Майя Шибутани


Американская фигуристка, выступающая в танцах на льду со своим братом Алексом Шибутани.
  • Все 2011
  • Фото 1822
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Alex is a great big brother. He’s always been pulling for me.

New York, New York

Today’s #ootd 🖤 • Amazing week in NYC! 🎨: @damonnyc

New York, New York

I’m suhweepy 😴

New York, New York

Tire(d)... ba dum tss • Thanks, @kirkmyersfitness! 💪🏼

Guys!! Surprising news - I was nominated for a Kids’ Choice Sports Award in a new category: “Biggest Kid”! It’s tough competition, but I’m honored. ☺️ The description says: “The funniest, most playful athletes off the field and court.” I guess they forgot to mention ice 😜 I’m up against @andredrummondd, @deandre, @edelman11, @kyrieirving, @lauriehernandez_, @gronk, and @yasielpuig. That’s crazy competition! Honestly, I’d probably vote for @gronk, but if you feel like voting for me, please do! 😅 The link is in my bio. While you’re there, vote for @alexshibutani and me in the “Winter Wonder” category. Love you guys! ❤️

New York, New York

My hand turns into a blur when I spot a fav. ☺️👋🏼

Gazing into the distance wishing there was a blue flower emoji. 😉

Brooklyn, New York

Solid life advice from a wall in Brooklyn. 😜 Ready for a great week in NYC! ☕️❤️

#FluffChallenge @shibsibs edition 🤣😂

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Stopped by Lily’s (@lilyandpo) favorite fire hydrant today 🐾 Feeling pretty lucky that it’s only 78° in Ann Arbor today. Off to NYC tomorrow! ✈️

Flashback to July 4th 😅 If you want to see what @alexshibutani and I were up to on July 3rd/4th go check out our 2 NEW vlogs!! ⛸ We’re doing a Q&A next so tweet @shibsibs and use #AskShibSibs! We might answer your question! 😃

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Reunited!!! ❤️ 🔁 @lilyandpo @maiashibutani and @alexshibutani are coming home today! 🤩😍

Sun Valley, Idaho

Goodbye and thank you, @sunvalley! It was awesome to skate in front of a sold out crowd! 💛

Sun Valley, Idaho

Hope everyone is enjoying their day! I’m excited for tonight! @alexshibutani and I are performing in Sun Valley on Ice! 🌞 Earlier today we did an IG live for the @teamusa account. Use code: MAIA15 for 15% off at teamusashop.com and check out the live before it’s gone!

Proud to wear red, white, and blue 🇺🇸

Happy 4th of July!!! 🎉

Sun Valley, Idaho

📍Sun Valley, Idaho ☀️ @alexshibutani and I are doing an Instagram Live tomorrow with @teamusa! Stay tuned!

Have a great last show, @realericnam! Congrats on an awesome 2018 North American tour!! 🎤🎶🎉#honestlytour #ericnam #에릭남

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dorky @instagram jokes with my grandma 👵🏻😂

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