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My "I leave for Thailand in 4 days and I'm trying to contain my excitement" face 🙃 or just my regular smile....

I pinky promise you will be at the edge of your seat and the edge of tears! @kissandcrymovie <--official trailer link in bio.


The day is always darkest before the dawn.... or however the expression goes.

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

Thinking back to a time it wasn't raining ☔️ So much for sunny California....


Checking that blind spot like...... 👀

Best Birthday gift ever! And if can't tell fencing is my second language @nicoleradorsey


Looking at the election votes like...... 🇨🇦👍🏽

Runyon Canyon Park

The smog is beautiful in LA this time of year! ☀️☁️☁️

Echo Park Lake

Sometimes you just need to sit under some palm trees and let the sun blind you. #creepin


Look at me.... I am the captain now 👀

Happy Halloween from my moustache to you! #wishicouldtrickortreat

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

The best part about Halloween is that you can be who or whatever you want! But really though what is @cameronpalatas ???

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

I made that b*!@h famous... @megxbren

When you're lost in middle America and too embarrassed to ask for directions #illjustsithere

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

When you play musical chairs by yourself you're always the winner.... 😑😑😎

Downtown Toronto

When the squad is looking for revenge and make it obvious.. #culinarynightmarket

How I feel about Mondays 😑😑 📸- @lanedorsey

Happy birthday to the nicest, funniest, craziest, and all around most amazing person! So happy our paths crossed, and we were able to share so many inside jokes! @baileemadison #actuallysiblings

Never a dull moment with @mindyshankar sometimes I wish there would be.... just for a moment #boobyball2016

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