Малкольм Гудвин


Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по роли Шона «Ши» Дэниелса в телесериале «Короли побега» и многочисленным появлениям в таких сериалах, как «Гангстер», «Детройт 1-8-7», «Я — зомби» и фильме «Сумасшедший на воле».
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This was another great day on set! Had a chance to grab some behind the scene action. #izombie #behindthebrains

‪#tbt My 1st rendezvous w/Zombies. Shuffling Zombies. I had no idea this bts vid existed until today. Good memories. Full vid is on YouTube.‬ #partyrock #izombie

#tbt Haha, I had the honor of working & hanging with Jonathan Pryce aka High Sparrow from GOT. We had many laughs, this was one of them. #leatherheads

Haha, nice job Angie. I remember this plaid shirt and striped tie combination very well. Season 1 ep 3, The Exterminator. #izombie

Yes!! Congrats on your book release @shannaferrigno !! I got mine today!! Proud of you! Much love!!

Wow, time is flying. Episode 3 is already underway. #izombie #behindthebrains

Behind the brains...literally. #izombie #behindthebrains

It took 4 years but I finally took the boat from Vancouver to Victoria BC and it did not disappoint.

The Bear situation on set has officially been resolved. #izombie #behindthebrains

There were no lions or tigers on set the other night, but there were definitely Bears. #izombie #behindthebrains

Yessir, moments before stepping on set with @questionanders4 #izombie #behindthebrains

Staying cool with the super cool Vampire Steve @kettturton #behindthebrains #izombie

Van city is so beautiful in the summer. And hot. Staying hydrated. #behindthebrains #izombie #sippiecup

These personalized mason jars reminded me of all the grape jelly, mustard, mayo & pickle jars I drank kool aid & Tang out of as a kid:) #izombiebehindthebrains

More pic from @originalfunko store and headquarters! #izombie

Fun day at @originalfunko store grand opening! Yes they have a huge store now and it's amazing. So much fun and love from everyone!

Wow, nice work @rogue_artwrk !! #izombie

Nice work @elewingsart !! #izombie

Izombie Season 4. Day 1. Clocked in and Locked in. #alwaysgrateful

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