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Американская актриса и певица, наиболее известная ролями Мины Парум в ситкоме «Cory in the House» и Аны Солис в телесериале «Отчаянные домохозяйки».
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Apparently this weekend marked 12 years since #CoryintheHouse aired. We were all babies 😂

Happy Birthday @kellybalch ! From the moment I met you I knew we would be best friends. We’ve shared some of my favorite memories together and I can’t wait for all the adventures to come. Thank you for being a lighthouse to everyone you meet 💡

São Paulo, Brazil

Minha família querida 💚 Já estou com saudades. I already miss my family and beautiful Brazil 💛 🇧🇷💙


Highlights from the #Amazon with @houstonfry 🐒🐒🌿 A childhood dream come true! The rainforest is constantly shrinking. Experiencing it firsthand makes that concept incomprehensible. I was really impressed with @amazonecopark for their dedication to sharing not only the beauty of the land but the importance of preserving it. I’m super inspired and excited about a writing project I’ll be starting this year set in Brazil 🇧🇷💙.............................. Viajar para as Amazonas foi um sonho realizado! A selva está diminuindo cada ano. Quando eu senti a energia das #Amazonas, foi muito difícil entender por que que está diminuindo. Fique impressionada com #amazonecopark para a dedicação deles de mostrar não só a beleza da terra, mas a importância de proteger-lós. Estou muito inspirada para começar escrever uma mini-series sobre o #Brasil :)


I’ve done a lot of solo traveling, but traveling with one of my best friends and one of my favorite creative collaborators through São Paulo, Guaruja, and the #Amazon has been nothing short of epic. Thank you @houstonfry for always being down for the ride. Can’t wait to see where the inspiration carries us 💚🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🦖🎩🇧🇷✨💙

Jungle Amazon Brazil

I always knew I would fall in love with the #Amazon. Sometimes you know something without understanding why until you’re standing in the thick of it, or in this case, at the river’s edge. 📷 @houstonfry

2019 you’ve arrived with a bang! It’s been three years since I’ve seen my family and friends here and every time I’m here I’m reminded just how important that time together is. We decided not to carry our phones on New Years Eve which was spent dressed in white, jumping 7 waves with our 7 wishes for 2019 at midnight, diving into the ocean fireworks ablazing, finding a dance floor, finally learning how to samba, eating an epic meal prepared together, inventing a New Years drink, and ending the night making art. 2019, let’s goooo! ...Faz 3 anos que venho para Brasil para ver a minha família e amigos e toda vez que venho me lembro como que é importante ficarmos juntos. Decidimos não levar os nossos celulares no Réveillon. Nos Vestimos de branco, fizemos os nossos 7 pedidos, pulamos no mar, os fogos brilhando, achamos lugar para dançar, finalmente aprendi a sambar, comemos uma ceia preparada em conjunto, inventamos uma bebida nova, e terminamos a noite criando arte. #Brasil vai sempre ter o meu coração 😍🇧🇷 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Feliz ano novo! Tudo de bom, paz, alegria, amor 🎆💕

I think it’s time for an adventure... 📸 @kellybalch

Our #Christmas may have been small this year but it was full of love :) Happy Holidays from my family to yours ❤️ Feliz Natal!

Happy birthday to this lovely human @lizmstanton. It all started in Barcelona... The amazing memories have only multiplied since. It’s been awesome watching you grow into the woman you are today 💕

Beverly Hills, California

#ImmersedinWonderland with the crazy talented @alexameadeart. Congrats on an amazing exhibit. Thank you for taking me down the rabbit hole. #aliceinwonderland


🍂🍂🍂 📷 @kellybalch


Wherever the road goes... 📷 @kellybalch

Manhattan, New York

When I was in #nyc, @justin_nathan1 hit me up and asked if I would make a video with him. We had never met but I appreciated his enthusiasm and I was down for a unique creative collab. I provided the subject, he provided the #magic box.✨✨

“My past is perilous, but each scar I bear sings monuments to where I have been and melodies to where I am going” @incubusofficial artist @brandonboyd #artistoftheday

Sometimes the dream exceeds reality. Sometimes reality exceeds the dream. I find myself in a never ending dance between the two.📷 @tylerjnewman hmu @nicole_san

Happy Thanksgiving from this little nugget and I to you :) The world can be a crazy place, which is why taking time to appreciate the important things, like spending time with my sweet niece and my family, means the world to me. ❤️

Can you guess which #Disney movie was my favorite growing up? 😆

Los Angeles, California

She paints, uses fire to make art, And designs for #Vans? @megvn you’re a badass. 🔥 #artistoftheday

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