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Not the typical look 🎓 if you follow on insta stories you know I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a bachelors degree in Fashion Business Management. It genuinely made me so happy to read all your messages and to know so many of you are sharing the same journey. See, I moved to this city after being accepted but was so scared and afraid about not being able to make it in such an overwhelming competitive field. I barely had enough to cover a couple of semesters (many people thought I was crazy to make the move even). But I remained focused on accomplishing my goals, did my best in working full time to be able to finish what I started and today is the day I can say it was all worth it (even those first months where I cried myself to sleep because I missed my family so much). There will be good times and bad times, but education is so so important and even more, fighting for our dreams. Just remind yourself you are capable of anything and everything. I am so excited for the next chapter and hope you guys stick around for it 💖


Feeling a little sick today so this will do 🍌🍓

Brooklyn, New York

Double denim ❤ @mm6maisonmargiela via @farfetch

New on le-happy.com ❤ sharing my top five favorite sweatpant sets!

yesterday's casual threads 🌸 today is a v special day for me though, more on my stories 🙂

Brooklyn 💘

One more from Cuba ❤ all the details to my outfits are now up on le-happy.com!

Casual for breakfast with the fam ☕️😋🥐

New York, New York

perfect weather in Ny what kind of sorcery is this

flying home 🖤✈️

Havana, Cuba

Our last convertible ride ❤ missing this beautiful city and its amazing friendly people 😢 thank you @lancomeofficial for the experience ❤ video coming soon! (excuse the messy hair but I couldn't control it 🙄)

Vieja Linda, Ciudad De La Habana, Cuba

From the weekend 😍 best mojitos and daiquiris by El del Frente 🍉🍍🍋 take us back @thriftsandthreads

on le-happy.com ❤ five tips on how to wear black in summer and stay true to your style! Let me know how you guys liked it 😘

Havana, Cuba

drooling over all the cars here 😍

Havana, Cuba

I guess I just love being by the sea 🤷🏻‍♀️ tap for tags

Today on le-happy.com: 5 tips to wear black in summer and stay commited to your style 🖤

Dinner at La Guarida 💗 this magic place is a must if you ever visit Cuba for the best dinner and view 😍🍽🍹 @lancomeofficial

Havana, Cuba

50's cars and pastel sky 🌈✨

Havana, Cuba

White look in the Caribbean 🖤 really feeling the spanish colonial architecture here 😍 (shop the look on my insta stories!)

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