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Happy Father's Day to the man who helped raise me, Indiana Jones.

Full Black Flag.

Super Mario Odyssey it's basically the cutest game of all time. Thank you Nintendo for having me at E3 you all are the best! @nintendo @akhaller

Takes photo of me closing my eyes = obviously an artistic portrait.

It was the summer of 1999. I was so excited to see this new movie that was coming to our small theater in the middle of Winter Park, Florida. My mom knew how much of a fan I was of adventures and how much I loved Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park so she got me out of school earlier to go see The Mummy on opening day. We were about 15 minutes late getting into the theater but luckily we found two seats in the back corner during the prologue. The next two hours I had the greatest time going on this actions packed, iconic and hilarious adventure. I darted out of the theater in absolute joy and for years I watched this film until I wore out the VHS. Evelyn O'Connell became my first one screen crush and I wanted to be just like Rick. This movie holds such a special place in my heart and there are very few films that have come out in my lifetime where I have felt the same way. This movie is and will only ever be the definitive version of The Mummy hands down. #heybenilookstomelikeyoureonthewrongsideoftheriver

This camera was heavy. Very heavy.

Hanging out with Vault Boy. All alone.

My happy place.

Nomad #ghostreconwildlands


So. #ghostrecon and #division walk into a bar... #6rs

Clap #6rs

I've always wanted a Jeep. Now I have a Jeep. The Brute.




San Fernando, Sonora, Mexico



Just hanging with older me. #gotg2 #guardiansofthegalaxy

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