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Американская актриса и певица, наиболее известная ролями Мины Парум в ситкоме «Cory in the House» и Аны Солис в телесериале «Отчаянные домохозяйки».
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Downtown Los Angeles

My thoughts weave in and out of dreamlike states 📸 @justinbuttsfilm

Lake Hollywood Reservior

When you’re on a never ending walk that feels like the twilight zone at #HollywoodReservoir but you’re in good company, @garrettclayton1 and the view is beautiful so you don’t care that the end is nowhere in sight...

Arts District

Life in technicolor. 📸 @justinbuttsfilm

Downtown LA

#Tbt to becoming #LivingArt by @alexameadeart 🎨

Los Angeles, California

I’m reminded every morning that life is a gift if we choose to see it as such :) Lembro-me todas as manhãs que a vida é um presente ❤️ 📸 @decoda_versai

Los Angeles, California

The first time i listened to #SkinnyLove by @boniver i was sitting on a bench in Vancouver overlooking the harbor. Years later and the song still hits me somewhere deep. A primeira vez que eu ouvi essa canção, eu estava sentada num banco na frente do mar em Vancouver. Hoje em dia, sinto os mesmos sentimentos cada vez que eu ouço a música.

Los Angeles, California

Curiosity is the fuel of the mind. The difference between accepting things at face value and understanding the root. The root leads to clearer truths and in turn, clear action. And I don’t know about you but I’m always looking to be crystal ;) 📸 @kellybalch #kellybalchphoto

Los Angeles, California

Mr Mugatu and Katinka say Happy Halloween boys and ghouls 🎃 “I do not like snoopy reporter with lack of fashion sense, not one little bit” #Zoolander

Los Angeles, California

Today is the world premiere of #Window by @magicgiant ! I had a blast working with my talented long time friends, proud of everything you guys are doing 👍🏽💥 Link in bio.

Los Angeles, California

It’s a jungle out there. 📸 @decoda_versai

Uma mensagem para os meus fãs brasileiros! Quais são seus objetivos? Desculpe meu sotaque 😜😊🇧🇷💙

Los Angeles, California

🌿🌿🌿 📸 @decoda_versai

The simple things in life. A #natureza é uma lembrança de todas as #belas coisas da #vida que muitas vezes são esquecidas.

Los Angeles, California

Blue. 📸 @decoda_versai

Balch Park campgrounds

This weekend I got to celebrate my best friend’s wedding in #balchpark. It was incredible to see all the hard work go into making this camp wedding so magical. I was honored to be #bestman and experience the warmth of @kellybalch and @kelseywo ‘s love 🌲💙 #campbalch

Los Angeles, California

Highschool #throwback

Los Angeles, California

Sometimes all I can feel is the weight of this city... 📸 @decoda_versai

Los Angeles, California

Head full of dreams. 📸 @decoda_versai

Los Angeles, California

I've always loved #BrunoMars When I Was Your Man 🥀

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