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What even is my hair. #usingmyphonetotakethepictureremotelythereforethisisaselfie

Throwback to my time as Peter Parker...if he was a stalker.

Just posing with this controller and this headset because I’m such an elite pro-gamer. Stop by my Facebook page to watch me die daily on stream. Link in my bio.

Yes. I am fabulous. #flashback

My reaction to most things. #teenwolf #mattdoesnothaveanextrafiftybucks

Flashback to the derpiest photo I could find of me and my friends. #disneyland


My girlfriend is so damn cool.

Since I’m seeing #avengersinfinitywar again, I’m using this as an excuse to repost my favorite costume I’ve ever made. #fbf

Happy Urf Day. Adventuring with @jennmcdonnell.

when I get writer’s block. #tbt

Don’t mind me just standing on a freaking mountain in the rain. #zion 📸: @jennmcdonnell

My favorite adventures have all been with you. Happy birthday you incredible woman. I’m so happy we get to spend our life together. @jennmcdonnell

I hate the subway.

I tried to take a cool "oh did you catch me working out photo," because I'm like totes into the fitness after having started working out again a whole week ago. However I think it reads more, "Help I can't breath just take the stupid selfie." Here I thought it was a fantastic idea to go do some yoga at on a mountain, overlooking Hollywood. Relaxing and beautiful right? Even though I haven't gone hiking in forever. And I'm still sick. So by the time I even got to a place to do some super manly warrior poses I was sweaty and gross and completely out of breath. But you know, fitness and stuff. But I did like so much yoga everyone. Like. The most yoga anyone could do in like 20 minutes. Actually it was 18 but let's not split hairs. It's a start! At least I had an awesome yoga mat that's cool looking, eco-friendly and made out of 100% organic cork/natural rubber. I've hated yoga for years but the mat might actually help get my fat booty into shape. Repose is an awesome small company and you can find them on Amazon if you need a new yoga mat. #reposeyoga #yoga #yogamat #yogi #fitness

Much intense. Such face. So gun. #sixers #rainbowsixsiege #buck #canada #quebec #guns @ubisoft

Rocket is the best and worst alarm clock. @rocketcatcoon #catsofinstagram

Happy birthday to one of my favorite hoomans and best pod racer I know @camryngrimes. #belize

Not a bad way to start the year. Let's get productive. •••••••••••••• @perfectbar #rainbowsixsiege #newyear #fitness #nutrition

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