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Британская актриса. Известна своей ролью Арьи Старк в сериале "Игра Престолов".
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#Repost @dolphin_project with @repostapp ・・・ Taiji: 7 bottlenose dolphins have been taken for a life in captivity. The remainder of the pod have been driven back out to sea. Very sad day here in Taiji. 10.58am 2016.12.5 #Dolphinproject

実際自分でご覧になってください。イルカ漁の映画ザコーヴが日本では無料配信になりました。日本語です。ご自身できめてください。イルカをどう思うか。見て考えて。 Check it out for yourself. "The Cove," a film about the dolphin hunt, is now available online for free in Japan. It's in Japanese. Decide for yourself please - how you feel about dolphins. Watch and think. Link in bio

Taiji Harbour

Your support has been overwhelming. I thank you all for your help. By working together we can end this. @dolphin_project #dontbuyaticket #takethepledge

I am live on the Dolphin Project facebook page. Like, watch, share. #takethepledge #dontbuyaticket #Dolphinproject @dolphin_project

A pod of bottlenose dolphins have been driven into the killing cove. These dolphins are highly valuable to the hunters, some of these dolphins may end up in captivity for a high price. We have to end the cycle, as a consumer you have so much power. Buying a ticket to a dolphin show means you're endorsing this kind of practice. Take the pledge. Spread the word. @dolphin_project #dontbuyaticket

#Repost @dolphin_project with @repostapp ・・・ Taiji: 11 banger boats in formation driving a pod of dolphins towards the harbor. 7.45 am #Dolphinproject

Taiji, Wakayama

Take action. Click the link in my bio. Follow @dolphin_project #dontbuyaticket #takethepledge

Go to @dolphin_project facebook page and watch our livestream. Click the link in my bio to take action. Stop the slaughter, don't buy a ticket.

Guys it's @alexinwonderlust ...

💙🐳🐬 it's a blue cove day 🐬🐳💙

Taiji Harbour

STAY TUNED. We are making a change. @dolphin_project #takethepledge

Check my twitter for my interview with Yuri Kageyama about the work I'm doing here in Taiji @dolphin_project

Surprised my wilderness explorer in Taiji. So beyond proud of my wittle @alexinwonderlust out here on her ones, doing her bit for @dolphin_project I've been highly anticipating this trip - I'm intrigued to finally see the work that Dolphin Project do here, can't wait to get involved and make a change. For more information about @dolphin_project and the work I will be doing in Taiji, keep an eye on all my social media platforms and CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO. I will be documenting this journey and taking you all with me. Thanks x

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