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Австралийская актриса и фотомодель. Наиболее известна по роли Василисы Драгомир в фильме «Академия вампиров» и Лайлы в сериале «Тайны острова Мако».
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The aliens got us

Ana and lucy went to the park and became a two headed creature

These iconic photographs of bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans, living wild and free in their forest homes, bring us face to face with our closest relatives... then suddenly we are startled by the title of this book: Remembering Great Apes. Remembering? Have they become extinct? Oh! Not yet, not yet. But time is running out for them. And what will future generations have to say if they know the great apes from photographs only, however wonderful those photographs may be? -foreword by Dr Jane Goodall 100% of the funds raised by the sale of this beautiful book will go to Great Ape conservation efforts. #rememberinggreatapes #worldgorilladay Link in bio :)

Joan of Arc ⚔️

Big day. #australianincentralpark #muminthecity

She’s bracing herself! #muminthecity 🌃

Stoked to hear the @wsl announcement that from 2019 equal prize money will be awarded to male and female athletes! Dreaming of this equality rippling into all realms of life 🌈 #catchthiswave

Go get em girls! #virginiawoolf #creativity If you haven’t read ‘a room of one’s own’ yet it’s about the conditions necessary for a creative act to occur. Woolf imagines if Shakespeare had a sister, who was as talented as he was, but who couldn’t write anything because of the societal blocks stopping her from having her own thoughts and the space and time to put them on paper. Thoughts? It still takes courage to carve out that space... go get em @anamulvoyten 💪😘

Water Lily girls

To all the little mermaids out there, please sign the petition in my bio to #stopthebloodbath and let dolphins have moments like this instead 🐬 #mermaidsunite

Montauk End Of The World


Montauk, New York

Little did we know we were being tailed by a mermaid 🧜‍♀️

Pupppyyyy @sailorbravethegoldendoodle @lucywarrenstyle @hayleywarner__

Miss you @salfry

Ventura, California


Solstice surf adventure 🏄🏼‍♀️

Monday... ended up like this instead💃🕺💃

Fun photo taken by @tasyavanree at the @maxmara women in film event on Tuesday! 💙

Such a treat to get to be part of @aussietheatreco reading of Andrew Bovells ‘things I know to be true.’ Great to come home to a beautiful Australian story. Love these brilliant people- thanks Price Family! X

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