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“Ordinary people seek entertainment. Extraordinary people seek education and learning” - Benjamin Hardy #motivation #inspiration #lupefuentes

Booty gif 😎

When the source of happiness is found within, we are inmune to the losses of the world. #mondaymood #philosophy #lupefuentes

I am all out of captions. Caption this:

Baby and I in the studio 🐒 #chihuahua #lupefuentes #producerlife

New feature on my Facebook messenger. LINK IN BIO

I am personally signing photo autographs and mailing them to you my friends. Check the link in my bio and let me know what you think. I am going to continue adding features like this to my social media to be more connected with you 😊✌🏽 #lupefuentes #photography #facebook

Face by @iamkevinwade #makeup #lupefuentes #makeupartist

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Do something today that will help your future self 🙏🏼 #strategy #positivethinking

I have always love modeling as a way of expression. It's something you guys are going to be seeing a lot more from me. #modeling #photography #lupefuentes

Don’t listen to the outside noise, be yourself, be creative, don’t wait for opportunities, make your own opportunities. Right now we are in such a good time in the world, we don’t need record labels, or any other big corporate entities to support us or launch our careers. Make social media YOUR platform, build your community. If you are hungry, creative and hard working, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. #music #socialmediamarketing #entrepreneur

90's inspired 😎 #lupefuentes #90s #photography

I change my mind every day, and that is a good thing because everyday I learn new things, new ways of being me. #focus #motivation #growth

Daring to be who I am #empowerment #positivity #dailymotivation

Last Tuesday as a geisha 😎 #halloweencostume #geishamakeup

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Who know what track are these lyrics from 😏? : 'Till my stone cold grave I'll be pushing on Till my blood runs dry I'll be riding high Till my dying day, I won't give it all away, I'll be pushing on Till the rivers run dry, I've got to try, try, try When my soles wear through, I won't be feeling blue I'll be pushing on (pushing on) Till the rivers run dry, I've got to try, try, try I'll keep pushing on, pushing on, push-pushing on' #housemusic #electronicmusic #soul

#happyhalloween 👻

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