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Американский актёр. Наиболее известен по роли Шона «Ши» Дэниелса в телесериале «Короли побега» и многочисленным появлениям в таких сериалах, как «Гангстер», «Детройт 1-8-7», «Я — зомби» и фильме «Сумасшедший на воле».
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Some days while directing @bethelightmovie , I had my hands full...literally🐶

Nice work @daudova.07.27 ! #Repost @daudova.07.27 ・・・ @malcolmjgoodwin #izombieartwork#izombiefanart#izombi#clivebabineaux#malcolmjgoodwin

Back in the gym to get ready to wear those skin tight Babineaux pants & sweaters next month:) I’m staying away from junk food until then like...#izombie 😁

Had the pleasure of directing two of my favorite actors and people on @thecw ! Good news keep lining up about @bethelightmovie . I can’t wait to share it soon.

Amazing show @iamaly ! You guys blew me away!! I downloaded you and AJ’s entire music collection after the concert!#Repost @imrosemciver ・・・ Peyton is an absolute pop star and me and Clive are so proud. 😍

This 8 week journey came to an end today. Learned so much and acquired more tools to build on my dream of storytelling. Big thx to my @warnerbrostv fam, @thecw fam, @thecwizombie fam, and all the instructors/directors for the opportunity. And thanks to my @bethelightmovie fam, and my classmates for all their support! #wbdirectorsworkshopclassof2018 #grateful

My first tat! It’s going down live on @imrosemciver instagram! Repost @rahulkohli13 ・・・ ‪Head to @imrosemciver instagram live now! ‬#iZOMBiE

This is a nice surprise. Thanks to everyone who voted! Let’s keep it going! #Repost @thecwizombie ・・・ Great minds think alike! Vote for all their #TeenChoice nominations: teenchoice.votenow.tv #iZOMBiE

This is dope! Who did this? #izombie #fanartfriday

I should be so lucky:) This is our first of many👊🏾#Repost @caraasantana ・・・ My “Coogler”. @malcolmjgoodwin

Thanks for all of your help yesterday! You fit right in with our team and we’re all grateful for all of your hard work yesterday!! Many more to come my friend. I’ll definitely will be in touch. #Repost @kingdomkid90 ・・・ Got to work on another movie this week and man its looking dope. Can't say much except its a Family Drama titled "Be The Light" by @malcolmjgoodwin . working with Malcolm made me miss movie set life that much more. He is a director besides my brother Damien who I'd work for any time under any condition because of his vision and demeanor on set. Really on a short list of people iv met who I can say is a class act . . . Ran into @rahulkholi13 who besides malcolm was a super chill person. We chopped it up and I learned some things about gaming. Meeting him(same goes for Malcolm) made my past enjoyment of Izombie that more justified and even more enthusiastic for the next season. . . In conclusion ran into @msrebeccablack and in all honesty earned my respect as an actress. I won't say anything about the scene except watching her work ethic & focus on a set genuinely was a pleasure. S/o to you for that Rebecca. S/0 to my boi @warhead2k8 in the pics he's a dope individual and glad we met in set #Bethelight #MalcolmjGoodwin #Rahulkholi #Rebeccablack #MikeFallin #MetLife #2ndmovie #secondmovie #zombie #breakoutkings #Americangangster2007 #americangangster #Ravichakrabarti #supernatural #jackspheer #MalcolmGoodwin #CliveBabineaux

‪Picture wrap on #Bethelight movie officially!! 42 speaking parts, 32 musical moments, 268 wardrobe changes, 16 shooting days, 8 dance numbers and 1 dream team. Thank you to everyone who helped make this movie possible. I’m looking forward to you all seeing this!‬

ATTENTION: If anyone is interested in being background tomorrow in “Be the Light” head down to Antioch Church, Simi Valley at 10am! @rahulkohli13 and I will be there!

Thanks for all the love all season long and thanks to everyone who fought for us to get another season. We’re all very grateful and excited to back for Season 5. I have a feeling this will be our best one yet. BTS pics and vids will be coming soon as usual. Stay tuned and much love! Season 4 is on Netflix right now! #izombie

So close to being officially wrapped on “Be The Light” which we called “Be The Flight” some days due to the crazy air traffic when filming in the valley:) If you’re in Simi Valley or can be in Simi Valley this Thursday and want to be apart of our last day of filming let me know! Thanks and much love to our leading lady @caraasantana for being so generous to the entire cast and crew! @bethelightmovie #bethelight

Our leading lady @caraasantana completely elevates the material and character. A true professional and a pure soul. Her work and spirit leaves me in awe. Follow our journey at @bethelightmovie

Haha! Rahul went method with it! #Repost @rahulkohli13 ・・・ ‪As a little behind the scenes treat, here’s a video that @malcolmjgoodwin got of me trying to stay in character...#iZOMBiE‬

Our cast keeps getting more and more amazing! Very grateful! Follow us at @bethelightmovie

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela 4 days into filming what many called impossible. I’m so proud, inspired, and grateful for all the hard work the @bethelightmovie cast and crew are bringing to this film. Follow our journey @bethelightmovie . Thx for the support! #bethelightmovie

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