Стефен Лунсфорд


Американский актер и режиссер.
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“You’re the Ascenders...just ascend, okay?” Stills from our pilot!

“I’m a shark!”

*As Stephen directs he wonders if Tony would have had more food if Thor hadn’t taken all of it in Infinity War*

17 pages in one day. Damn proud of everyone. Thank you all for making this happen.

Pilot time.

In hardware mode.

This week, I started an experiment. I’m messaging all of the people who follow me on social media and asking for a single dollar. That’s 167,000 people. Any money we received will go towards funding my first feature film, SIEGE, a heist movie that I’ll be directing in February. Anyone who donates a dollar gets their name in the credits and a free download of the movie when it releases. I’ve spent the last three years taking a break from acting to gain experience directing, producing, writing by creating fun low budget content for various companies. This is the next step and it’s already going so incredibly well. In the first 72 hours, we’ve received nearly $1000. Thank you to all of you who have joined this journey. A dollar isn’t a lot to most people but it’s a lot to me and will truly change my life and the lives of the people involved with this project. If we even get half of our goal, we’ll be able to create a pulse pounding low-budget heist movie that will feature a female protagonist surrounded by a diverse cast of interesting supporting characters. If you want to share this with your friends, that would be amazing. If you have a dollar and want to join this adventure, you can find the link on my profile. This is the first of many films, which will lead to tons of jobs created for thousands of people down the road. And it all starts with a singular dollar.

Nice hair Stephen.


Looking for doughnuts

Odd flex but okay.

We lost Carlos.

Howdy partner!

Buckingham Palace

Your highness.

So inappropriate.

I’m just trying to take a bath can I get some privacy? Thanks.

Back in the New York groove.

Just us exploring nature and completely ignoring it to take photos. #ferncanyon

i am trying so hard rn

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