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Sydney, Australia

summer soon 😊

perth days n nights 🍃

Spark Arena

levitate bb 🐞

hometown dynamite 💣 last new zealand show tonight!!! this home run has been pretty intense for me, an unbelievable amount of love and joy and beautiful moments but also, if i’m honest, lots of anxiety and hard memories as well (important to keep it real about the fact that some shows are nothing but joy and some are more difficult emotionally). have been deeply grateful for all of them. tonight powerstation i wanna fucking dance. this is not a drill. get a few drinks in you. we dancing. see u there

beginnings of breakfast

clearly very busy

my everything 😩

tea dyed whispers in wellington ughhhhh 🔦🔦🔦

big mooooood

soundcheck on 2 continents 👟

a quiet lovely room in christchurch last night

portrait by imo — covered in mud and loving being home. see you next week for tour 🍏

using up ripe fruit 🍰

a bold departure from the fancy tour content you've gotten used to, but my toaster broke so i'm rawdogging it in the oven #HOME #PRAISEBE #VOGELSWITHVEGEMITE

it's only been two days but i'm missing this gang, the absolute best onstage wreckers a girl could ask for. feel pretty blessed to have them by my side every night. 🌌🎇

Hollywood Bowl

gentlemen, we can rebuild him — we have the technology, we have the capability to make the world's first bionic man *laser sounds*

Trondheim, Norway

"a rose for the lady?"

AURA —— europe leg ends tomorrow. bursting with love for you all. will write more tomorrow. so psyched to be cutting this shape at home in bed soon 😋


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