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El Matador Beach

I'm looking for sunsets...all summer 17

Happy birthday to this crazy person! @itsnotsonia come back to LA already!

Happy birthday to the sister that I never asked for but always knew I needed! Can't wait till we live in the same country again! #cruke&crindy

Sometimes I just want to watch Harry Potter all day but then I remember I have responsibilities..🙄🙄


When you went out last night and remember that you've gotta do it all again tonight....

Los Angeles, California

New Split movie poster?

One of the most amazing people I know, with the biggest heart. It's been an honour portraying you in @kissandcrymovie #alwayssmile

Toronto Pearson International Airport

So grateful to be apart of this amazing cast and crew. @carleysangels thank you for being so gracious and open, I'm so glad I'm able to be apart of you're life! #alwayssmile

Always trying to keep it light on set of @kissandcrymovie I'll be going live for any of you who wish you were there!

The best part of being an actor is you get to share amazing stories about incredible people. And Carley's story is the most incredible of all. Can't wait for the premier this Saturday

A rare photo of me actually looking at a sunset 🌅

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

I lost a roommate and a personal photographer today.... and I guess a friend too.... but just to Toronto lol

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

Three auditions and a meeting in one day and my face ends up looking like this... full of energy and very excited 😂

Malibu, California

Sunsets are beautiful... especially when you're looking away from them. 🌅

Los Angeles, California

When the lighting is just right 🌅

Los Angeles, California

Another sunny day in NYC 😂

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

Just a boy and his wand.. who said you need friends to have fun. 😎

Riot L.A. Comedy Festival

Best part of LA is anyone can show up... Dave Chappell almost stole the show but the baby cobra came through 👌🏽👌🏽

Manhattan Beach, California

I go by Duke when I go to Starbucks so they never have my government name 😎

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