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Британская актриса. Известна своей ролью Арьи Старк в сериале "Игра Престолов".
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Das ma girl!

Aardman Features

Very excited to be a part of @earlymanmovie along with Eddie Redmayne and, of course, the hugely talented Nick Park!

Some very talented mates of mine are releasing a magazine. Come party in London with us next week. Get down early for a guaranteed spot! 🌮

The official iBoy trailer went live today. #netflixoriginal @netflixuk available everywhere on January 27th. Enjoy 🙃


Sorcery: @kmannmakeup Wouldn't have anyone else sticking tiny pieces of hair to my face - ain't no one do it like u.

#millennial #bringingthefireplaylist #4youreyezonly Hair: @ryanrichman

channeling belle with a side order of tiana Styling: @harrietbyczok Dress: @ongoajpairamofficial Alterations: @bug_ward xxxxxxx

what was ur process for getting ready today? sat in the bath for an hour looking like a right twat, wbu? #goldenglobes

caught off guard in a handsome sandwich

there were never such devoted sisters

Hiding those train tracks on the red carpet🙃 Styling: @harrietbyczok Dress: @studio_fulton Alterations: @bug_ward U guys 💕

Always a good laugh at the BAFTA tv tea party. Hair: @ryanrichman Makeup: @kmannmakeup See u kool katz laterrrrrr

“In a world where so much that is wild and free has already been lost to us, we must leave these beautiful animals free to swim as they will and must. They do us no harm and wish us none, and we should let them alone.” - Ric O'Barry Tag 3 friends who ❤️ 🐬's & follow @Dolphin_Project Click the link in my bio to help end the senseless slaughter & capture of dolphins. #LetsProtectDolphinsTogether #DolphinProject

#Repost @dolphin_project with @repostapp ・・・ Taiji: 7 bottlenose dolphins have been taken for a life in captivity. The remainder of the pod have been driven back out to sea. Very sad day here in Taiji. 10.58am 2016.12.5 #Dolphinproject

実際自分でご覧になってください。イルカ漁の映画ザコーヴが日本では無料配信になりました。日本語です。ご自身できめてください。イルカをどう思うか。見て考えて。 Check it out for yourself. "The Cove," a film about the dolphin hunt, is now available online for free in Japan. It's in Japanese. Decide for yourself please - how you feel about dolphins. Watch and think. Link in bio

Taiji Harbour

Your support has been overwhelming. I thank you all for your help. By working together we can end this. @dolphin_project #dontbuyaticket #takethepledge

I am live on the Dolphin Project facebook page. Like, watch, share. #takethepledge #dontbuyaticket #Dolphinproject @dolphin_project

A pod of bottlenose dolphins have been driven into the killing cove. These dolphins are highly valuable to the hunters, some of these dolphins may end up in captivity for a high price. We have to end the cycle, as a consumer you have so much power. Buying a ticket to a dolphin show means you're endorsing this kind of practice. Take the pledge. Spread the word. @dolphin_project #dontbuyaticket

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