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Winterfell Castle - Game of Thrones Visitor Attraction

When you see the White Walkers coming, but it’s ok because you just sharpened your valyrian steel sword. #winterishere

Los Angeles, California

If you don’t take a picture like this no one will know you went to LA - inner me

Scotiabank Theatre Toronto

When people ask if you’ve got plans this weekend.... of course Dumbo!

Cinespace Studios

Smoking is bad... unless of course you were born in 1970... then it was doctor recommended. 🤭

Polar Vortex

Actual photo of me wondering if I’ll ever get back to LA and out of this frozen tundra.

Toronto, Ontario

Kicking down the competition! Check out the link in my bio and use the promo code LUKE10 to get 10% off!

Toronto, Ontario

Always look behind when you walk forward. Unless you’re crossing the street..

Toronto, Ontario

I call this: How to look good working out.

Toronto, Ontario

Things around about to get wild! Check the link in my Bio to watch the live stream!

Toronto, Ontario

My face when I realize I’ll be able to watch a whole season of GOT this weekend. 👌🏽What are your weekend plans?

Minden, Ontario

Started the New Year off right... then soaked myself in this self-made lake fire puddle

Blue Mountain

Shreddin’ down the bunny hills!! Thanks @sportchek for making me look like a pro my first time snowboarding and helping me find #WhatMovesMe. #ChekSquad #ad

Toronto, Ontario

Im so excited to be partnering with Mark’s on day 2 of their “12 days of giveaways” this holiday season! To win a pair of their Denver Hayes 3sixty5 jeans for you or the man in your life, follow @markscanada, find and ‘like’ my photo on their page and be entered to win! (Open to residents of Canada only)

Flat Rock Cellars

Wine tasting at noon is just day drinking for adults...

Tobermory the Grotto

Wish I still had this head of lettuce 🎥 - Super 8mm

The Rec Room Toronto

When your friends buy you drinks for your birthday, are they trying to be nice or just trying to kill you? Because it almost worked. #24yearslived #99togo

Thompson Toronto

If I'm not back in five minutes.......just wait longer. 🐒🦜🐻🕵️

Toronto, Ontario

That classic Monday face palm. Anyone else regretting their weekend activites?

Toronto, Ontario

When you meet someone who doesn’t want to do anything all weekend but watch Netflix and eat snacks👌🏽 What’s everyone’s new Netflix addiction?

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