Майра Уолш


Американская актриса и певица, наиболее известная ролями Мины Парум в ситкоме «Cory in the House» и Аны Солис в телесериале «Отчаянные домохозяйки».
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How my brain works 🌀

📸 @deanastacia mu @kyleemakeup hair @michilafary wardrobe @binzariocouture

Hoje é o aniversário da minha vo querida. O coração dela e enorme, brilha como o sol. Ela tem uma risada que sempre me faz feliz. Te amo vozinha! Tudo de bom sempre ❤️😀

This makes me think of the #PortugalTheMan song My Mind 🌀

Remembering bluer days. 📷 @kellybalch

It's a mad mad world out there 🎩

I remember loving airplanes since I was a kid. My mom said that I cried a lot as a baby, but the second I was on a plane I was quiet for entire flights from LA to Sao Paulo. I went through a short phase where I was terrified of flying (when I was old enough to realize you could die in a plane crash haha) and now flying is one of my favorite things to do 💙

Enamored with the subtleties, strength and frailty, a thought, a passing dream, a hidden desire, life is complex, often contradictory, imperfect and beautiful. It all lives in a delicate balance, and our time here is fleeting. What then, do we fill our moments with? 📷 @jzl_style

Frying Pan - NYC

Sunset in #nyc on the #HudsonRiver

Central Park

Found spots in Central Park I'd never been through, and I saw fireflies for the first time :) ✨💙

Fort Tryon

View from Fort Tryon, definitely a new favorite spot of mine in #Manhattan. This city always fills me with inspiration. #newyork

Los Angeles, California

Caught in a world of ethereal dreams. 📷 @decoda_versai

Los Angeles, California

Turtlenecks in summertime. 📷 @decoda_versai

After a ton of prep, hard work, very little sleep, and the support of a great cast, crew, and Poletus... Young Blood is officially in the can. I knew directing a short film would be demanding, but I love the collaborative aspect of making a film. Each moving piece/department needs the other in order for a story to be well told. Young Blood is a Sci-fi about a facility that offers blood transfusions to the aging elite from young healthy donors. Interesting part is, facilities like this already exist, promising clients to get them one step closer to immortality...

Niner Wine Estates

"Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." Hans Christian Andersen

Life is a constant exploration. And it brings me so much fucking joy. 📷 @decoda_versai

Hearst Castle


When you get caught on the john on a disposable camera circa 2006

Hearst Castle

I never paid much attention to ceilings until I went to the #Hearstcastle where every ceiling has an incredible wood etched design.

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