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Los Angeles, California

Slowly realizing that I’m just a valentine’s love baby..... So thankful to have so many amazing people in my life!

So excited to announce I’m going to be teaching a four week acting workshop at the @torontoacademyofacting every Saturday from Nov 18 - Dec 9. Link in bio!

Toronto Pearson International Airport

California I’m coming for ya!

Toronto, Ontario

When your watching a scary movie at home alone and you hear noise coming from a closet that has no business making sounds...

Toronto, Ontario

When the relationship is toxic but you stick it out because you’ve got common interests and take dope pics together

We probably should have planned out our poses...oh well!

Toronto, Ontario

Happy hump day!! Thank’s so much for 160k you guys are so awesome!!

Toronto, Ontario

Saturday night vibes

Toronto, Ontario

Black and white because my shirt doesn’t match my jacket.

Looking at this weeks problems like... not today!

Toronto, Ontario

My plans for this Saturday... sitting by myself laughing alone... #sixsox #comingsoon


This looks like a renaissance painting and I have no clue what’s happening here but I’m so happy I have it #haiti #freethechildern #tbt

That face you make when it’s the end September and it’s hotter than August....

Toronto Centre for the Arts

A picture of me and all my friends on the carpet.

Toronto, Ontario

We all have that one friend who always make you laugh no matter what they say... @fchiesurin you are not that friend. 😅

Toronto, Ontario

When one beer turns into eight and your white shirt turns grey... you know you've had an amazing night!

Missing LALA land so much but I miss the people more. And the weather too I guess.

Working on my Harrison Ford, happy and angry at the same time look. #fording


I honestly don't have any friends... I've just got family ( except for that guy in the white)

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