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Working on a sick tune for @djrogersanchez label @undrtheradr . So excited about this one coming out. Out Of Control!

The market

Some good looking family right here. Happy #fathersday my love @evanseinfeld

First espresso in 4 days! I am trying to drink less coffee and more green tea.

I have so much love for soul and funk. I am constantly inspired by artists like #samcooke #algreen #otisredding and more. I just created a @spotify playlist with my favorite funk and soul tunes, I will be adding more as time goes. Do you have any suggestions of tracks for me to add to the playlist that I may not know of? (LINK OF PLAYLIST IS IN MY BIO)

These are my tour essentials. LINK IN BIO

One of the most important things in my life is my health, I care so much about what I eat, I try to eat organic products as much as I can and I am proud to say that I have been consistently doing some type of exercise for the majority of my adult years. Now here saying hi to a new decade for me, saying bye to my 20's and hello to my 30's, I am proud of my journey and the person who I have become.

Victory goes to the people who knows what they want and are determined to have it. Big thanks to my US agency @sleepinggiantmusic for the #musicmonday feature. (LINK IN BIO)

@inthelooprecordings Radio. This week with @juanybravo (LINK IN BIO)

@juanybravo Bravo is an up and coming producer born in Ecuador, raised in the USA, but currently based in Bangkok. Juany Bravo has released his productions on labels like: Sleazy G, Audiophile XXL, Dear Deer Records, House Of Hustle, Homerun House, Audio-Rehab London and most recently on our #InTheLoop Label. (For ITL Radio LINK IN BIO)

in intheloop Radio Vol 67 this week we are featuring a pure tech house guest mix by @juanybravo

This one 😘

Knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power. Take action now! 💪🏽 Here is my top 10 favorite tracks this month on @traxsource (LINK IN BIO)

@evanseinfeld #dtla

The loss of material things may teach many needed lessons, none greater, however, than the truth that man has control over nothing and has no assurance of the permanent use of anything except his own power of thought. #mondaymotivation

Petite pirate

Los Angeles, California

Out in the ocean 🌊 with @evanseinfeld

Living life in color. #memorialdayweekend

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