Малкольм Гудвин


Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по роли Шона «Ши» Дэниелса в телесериале «Короли побега» и многочисленным появлениям в таких сериалах, как «Гангстер», «Детройт 1-8-7», «Я — зомби» и фильме «Сумасшедший на воле».
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Happy Clive:) #izombie

Another SDCC panel in the books! Thanks to everyone who attended! #izombie

BTS of our buzzfeed news shoot. Oh snap @imrosemciver , you called the shot they used! #izombie

Season 4! #izombie

Convention floor with @imrosemciver & @robertearlbuckley #izombie

The first few seconds of this video is probably the quietest we've ever been until😂....#izombie ##CWSDCC

SDCC 2017 was awesome! Lots of pic and vids coming later today. #izombie

Boom! Izombie Season 3 is on Netflix in the US today! Enjoy:) #izombie

Last night season finale was a nail biter! Thank you all for tuning in all season! We're so grateful for the support & love! S4 here we come! Much love! #izombie

Yeah, things get real tonight! Season finale tonight!! #Repost @thecwizombie ・・・ Zombies are the future! Don't miss the season finale of #iZombie TONIGHT at 9/8c.

Izombie day! Season finale tonight! #izombie

RIP to my close friend @keith_loneker_sr . A giant in many lives including mine. Writing this is so unreal. I'm devastated. #fcancer #gone2soon

Oh snap! I'm on Whose Line Is It Anyway tonight doing crazy stuff. I had so much fun. Check it out on the CW 9/8c.

Nice work @afewmints !!

Two weeks ago a neighbor heard some meowing coming from our car. Popped the hood and we found her. She was filthy and pissed. Now she's happy. This is Audi. My house is slowly turning into an animal rescue:)

My dogs found a dying cat in the yard today. It also looked like it was missing an eye. It was feral so it was pissed off. Rushed it to the vet. They saved his eye and gave him medication for the week. His body was covered with fleas and had so many flea eggs under its skin. I gave him a flea bath that grossed me out but I survived and so did he:) Meet Wink.

Waiting for next weeks episode like this. Thanks to everyone who tuned in tonight! #izombie

Shoutout to @who4td aka Harley Johns on Izombie for bringing the heat as usual! #izombie

Dang, Blaine needs to make peace with Liv so he can call her for a brain recipe. #izombie

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