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Американская легкоатлетка и бобслеистка. В беге специализировалась на дистанциях 60 и 100 метров с барьерами.
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Tiger Stadium

stop being a pussy right meow and run faster. - Rambo the cat

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The last Track and Field race I ran was in February. Two weeks after not making it for bobsled on the Winter Olympic team. I was angry and wanted to run. Right before the race I was doing a warm up and tripped and a hit a hurdle. With my knee bleeding I walked (limped) to the start line, ran the race and almost got dead last. It was close. So tonight I was shocked on how I didn’t win the award for best track and field athlete in the world. I demand a re count in the votes. #athleticsawards #dontTryToZoomInOnMyToes #blurryforAReason #runnersfeet

Check out the piece of jewelry on my wrist. That’s my sleep, activity and stress tracker. I woke up this morning and checked my sleep pattern on the @bellabeat app and then did a 5 min meditation. The app is free if you want to try out some of their meditations. ☀️ #partnership

Café Black & White

Guess I will have a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers 🤷🏽‍♀️ #mixedpeopleproblems #blackish . . @sassysandra7 @aleiabitofthis @khamicabingham @jaymknz @kyymmy @brisceauxxx

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Just take another step, another step turns into a mile and a mile brings you closer to your goal. #imoveme 📸: @ymfilms 👟: @asics

LSU Training Room

There are two types of people when they take a cold tub. Those that pray and those that experience an exorcism. Which one are you? 😫❄️ @sassysandra7 @jaymknz

Death Valley ( Tiger Stadium )

I’m def getting an elevator in my house when I retire from Track and Field. 🔊 🔝🔜@track1star @jaymknz @aleiabitofthis #run

Brooklyn, New York

I became a hurdler because the coach couldn’t find any other girls. They were afraid they would fall. They were afraid they would get scars on their legs and it would hurt. To this day I don’t care if I fall, it hurts more if I don’t try. 📸: @notafraid2fail

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I like to lie about my age so I will do some crazy ish like this facial which takes your blood and then injects the plasma back into your face. They are having an open house this Thursday if you want to check em out @theantiagingclinics. #NotanAd #howIPull24yearOlds #facial 😉


Who you got for LSU vs Alabama? And by how many points? #collegefootball

Chinatown, Manhattan

I was severely injured for 8 months. One doctor told me to retire. The other doc said keep fighting. Think about your current battles. What will you do about it? 📸 @notafraid2fail

Relationship Goals

When you know your relationship is dead 💀🎃 @torpedott

New York, New York

Growing up my mom couldn’t even afford to buy me a pair of running shoes. My first pair of track shoes were donated to me and that changed my life forever. Last night, I was at an amazing event with artists, athletes and businessmen and I kept thinking- I came from nothing and my life changed bc someone gave me a pair of running shoes. Someone giving, lead me to become a 3x Olympian. I attended the Samsung charity Gala and was honored when they GAVE 20,000 dollars to my foundation “Hurdles of Hope” which helps kids with incarcerated parents. One gesture of giving can help change someone’s life forever. It did for me. Thank you Samsung for helping making a change in the community. Thank you to anyone who helps bless others to get them on the right track. #samsunggives

You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch ✨- @britneyspears

New York, New York

Traded my track suit for a night Styled by @frankelfresh Suit @shop_alexis @intermixonline Bra @fleurdumalnyc Earrings @mateonewyork Purse @emmkuony 👠 @stuartweitzman 💁🏽‍♀️: @coreytuttlehair 💄: @makeupbydisco #ny @usweekly

Manhattan, New York

HELP!!! watch my insta stories and help me pick out my red carpet look. Tell me which dress you liked in my comments #nyfw

US Open Tennis Championships

cheering on fellow asics athlete @djokernole but really wondering how to get a job as one of the kids that sprint across the court getting the tennis 🎾 @asicstennis

New York fashion week requires me to walk in heels which means I won’t be walking. 🤷🏽‍♀️ styled by @michael.mann

New York

Who has more horsepower, me or the car?

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