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Toronto Centre for the Arts

A picture of me and all my friends on the carpet.

Toronto, Ontario

We all have that one friend who always make you laugh no matter what they say... @fchiesurin you are not that friend. 😅

Toronto, Ontario

When one beer turns into eight and your white shirt turns grey... you know you've had an amazing night!

Missing LALA land so much but I miss the people more. And the weather too I guess.

Working on my Harrison Ford, happy and angry at the same time look. #fording


I honestly don't have any friends... I've just got family ( except for that guy in the white)

Toronto, Ontario

When you watch #whatthehealth and have to contemplate every meal you've ever eaten! #woke

From co workers, to friends, to roommates (to acquaintances) . Three countries and multiple states! I miss our dysfunctional family more than I care to admit

Chinatown, Toronto

What do you mean you don't have Oreo's? 😑😑

When one drink turns into a 15 games of pool and 2 hours of ping pong. #notcomplainingtho #stillchamp

Clearly nothing's changed, you're still laughing at my bad jokes ☺️☺️

Canadian National Exhibition

I hope that kid's ok... #wipeout

Why can't every sunset be this beautiful.

The Magic Castle

Members only...... +1

Hollywood Sign View Point

My home away from home.... away from home.

Sequoia National Park, California

Why am I always looking away from the view?

Ohm Nightclub

The Cruke&Crindy project is in full effect in L.A


The stones are rolling tonight baby!!!

J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only Tour

4 Your Eyez Only 🙈

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