Мэйси Уильямс


Британская актриса. Известна своей ролью Арьи Старк в сериале "Игра Престолов".
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#Repost @daisieapp with @get_repost ・・・ ⚠️ 1 week to go ⚠️ Just 7 days left to submit! Here’s @avecclaire amazing painting - ‘Haircut’

how i wave at people i know i’ve met but can’t remember where from


Dark #DisneyXCoach Magic Mirror @coach


birthday present from ma numba 1 🖤💜 bc you’re my #seven my #eight and my #nine

We’re building a community. Let’s play. Link in bio #daisie100 ⭐️

corduroy af

San Juan Island

🌊So here we go!🌊 Over the last few years, at one point or another, you’ve probably seen (or heard) me banging on about orcas or dolphins and their wellbeing. Today I can announce that, between myself and my orca buddy Alex, we are going to make a documentary. It will be both challenging and cheerful but, most importantly, we’ll be answering one baffling question... WHERE’S ALL THE BLOODY SALMON? We have a kickstarter page should you like to donate (I’ve come to realise that no matter who you are and whatever position you’re in, documentaries aren’t easy or cheap to make 😅) if not, your support and a follow on our official page would be just as helpful to us. SEARCHING FOR CHINOOK. 🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋

the boys are awake, washed and ready for tha ladiessssss 🌈

Babington House

🌈TWENTY-ONE🌈 thank you to everyone who made it special xo

💗⭐️what a treat! thankyou my babes⭐️💗

21 & still waiting on that growth spurt ⭐️

fish fingers

ollie looking all shades of fine in this 🍯

u, me, sofa, tea

Printworks London

💗thank you @thehydraldn for all the loooove last weekend at @printworkslondon 💗


Submotion Orchestra 💫

Finding friends that when you text “hahahahaha” it’s because you’re actually weeping with giggles. “Just one glass” turns into “Just one more song” once again.💗🌈⭐️

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