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This Saturday, December 10th, I will be playing "Mixed Sgnls" party, in Oregon. @day1collective house and techno all the way! Can't wait to see you all there! #house #techno #Oregon #techhouse @inthelooprecordings #intheloop #lupefuentes

Last Friday at @sound_nightclub alongside @pacoosuna . Amazing vibes! Techno and house all the way! #techno #house #techhouse #lupefuentes

Hey everyone happy belated thanks giving. This Friday I am going to be performing at @sound_nightclub in #hollywood alongside @pacoosuna . I see you in the Dance Floor

One more just because I love her 😍 😘🐒😇

I miss my angel so much 😢.

Alway thinking of you my angel Bambi 🙏🏼😇

New show alert 🚨 I am going to be playing at @sound_nightclub with @pacoosuna December 2nd. See you there 😎✌🏼️

My hair right now is at that weird length where I need to either cut it or let it grow. Ideas? #hair #color #lupefuentes #nofilter

This is very powerful! @alaiagallo "Underground" is currently #1 on @traxsource Tech House Chart and #5 on the Top 100!! Let's keep moving guys! Only on @inthelooprecordings ! LINK IN BIO

My soul mate. Love me unconditionally. RIP my angel Bambi

We made so many memories together, you will forever be in my hear my little angel. I know you are waiting for me, when my time comes we will be together again. 😢🐒 #chihuahua #bambi #petsagram

Last Friday my dog Bambi passed away. I know that right now everyone is so wrapped up in the election with different opinions about everything, but with the passing our my little angel, my whole family and I are so devastated, and in pain. If you have never had a dog you may not understand my feelings and the depth of my loss. Bambi more than a pet was a very important member of our family and my daughter, my angel, my rock. She was there for me in the hardest moments of my life, loving me, and supporting me unconditionally. Through all my growth as a person she was always by my side. We used to sleep together, I used to take her in my bag everywhere, when working she was always on my lap, and she was super protective of me. Bambi had so many qualities, that as a human being I can not even strive to have. She was my angel and I miss her so much and I know she will be waiting for me on the other side when the moment comes for me. 😢 You are always in my heart my little angel. #chihuahua #petsagram #dog #lost #bambi

For those who wondered. I do what I love and that is all that matters. Regardless of other opinions. #music #house #techno #lupefuentes

Santa Monica, California

California will forever be in my heart 🌴

My love, my best friend, my rock.

Mornings in #california . Setbacks are necessary in order to achieve your goals. #tuesdaymotivation

Gafotas 🤓

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