Майра Уолш


Американская актриса и певица, наиболее известная ролями Мины Парум в ситкоме «Cory in the House» и Аны Солис в телесериале «Отчаянные домохозяйки».
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Los Angeles, California

Happy Birthday @marestockinfinity you have been my longest friend, 19 years strong! I couldn't have asked for a better best friend to grow up with next door, biking around the neighborhood, sneaking into construction sites, going through our awkward stages, learning all the words to terrible rap songs, getting our hearts broken, wearing things we wouldn't be caught dead in now, watching scary movies, sharing all our secrets, and growing up and watching you build a family and your business. Can't wait for all the memories to come, when we've been friends for 60 years! 💕👯🎩

Balch Camp, California

Can't wait to get back to #balchpark :)

Showing some Brazil love 🇧🇷💙🎶 #saudades #MesmoSemEstar #LuanSantana

Downtown LA

Thoughts. 📸 @kellybalch #kellybalchphoto

Dtla Los Angeles

Strength is a mindset. 📸 @kellybalch #kellybalchphoto

Los Angeles, California

Happy birthday @taylorgray3 It's a great ride around the sun 🌞🌶

Los Angeles, California

Always finding the silver lining 📸 @decoda_versai

Love this @awesomeonpaper 👌🏽 You make me feel like #CarmenSanDiego

Barcelona, Spain

#StreetArt #Barcelona ⚡️

Barcelona, Spain

Keeping it real in #PlacaReial ✌🏽#Barcelona

Spain Barcelona

All aboard... #Barcelona ❤️

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Whirlwind experience in #Edinburgh for the #FringeFestival Saw some great shows and some very weird shows. Favorites: #SoldintheNameofSex and #MyRealLife

Los Angeles, California

Another day on the seas of @thelastshiptnt ⚓️ #MiaValdez

The ocean is both entrancing and formidable, a place of incredible beauty and elusive mystery. I'm drawn to it constantly. 🌊⚓️

Los Angeles, California

I love being an auntie. It's my new favorite title. 💕 #Tia

#tbt to adventuring through #Armenia with these crazy kids :)

How my brain works 🌀

📸 @deanastacia mu @kyleemakeup hair @michilafary wardrobe @binzariocouture

Hoje é o aniversário da minha vo querida. O coração dela e enorme, brilha como o sol. Ela tem uma risada que sempre me faz feliz. Te amo vozinha! Tudo de bom sempre ❤️😀

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