Люк Паскуалино


Британский актёр, известен своими ролями Фредди в сериале «Молокососы», Паоло в сериале «Борджиа» и Д’Артаньяна в сериале «Мушкетеры».
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Throwback to Beyoncé getting told off by a bouncer in Cape Town 😂😂 @officialseansagar

We need to talk aboat the Lakes...

Internet Service Providings 🤙🏽 #fonejacker

“Cristiano...i appreciate being your inspo bro, but this is too much...” 🙄

TONIGHT...we dine...in Spain @ 9pm!! @amctvuk @snatch

Repost from the legend himself @mrkevinconnolly 💪🏽 Snatch drops in the UK Tuesday 9th Oct on @amctvuk

Thank you to everyone who came to our screening of Season 2 last night :) your support is massively appreciated and we hope you enjoy the rest! Big Love ❤️ @amctvuk @snatch

Me and Rupes have got something up our sleeves this Wednesday 🤙🏽 feel free to tune :) @snatch #snatchtv

My reaction to Europe winning the #rydercup2018 🏌🏽‍♂️

Little throwback to me and Uncle Charles at the polo together a few years ago 🤙🏽

Me and my on-screen old man @dougray4 on @ktla5news this morning :) Full interview below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqbYHB9Cc_E&feature=share @snatch #snatchtv

Ice Cream anyone? @snatch

Last night and the grand opening of Pizza Pasqualino 🍕

So much fun with this bad boy yesterday 🤙🏽 #Seabob

Ibiza and Mates ❤️

La Vida Loca... 13th September... Vamos. @snatch @sonycrackle

The SNATCH mob are BACK and season 2 is almost HERE!! Heres a sneak peak at whats to come...available from the 13th September on @sonycrackle @snatch You In or you Out? @thecutproductions

Man vs Food (Food won) #IsleOfWight

6 Beers, 2 Hands, 1 Pre-Season Friendly 🤙🏽 #Hamburg

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