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Cannot thank u enough @greglaurie for all u and Cathy have done for us and this movie u really have pushed it harder than anyone else we r so beyond thankful for you guys and thank u for being the first person to get me to share, the doors u have opened I cannot begin to describe thank u for everything hopefully one day I can return the favor to u guys #icanonlyimagine

Went to see @icanonlyimaginemovie with my family and friends tonight ! Can't get over God opening this door

Feeling like Beyoncé in this @gucci suit 👀👀👀😜💅 @justjared thanks for making me look pretty @reecewalkerhair @makeupartistmichael @glennnutley @lindamedvenestyling ❤️❤️❤️

@justjared SWIPE➡️ to see some of my facts, entire thing is in my story swipe up to read !

"Just imagine your in the ocean surrounded by tiny little sea horses." -napoleon dynamite 😂 @justjared

@justjared ❤️❤️❤️🙏 that time I got to wear a @balmain jumpsuit thanks to @glennnutley @lexiklein @lindamedvenestyling @makeupartistmichael @reecewalkerhair ❤️❤️❤️

Thank u so much for spotlighting me ! @justjared ❤️❤️❤️

It's officially here ! Grab a friend and go see @icanonlyimaginemovie !! @bartmillard

You can still purchase a print signed by me, all proceeds benefitting a child in South Sudan effected by the war, machine gun preacher was one of the most special films I ever did because it made a difference, these kids benefitted from it! I am so honored @nicoletroupmasterpiece decided to use me for her new painting to benefit those who can't fight for themselves ! The link is in my insta story ! @nicoletroupmasterpiece

Thank u team @younghollywood so awesome see all the young girls going for it ! 👌🏻🙏👀❤️🤸‍♀️😎👍💅 Interview link in my bio !!!

@younghollywood thank u for having me on to talk about @icanonlyimaginemovie out TODAY! Link here and also in my bio ❤️🙏 http://www.younghollywood.com/videos/yhstudio/2018/i-can-only-imagines-madeline-carroll-explains-why-she-almost-quit-acting.html

Wow I love this artwork of @mcbombadil and I as #juliebaker and #bryceloski credit: @2gu_ these r beautiful !

#icanonlyimagine is out tomorrow !!!! 3:16 grab a friend and go check it out ! @icanonlyimaginemovie @skmillard @bartmillard

As #icanonlyimagine is coming out tomorrow (technically tonight ) I decided to sit down and think about the people who really have pushed me forward especially in times I wanted to give up my dream. GOD is so good and so on time and there r more people I need to put on here but thank u to all the names u see here u know who u r and I appreciate u so much and am thankful for what u have done in my life.

Clip from @homeandfamilytv this morning don't mind the dryer in the background hahaha

@homeandfamilytv watch my interview today with @homeandfamilytv on the hallmark Channel 10 am and see me try some food too lol 😂

Wow @icanonlyimaginemovie @bartmillard @skmillard

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