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Impalaaaaa baby 😍😛 Don’t mind me, just obsessing over vintage cars again...

Ok fine, I’ll bite. #NationalLipStickDay you say? I’ll pull this one out of the #bts filming #TwinPeaks S3 when @debbiezollermakeup gladly granted my wish to pull out the retro @maccosmetics #spice lip pencil 💄 Because some things #Shelly just can’t quit! (Who remembers the 90’s #Mac #Spice obsession??)

Mila Moursi Skin Care

No make-up, no re-touch, no filter selfie challenge. Who’s with me? I’m not afraid to age on film and television. In fact I crave to see other women celebrated in all of their stages of beauty. I refuse to be made to feel that I need to freeze my face at 20... or even 30. F*ck that! We’re beautiful as we age JUST like our beloved “distinguished” men. So instead of needles or knives, I get facials on the regular. Using fruit enzyme peels, oxygen rich products, and @milamoursiskincare (pictured here) gives THE BEST facial massages to promote much needed circulation and natural collagen production 💆🏼‍♀️🙏🏼

DAY 3 #Comicon: My fave part was getting to meet all of our #Riverdale fans at the #WBSDCC signing event ...and yes, I do the think @kellyripa is the perfect sister for #Alice!!! 😘 ~ ~ 👗Dress: @chiarabonilapetiterobe 👠Shoes: @alevimilano 👩🏼Hair: @ivan_jose 💄Makeup: @rubyd00m

NIGHT 2 #Comicon: Not gonna lie, my favorite part was when I said to @ivan_jose “I want a Mohawk.” He simply replied “How high?” 🙌🏼 ~ ~ 👗💎 Threads/jewels: @zeyneptosunofficial 👠Shoes: @alevimilano 👩🏼Hair: @ivan_jose 💄Makeup: @rubyd00m

DAY 2 #Comicon: I was completely delirious with no sleep at this point but thankfully I had the handsome snake charmer @skeetme1 to prop me up and keep me laughing 🐍 ~ ~ 👗Dress: @rayanebacha 👠Shoes: @alevimilano 👩🏼Hair: @ivan_jose 💄Makeup: @rubyd00m

DAY 1 #Comicon: Loved seeing you all at the #TwinPeaks #SDCC meet-n-greet this weekend 👍🏼 ~ ~ 👗Dress: @voloshin___ 👠Shoes: @alevimilano 👩🏼💄Hair/makeup: All night filming on #Riverdale & then head straight to the airport 😳

Comic Con

What happens in the purple world, stays in the purple world.

Oh hey 👋🏼 #riverdale #fam #ew #photostudio #comicon

Daughters ❤️

My peeps 😍


Class is in session. Luckily Miss Murray keeps us all in line 🤨 #riverdale #comicon #wbsdcc #wb #cwsdcc #cw

You wanna talk legends @kjapa?!

The first thing you see when entering heaven’s gate

Dinner with friend. She cute 😻 #nofilter #freshfaces #hiatusrested #hermionice #riverdale #season3

Mental illness hit my family out of nowhere. I felt side-swiped. Like a rug had been pulled out from underneath my feet. I felt scared. Lost. It seemed there was no path to recovery. Then I got angry. Angry at how our mental health system is failing us as a nation. Not to mention globally. How so many are ignored or turned away when they finally take a chance and ask for help. Suddenly, out of the darkness, there was a glimmer of hope when I realized how common mental illness was. How so many are living with and flourishing while managing a diagnosis. So I set out to find answers. To bring to light what is kept in the shadows. It took my family a lot of hard work and perseverance when it seemed there was no path. I eventually decided to channel my frustration into making a change in the landscape of awareness and action. A platform to bring hushed conversations out into the open. That dream has just become reality. And I’m absolutely floored by the help of a fearless group of artists that have joined me. We’ve embarked on an ambitious path and there’s no stopping us now!!!! A HUGE thank you to my fellow producers, brave guests and tireless crew, for jumping into the deep end with me. You have made my dream become reality. #herewego #letsdothis #fuckstigma #btc #comingsoon

Beautiful things happen when you simply share what you think are your darkest secrets. The power of conversation changes lives. Luv this lil nugget @gabi for being so open, honest and brave. Her story will help so many others 💚 ...to be continued... #youarenotalone #btc

And that’s a wrap on the first episode of my docu-series #btc (full title to be released soon!) Can’t thank my fearless guests enough 🙏🏼 You’re passionate and inspiring stories will help so many others!! Thank you for the life-changing conversation and for joining me on this journey 💚 #dreamsdocometrue @marielhemingway @gabi @zakpym @markgoulston

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