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Канадский актер.Канадский актер.
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my favorite rockstar + her double neck guitar

🌜 always fucking magic 🌛 @_patriarchy_ @actuallyhuizenga

spice up your life

on the highway

au revoir

she’s killing it

Austin, Texas

on the set of “Spring Bloom”, my first feature film 🖤 taken by @giasuperstar

fix my heart strings @bbygirl15_o

Los Angeles, California

🌵@wildyouthonfilm 🌵

Venus rise up from the waves

dark metal Venus in my Venus dream

it’s my party & i’ll die if i want to

Mindy, you are an angel in my life - a guide - a source of unconditional love & acceptance. That’s all I will say on here, since only we can truly know the divine connection that we share with one another. Happy Birthday love

staying in

🌹❤️HAPPY VALENTINES DAY❤️🌹 I love @actuallyhuizenga & her band @_patriarchy_ . I’ve been following her music for a couple years now & I saw her perform new/unreleased stuff live & i’m telling you I am in love. Keep your 👀’s on her. I’m gonna do something with her one day⚰️ She wrote, directed, edited & starred in her film “The Art of Eating” released on Vimeo, go to www.vimeo.com/actuallyhuizenga/theartofeating 🕷

flying by my side

Venice...... bitch

Nora Tonight

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