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Trying extra hard to look cool.

Okay I'm done. #bladerunner #bladerunner2049 #halloween

The was the first time I was also playing with 3D printing which is sooooocool. The badge I designed in a CAD software. The pistol I found on Thingiverse (via @polio_and_racism) and split into three parts so I could add an LED like in the film. The ID is a small 4.3" LCD screen from a video greeting card that I reprogrammed and put inside a wallet case that I found on eBay! #bladerunner #bladerunner2049 #officerk #therpf #props #halloween

Officer K. Blade Runner 2049. Halloween. I made the jacket from olive duck canvas and faux fur in about 8 hours. Then sealed the fabric with paradox wax. It was my first jacket I'd ever successfully made with no pattern. #halloweencostume #halloween #bladerunner2049 #officerk

Obsessed with my new #hazard4 gear. Thank you all for being aces. Check out their stuff, it's perfect for the eventual radioactive apocalyptic wasteland we'll be in, where we need awesome bags that will save us from flesh hungry mutants. @hazard4california

Shoutout to the greatest action hero that ever was or ever will be. #aliens #namingmydaughterripleyandthereisnothinganyonecansaythatwillconvincemeotherwise

I am hype. As a teen, Blade Runner was one of my favorite films. However I always felt like there was something stopping it from reaching its true potential. If you know anything about the production of this film, it was a bit of nightmare. It was the biggest movie Ridley Scott had done at the time, Harrison Ford was at the peak of his success and the studio wanted to make sure the film was exactly their vision. There have been like 7 versions of the film, the original was a campy voice over mess, the most recent is Ridley Scott's true vision. They've been trying to do a sequel for years but it's been a nightmare. So the fact that 2049 made it to the screen is incredible. Denis Villeneuve is one of my favorite directors of all time, he's done Sicario, Prisoners and Arrival. I'm so excited to see what he does with this film and I hope that it will accomplish what the original was aiming for so long ago. #bladerunner

I've spent a lot of years trying to impress but nothing to show for myself. I've spent a lot more years talking about the dreams I've never seen realized. I've had a lot of opportunities pass me by that I didn't claim. I'm not the most interesting person. I'm not the most attractive. I'm not the most talented. I'm bad at social media. I've been extremely lazy. I have no idea how to handle myself in social situations. I've spent so much of my life pretending to be someone I hope others will like but never finding happiness. I've been seriously addicted to junk food. I was depressed for a lot of years. I had a sickness inside of me. I've had a really hard time figuring out the real me. I was able to strip myself of the old me but it's taken me a long while to figure out who I want to be and even longer to actually do something about it. Now is that time. I only hope I can actually stay committed and that I won't deviate from living my life. Everyone has felt with something that is holding them back but know that no matter how dark things may seem, you can get out of it. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and no matter how many issues we may have it should never stop you from being you. If I can change, we all can.

Deuces . . . . . . #sixers #rainbowsixsiege #ghostrecon #cosplay #ghostreconwildlands

Fern Canyon

Adventuring is my happy place. . . . . #adventure #hiking

"I prefer to drive. It's a control thing." #jeep


Fern Canyon

My weekend.

The force is strong with this one.

Geeze what an awful view today.

Golden Gate Bridge, SF

San Fran

Flashback to my album cover of Two Wolves and a Hard Place with @ornyadams.

When you want ice cream but it’s not your cheat day.

Flashback to that time I was a Jedi in 1980.

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