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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Giving Mother Nature a little love. #imhuggingatree Stay classy Vancouver! ✌🏽

Toronto, Ontario

Running is something I never found enjoyable when I smoked cigarettes. I always felt tired and out of breath, unable to reach my daily goals. Now that I’ve quit, l‘ve doubled my running distance and increased my stamina but more importantly, I look forward to my daily runs! #surrenderthesmoke #sponsored Link in bio!

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Two days into 2018 and it’s already better than 2017! Excited news to come your way soon! Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years!! #newyearsameme

Toronto, Ontario

Being a smoker always made exercise feel like a struggle. Constantly pushing it off until later, and never having the drive to get up because I knew how I’d feel afterwards. Choosing to put that cigarette out, has given me all the motivation and energy I need to get up and get active. Now I can enjoy everything this city has to offer. #surrenderthesmoke #sponsored link in bio.

Montreal, Quebec

Sliding into those DM’s like....

If you haven’t already, get online and watch F the prom on iTunes and Amazon! You will not regret it! Https://radi.al/FtheProm

Toronto, Ontario

How Christmas’s shopping makes me feel on the inside... @sixsoxsilver

Toronto, Ontario

Hair cuts from strangers are always better with a glass of whisky... or apple juice. #markswellworn

I’ve been called the Happy Gilmore of my generation at least twice..

F the prom 2017 #nophotoshop #everyonewasthere #canteventell

We have two modes as a group... unprofessional and super super unprofessional. So excited, F the prom comes out December 5! Link to the trailer in my bio! #ftheprom #dontcryjillian

Happy birthday brother! Wish we were getting slimed together tonight, don’t do anything fun without me!

Los Angeles, California

Slowly realizing that I’m just a valentine’s love baby..... So thankful to have so many amazing people in my life!

So excited to announce I’m going to be teaching a four week acting workshop at the @torontoacademyofacting every Saturday from Nov 18 - Dec 9. Link in bio!

Toronto Pearson International Airport

California I’m coming for ya!

Toronto, Ontario

When your watching a scary movie at home alone and you hear noise coming from a closet that has no business making sounds...

Toronto, Ontario

When the relationship is toxic but you stick it out because you’ve got common interests and take dope pics together

We probably should have planned out our poses...oh well!

Toronto, Ontario

Happy hump day!! Thank’s so much for 160k you guys are so awesome!!

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