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photo by you 🌌

Los Angeles, California

Alchemy @ staples

OAKLAND 😍 LA you’re up tonight—bring your damn dancing shoes i won’t settle for less that is an Order!

after after

this shit does not get fuckin old

Juicy sweet seattle 🍐💫

Vancouver, British Columbia

our blizzard ✨

painted again by sam mckinniss!!! what a divine honour to see my lips and hair translated by your brush once more. i see myself so clearly in this picture. 🌌🖤

denver 💕

Come see our movie 🍿 💫

Lobster fit


quick update very bad at mario kart!

st. louis — KC we with u TONIGHT 🛎

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

night one

life in the vivid dream

taking a moment 🌪 see you here soon north america

#georgiaokeeffe #dole #summer18

forever just posting some version of this photo because it’s so thrilling being this connected to u. again soon

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