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Американская актриса и певица, наиболее известная ролями Мины Парум в ситкоме «Cory in the House» и Аны Солис в телесериале «Отчаянные домохозяйки».
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“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Einstein 📷 @tylerjnewman

Los Angeles, California

There are some people you would go to war with, some people who you would travel with, some people you would kick back and relax with, some people you would work your ass off with, some people you would laugh until you cry with, and some people who you would share everything with. When that person is all wrapped up into one, you are pretty damn lucky. Happy birthday @kellybalch thank you for being it all 🎂💥

Barcelona, Spain

Five years ago, I fell in love. Deeply, passionately, and without regard to logic or reason. A love that never left me. And her name was Barcelona... They call Barcelona the Great Enchantress. And enchant me she did. Her narrow cobbled streets, music lilting through them reverberating off the walls like we were alone in a tunnel, her decaying beauty showing through the chipped architecture of her soul, her ruby red wines and 10pm dinners leading to absinthe bars and bad decisions, she herself is art, beauty, elusive like a lovers kiss or an idea not yet put into motion. She took over me and I was powerless, elated, defeated, completely under her spell. During my first trip to Europe I was called back to her not once, not twice, but five times, and since then, I have revisited every year just to hear her whisper my name above Tibidabo, hoping that one day I will return and stay. ❤️

Point Dume

I’ve always been drawn to the ocean, to the reflection of light on its surface, constantly in motion, at times calm as liquid glass, at times wild in its untamed ferocity 📸 @beau_mirchoff

How I like to start my mornings. 🌊

Happy New Year and Feliz Ano Novo! I always love this time of year, when we take a moment to get re-motivated, reinspired, and realigned. Life has so many ups and downs, twists and turns, highs and lows. We get to choose what we make of it. Here’s to a 2018 filled with adventure, great health, bold choices, never ending growth, and living from our truths. Let’s kick some ass 💥 📸 @justinbuttsfilms

Welcoming a new year ✨🚀 Resolutions?

Seattle, Washington

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from my fam to yours 🎄✨❤️ #FelizNatal #FelizNavidad 📸 @bigocaprice

My favorite place to be. Airborne ✈️

Los Angeles, California

❄️📸 @decoda_versai

#Inspiração do dia. Adoro esta passagem do #MarioQuintana 🇧🇷 desculpe meu sotaque ✨😜 🎥 @justinbuttsfilm

Los Angeles, California

🍁 📸 @decoda_versai


Birds of a feather... #tbt #Hawaii 🌴🕊

Los Angeles, California

I’m always looking for depth in every thought, in every dream, in every interaction. I’m fascinated by what lies beneath the surface.

A notebook is a blank canvas, a pen, both paintbrush and sword. Writing, for me, puts words to chaos, ideas to reality, and meaning to madness. A touch of which is always present in the exploration of imagination. 🎩

Los Angeles, California

“I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it, and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.” -Roald Dahl (damn you auto correct for changing it to Ronald!). @jille_designs 👜 #jilledesigns

My thoughts, like glass, reflected memories come to pass, slipping into dreams that never last, I lie awake and wonder how the future melts so swiftly into ghostly past. ❄️

Los Angeles, California

I’ve always loved a good suit. 📸 @angelokritikos 🎩


5 years ago I took my first solo trip to Europe. I decided it would be a “yes” trip, where I would say yes to every opportunity within reason, even if my initial reaction was no. I remember sitting in Cadaques, Spain, a fisherman’s town on the water where Salvador Dali kept a summer home, when I received a message from @thesolela whom I had met one time for an hour over a dinner at a conference earlier that summer. She asked me if I was still in Europe, and if so, would I like to meet her and her friends in Turkey the following week to go sailing. #Turkey had never been on my list of places to visit that trip, and I was really enjoying Spain, but I remembered my promise to myself and said fuck it, let’s do it. Four days later I was on a plane to Turkey, had a close encounter with potentially getting kidnapped haha, and sailed #Marmaris to #Fethiye for a week with new friends. We got to explore islands filled with ruins, and most of the time, we were the only ones on the islands. An explorer’s dream. I came back from that Europe trip inspired and completely broke, but it helped shape who I am today, and I will still take risks, within reason, whenever adventure calls my name...

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