

‪American Gangster. 10yr Anniversary today. So thankful that Ridley Scott gave me a shot. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity. #jimmyzee‬

Izombie season 4 deleted scene:) #izombie #izombiehalloween

I foresee a lot of Street Fighter 2 and Mario Kart tournaments during lunch. #izombie

Impromptu improv with one of my fav cosplayers at @stanleecomiccon #izombie

Haha, yep, I met a Bob Ross cosplayer @cherrypoppins.va while wearing a $10 Bob Ross shirt from target. #izombie #stanleecomiccon

Oh snap! Cool izombie shipnames T-shirt! #izombie

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