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My #valentines ❤️❤️

Pacific Palisades, California

Congrats to the @baeobaby ladies for launching a seriously amazing company. I’m OBSESSED with their chap stick. It’s a situation at this point 😬 Thank you for having me at your gorgeous event. I hope everyone buys their babies and themselves your wonderful products ❤️

Being a mom is getting stuff shoved in your face.

Cindy's Eagle Rock Restaurant

Greta likes to clean the table when we’re done.

What a year! I like how @xanderoriginal made an appearance in my top 9. ❤️ last year I made and birthed a human. So I was pretty busy. Couldn’t do it without my partner in crime @noahthebean and the family and friends who supported us on this crazy journey @hannahleighitsme thank you for being such an important part of Gretas life. So excited for this next year! Looking forward to new projects and new adventures with my Beans!

Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

Evening walks to happy hour. We love a happy hour.


Sunday park day. ❤️

It’s LOVE ❤️ Photo thanks to @elizabethcappuccino

I donate for my daughters future. So she can go to school safely one day. I dream of a world in which I don’t wake up with news of more traumatic shootings and lives lost. I have hope. STOP. Don’t keep scrolling. Just donate. Even a little bit. Link in bio. #gunreformnow #enoughisenough

Huntington Desert Garden

Great hat. Great gal. Great garden.

Agreed. #Repost @odetteannable ・・・ I’m pissed. See you November 6th. #vote #vote #vote

A few things happened today. Spent the day dealing with a plummer and house drama. Then Greta tried on a halloween costume potential, she turned 8 months old today, then Noah and I got a sitter and left the house to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. All in all, lucky to be in this loving family and raising my muffin with @noahthebean

Happy Sunday. ❤️

#Repost @natalieportman ・・・ We believe you. #BelieveSurvivors #BelieveWomen #TIMESUP

Los Angeles, California

Feels good to be home! 🏡 We left right before she was 6 months. Came home 7 months and a week. Our east coast adventure was full of family and friends and so much love. (But i would like to burn my suitcase) Also everything we own doesn’t fit. Thank god for @thedopple

#Repost @aclu_nationwide ・・・ Reminder: The consequences of family separation will far out-last this administration. 📹 via @nowthisnews


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