Майя Шибутани


Американская фигуристка, выступающая в танцах на льду со своим братом Алексом Шибутани.
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Marseille, France

La Grande Roue de Marseille 🎡

Marseille, France

Alex: "Smile, Maia!" Maia: "But there's a dumpster behind me." Alex: "So what?! We're in France!" Maia: "Okay." 😂 🎒: @tumitravel

Marseille, France

1st practice ✅💪🏼 #GPFigure #GPFinal

@alexshibutani & @javierfernandezskater checking out the restaurant's Instagram account before they ordered. #savvy

Old Port of Marseille

Bonjour, Marseille! 🇫🇷⛵️

🇺🇸 ✈️ 🇫🇷 #PerfectingTheJourney @tumitravel

Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

Travel day! ✈️

Relaxing weekend at home. Leaving for the Grand Prix Final in Marseille tomorrow!

Ann Arbor, Michigan

"We've passed the 3-hour mark" 😄💖

I avoided some of the fake snow. @alexshibutani wasn't so lucky. ☂ #tbt 📸 @starsonice

Sunday snuggles with Lily and Po! ❤️


Our @shibsibs vlog from Beijing is up on our YouTube channel! The link is in my bio!

Beijing, China

@alexshibutani just finished editing the vlog from Cup of China! 🎉

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great day!

#Repost @lenok_radionova ・・・ #lovethispicture ❤️

💗 #CoC16 #GPFigure

#Repost @alexshibutani ・・・ @shibsibs x @pchan31 #CoC16

💙 @lenok_radionova #CoC16 #GPFigure

Great week in Beijing with @pchan31, Marina, and @alexshibutani! Time to go home. #CoC16 #GPFigure

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