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birthday girl

so you know it's real

even you


TAKES A SUPERSTAR @giovannaking


ride hard


Splitz vid link in bio 👅 mindy came over one night and ate our extra large pickles then choked me w/ a belt 💀 who knew

you know us - just poundin' back a couple brewskis

Splitz cover shot by my Gia Superstar @giovannaking on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal 💋

Splitz is on itunes & spotify & apple music & tidal & all the ratchet ones too

Cute Whore - Splitz (audio) is on youtube + soundcloud xxx (+ ITUNES + SPOTIFY) @callcutewhore

our next single 🍒SPLITZ🍒 comes out on Friday @callcutewhore

there's a new Cute Whore video girl in town

a real bad girl

20 years of Buffy which means 20 years of me re-watching the same TV series over & over again. Some of my earliest memories of the 90's are sitting with my sister in front of our wooden box TV and watching Buffy every week. We held each other and cried when Buffy died in season 5... the love runs deep. SARAH MICHELLE FOREVER

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