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From late night missions to staying up all night, you've always been my parter in crime! Wish we could be doing reckless twin things together. Love you Happy Birthday! #day1 #homie

Los Angeles, California

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! Missing my beautiful family today, wish I was with you guys cooking up a storm.

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

What's poppin?

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

Me and Elvis are once again not impressed 🙄

Literally fam from day 1! Love you amazing women so much! Can't wait until the gangs back together. #nationalsiblingday

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

To all my fellow Canadians I'm so happy to announce that @kissandcrymovie will be premiering tonight at 8pm on @family_channel. Don't miss it!

San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers come through for the birthday girl. Also starting the wave is impossible 🙃

United States

Driving across America this summer I made a little film called Finding Arizona. Check out the link in my twitter ☺️☺️ 🎥@nicoleraedorsey

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

I found a new group of friends... but now I'm not so sure about them 😳

Santa Monica, California

Free smoke free smoke 🚭

Catalina Island

It's the Catalina wine mixer!

Venice City Beach

Right side up 👍🏽

Malibu Wines

Punch buggy no bunch back?

Los Angeles, California


Muzik Clubs

Typical photo of us... Mindy and I are picture ready and the two love birds are probably laughing at something stupid. #squad

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

Look at those lips 💋

I'll be going live at 6:30 for the San Diego screening of @kissandcrymovie #alwayssmile ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

El Matador Beach

I'm looking for sunsets...all summer 17

Happy birthday to this crazy person! @itsnotsonia come back to LA already!

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