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Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по роли Шона «Ши» Дэниелса в телесериале «Короли побега» и многочисленным появлениям в таких сериалах, как «Гангстер», «Детройт 1-8-7», «Я — зомби» и фильме «Сумасшедший на воле».
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Happy Birthday to my boy and cast-mate @rahulkohli13 !! This pic was the very first of many hangouts up here in Van. It’s been inspiring to see you grow as an artist and as a man over the years. Keep killing it for many birthdays to come bruv! Much love! #izombie

#Repost @wizardworld ・・・ NEW ORLEANS: We're adding to your talent roster!! ✨ Your favorite Death Star Scientist, Galen Erso, from Star Wars Rogue One! Welcoming @theofficialmads 👹 The toughest vampire hunting officer, Matt Donovan! AKA @zach_roerig is adding to our The Vampire Diaries cast along with your favorite villain Atticus Shane! @davidalpay 👮‍♀️ Seattle Police Departments Detective Clive Babineaux is here to team up with Olivia Moore!! @malcolmjgoodwin 💗You know her as Jen Scotts in Power Rangers Time Force & Ted Mosby's sister, Heather, in How I Met Your Mother! Welcoming @theerincahill ! **Get your PRIORITY ADMISSION PACKAGE TIX today: http://wizd.me/gaiq _________________________________________________________ NEW ORLEANS Ernest N. Morial Center JAN 4-5-6, 2019 #WizardWorldNEWORLEANS

Challenge accepted @cwtheflash . Our Izombie voting squad is assembled! We challenge The 100 @cw_the100 @elizajaneface @sachinsahel @tasyateles @charmdegrate to squad up. NOVEMBER 6th! #WhenWeAllVote

Thanks for the dope T-shirt @nikitacameroni and @christagrampics !! I love it!

Directors Cut Locked and Uploaded this Saturday thx to my awesome episode editor John Reyes-Nguyen and his assistant Louis Lee! Lots of fun fellas! #izombie

Thank you Garth and Masayo for the custom camera slate! I can’t wait to frame it. Love you guys!! #izombie #cheezin:)

Just wrapped directing my first episode of network television last night. It could not have gone more perfect thanks to my amazing @thecwizombie cast and crew. Thanks to @danetheridge for championing me and mentoring throughout this process. Thanks to @slaverat @rugz19 for giving me a shot. And thanks to everyone at @warnerbrostv and the WB’s directing workshop for believing in me. I’m truly grateful. @thecwizombie

Happy Birthday to my onscreen partner in crime and one of the most supportive, grounded, funny and caring people I know. Have a good day celebrating @imrosemciver !! We’ll see about getting that bluetooth fixed for your bday:)

#Repost @misterburns35 ・・・ Mix of Episode 1 of iZombie Season 5 in the books. If you love working on something so much, is it still work? Mixed by @miamichick32 (and Ken K.) edited by @tuanquocle, music editing by @jennyleite, directed by @danetheridge #izombie #izombieseason5 #zombie #cw

#tbt Izombie Season 1 fanart. #stilldope

#Repost @rahulkohli13 ・・・ 3 Men and a Zombie. #iZOMBiE

‪I’m looking forward to meeting everyone attending Colorado Springs Comic Con next weekend! ‬

Cagney and Pastey solving murders since 2014:) #izombie

Day 1 of Ep 501! Clocked in and locked in! #izombie

#Repost @aka_delo ・・・ A #Brooklyn kid #MalcolmjGoodwin a #Spaniard #PanchoBurgos and a #Bronx boy #MichaelDelorenzo each with a #hope and a #dream walk into a #recording #studio to make #magic #BeTheLightMovie #soundtrack #director #composer #actor @malcolmjgoodwin @panchomusic @aka_delo. 🎤🎼🎹🙏💜😎

So I take a break from editing to catch up on TheFour on youtube, and this plays during an ad marker and scared the hell out of me. I was like... that dude looks just like me...oh wait...that is me! Check out #projectbluebook comic con trailer premiere.

Some days while directing @bethelightmovie , I had my hands full...literally🐶

Nice work @daudova.07.27 ! #Repost @daudova.07.27 ・・・ @malcolmjgoodwin #izombieartwork#izombiefanart#izombi#clivebabineaux#malcolmjgoodwin

Back in the gym to get ready to wear those skin tight Babineaux pants & sweaters next month:) I’m staying away from junk food until then like...#izombie 😁

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