Стефен Лунсфорд


Американский актер и режиссер.
  • Все 1642
  • Фото 1576
  • Видео 66

I’d like to announce that I’m going to be in the Game of Thrones prequel and absolutely no one should check that because it’s totally real and definitely not photoshop.


He’s no good to me dead. #bobafett #themandalorian

Happy Birthday to my partner in crime.

Just sitting there wondering why Instagram won’t verify me.

6000 hours in an airport will give you such a crick in the next. #adventure

Making sure I never live this down.

Disney in the rain is the best kind of Disney.

no beard


LA is just the worst. #hiking

Just thinking about what I want for lunch.

Throwback to my first short film, Getaway. Much intense. So heist.

Had the absolute time of my life at CES thanks to Dell and Alienware. It was awesome to have the chance to check out the incredible new things they have coming down the line. The new XPS 13 is the penultimate portable powerhouse, the new Alienware Area 51m is a full fledged desktop laptop you can upgrade and all the new tech coming from their CinemaColor, CinemaSound and CinemaStream are truly spectacular. Seeing Glitch Mob live was also totally unreal. Thank you to @dell and @wearebmf for bringing me out to have such a good time. Can’t wait to show off all the cool new gadgets coming from Dell throughout the year! #dellexperience #cesrecap #ces2019

The look of “Oh no we are about to have a baby and we have no idea what we’re doing.” #throwback #privatepractice

Alienware = The Future confirmed. #alienwarehive #CESrecap #dellexperience


My cat hates me.

Hey guys, happy new year! I’m kicking off January in partnership with @whywerise and @wellbeingtrust for the 30 Day New Year #ResolutionRevolution. Everyone deserves to #BeWell and everyone deserves access to health care, because #healthisahumanright! We want to dispel the common #myths around #mentalhealth every day this month. So here goes… · This myth is that if a person no longer shows any signs of their mental health condition, they are cured. · The truth is with the right support, most people with mental health conditions can achieve a remission of symptoms, but that doesn’t mean the condition has disappeared. If someone stops treatment, or has traumatic life events, symptoms are likely to return. Instead of thinking of good health in terms of cures, we should think of it as a daily commitment to a healthy, manageable lifestyle. · So now you know! Help us spread the word about #mentalhealth and remove the stigma. #BeHeard #WhyWeRise - Learn more here: http://learning.wellbeingtrust.org/whywerise

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