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So not quite 10 years, this is 6 years ago at my sweet sixteen on the top and all the bottom pics r from 2018...... the girl on the top had no idea then what was going to happen. Thankful. “for he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name.” -Luke 1:49

Sunday funday

Missing the bangs 😆


So true ! #believe


@greglaurie favorite moments of 2018

Two of my favorites one was speaking at @angelustemplela pastor @matthewbarnett1 was crazy enough to let me loose for a full service I LOVED IT And am so thankful and @philipwagnerla was there for me at the very beginning when I honestly didn’t think I could keep going so having him let me come share my testimony after I can only imagine was so special to me I love u guys so much

More favorite moments of 2019

@libertyuniversity @libertyosd speaking there with @bartmillard and Jon Erwin was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done

Some more favorites I loved having the whole discipleship team go see I can only imagine and the 700 club was something I asked God to help me do one day I couldn’t believe it I prayed for that at 10 years old

Some of my favorite moments this year @ladreamcenter

Can’t thank God enough for all he did for me this year. God you have truly met with me. I am looking back on my instagram photos over this year and I cannot believe where God has brought me. truly God you are who you say you are. Your loving and kind and have my best interests at heart forgive me for every doubting forgive me for ever being sad. Why wouldn’t I walk into the next chapter with joy and expectancy when you are good? When u have had me all this time. I love you lord thank u for all these moments and Opportunities help me to have more faith this year. More fire for you. These r some of my favorite moments.

Wishing my company was Bettie Davis and Audrey Hepburn

Merry Christmas 🎁

Cut and print

Old sport

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