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birthday party


love you forever. MIDNIGHT

from this tiny studio two kids making shit they wanna dance to.... to now. NZ & AUSTRALIA, MELODRAMA IS NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY AND STREAM 😭😭 and the rest of you will get it at MIDNIGHT your time. i love you so much. thankyou for supporting me forever

listening session at the karaoke spot last night. So amazing explaining all the little stories behind the album to an incredibly smart, sweet, funny group of people who have followed from the start. just 2 days people i'm FRITTING!!!!! 🔮✨🌌 #JUNE16

Lover @ bonnaroo

it's official - i'm bringing the first legs of the MELODRAMA WORLD TOUR to new zealand, australia, europe and the UK!!!!!!!!! presale details in my bio. more dates coming super soon. ❤️⚡️💙 also... check your streaming service at midnight. to celebrate the launch of the tour i'm giving you the last little taste of melodrama before release next week. love this one to death. #JUNE16

writer in the dark

me 2 mins after my set last night. governor's ball was on some magical spiritual shit honestly... think i'll remember that show forever. a pleasure dancing melodrama style with you nyc 💓🌸🥀☄️ #JUNE16

just over here sippin on RB overjoyed that ur jazzed on perfect places ☺️

one of my favourites from melodrama... this is PERFECT PLACES. i hope you like it. link in my bio ☄️💓

this time tomorrow... ☄️

karaoke baby in a one of one melodrama jacket 🥀 had a blast tonight performing green light for one of the last times on american tv— thanks for watching and for your sweet words always. new single rising.. soon..

pretty bright out #BBMAs #riccardosbloodcollectionidie

come give grandpa a kiss!

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