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#Alice just taking a lil nap before tonight’s new episode of #riverdale 😴

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Feeling so sorry for the people of France. This is a heartbreaking and catastrophic loss to everyone around the globe 💔 These #notredame pix are from our trip to Paris just last spring - April of 2018

If I had a wife, she’d be it. I love you with all my heart @sarahmgellar 💓 #happybirthday baby (I tried to find the pic of us french kissing but it must be locked under that secret password 😘)

#vancouver sent me off with a beautiful #sunset 🧡 #nofilter

#flashbackfriyay #okerrr (@minatobias_ is that you? 👯‍♀️) Another great find from the #fändom 🔍 Thx for sharing your sleuthing guys! #baywatchpilot

Oh hey there summer cut 💁🏼‍♀️ It’s good to see you again.

My beautiful sisters 💖 I love you both SO much #nationalsiblingsday

Am I allowed to get in on this #nationalsiblingsday since I’m the mom? I mean look how cuuuute 😍 @minatobias_ @slybeetz

...and that’s a wrap on shadowing our incredible director @robseidenglanz for the penultimate #riverdale ep #321 🙌🏼 Rob turned in the director’s cut yesterday - whew!! It was the biggest production schedule in the history of all #riverdale seasons thus far 🙀 The work that went into bringing this nail-biting script into 2 weeks of prep, to be handed over to our cast & crew to bring to life over the next 3 weeks (captured by one of our brilliant DP’s @ronaldpaulrichard), landing back into a week of editing & post, was jaw-dropping! I’m so incredibly grateful to @robseidenglanz @writerras @sarahsowitty @gberlanti @warnerbrostv @thecw and EVERYONE else (you know who you are) that allowed me to gain such a wealth of knowledge & perspective 🙏🏼🧐❤️ thank you thank you thank you!!!

...and that’s a Season 3 #Riverdale wrap for Alice, Fangs, Evelyn & Edgar!! Kevin & Cheryl are on the detention list so they have to film for a few more days... buh-bye suckas ✌🏼 See all you sweeties next season (well actually only 2 months off til we’re back at it). Love this entire kooky cast & hardest working crew 💋💋

This #tbt happens too fall on my best girlfriend’s birthday @keshme12. Just over 15 years ago (OMG we’re old 😱) she decided to take a leap and tackle my adventurous career. I wanted to not just be an actress for hire but start creating my own content. She has been instrumental in putting those dreams into action brick by brick. She’s the warrior by my side, my fabulous producing partner and she doesn’t just break thru barriers, she round-kicks them down. She’s not only a single mother, a fierce career woman, but also somehow finds time to volunteer to fight against social injustices and help those in need. You truly are Super Woman! 🦹🏽‍♀️ Luv you Kesh 💋 (and don’t be mad that I posted these pics 😬)

It only took 57 episodes for these 2 to finally have one-on-one scenes together. What could #AuntieAlice & #CherylBombshell possibly be up to?? 👯‍♀️ #kindredspirits #shecute #riverdale #322

Vancouver, British Columbia

The sunset tonight 💗🔥#firewalkwithme #nofilter

Livin my best Cali life 😎🏖 Thx for the feature @socallifemag [📸: @keidymoreno19]

I know Craig my publicist thinks this is his puppers but Gimlet and I know better. Our love is undeniable 🥰 #nationalpuppyday #adoptdontshop #rescuedog

@robseidenglanz made the mistake of challenging me in the ring. Unfortunately he didn’t know that I’ve trained as a kick boxer. #sorrynotsorry #bts #riverdale 📷: Thx for the pic @devilish_one13 💋

Ok ok last #tbt post but these are just so fun! I grew so much as a model working with @susanbowlusphoto and I’m so thankful to still have her as my dear friend 🙏🏼❤️ Pretty sure these are the shots that got me signed with #elitemodels at 16 ⛰ #pyramidlake

Soooo you guys are comparing my #tbt to my daughter @minatobias_ ...well swipe right for #twinning 👯‍♀️ @susanbowlusphoto #sixteen #pyramidlake

Oh hey there #tbt 👋🏼 Me at 16. Leaving Nevada for the bright lights of Hollywood. One last photo shoot with @susanbowlusphoto at the mystical Pyramid Lake ⛰

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