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Американская легкоатлетка и бобслеистка. В беге специализировалась на дистанциях 60 и 100 метров с барьерами.
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New York, New York

Growing up my mom couldn’t even afford to buy me a pair of running shoes. My first pair of track shoes were donated to me and that changed my life forever. Last night, I was at an amazing event with artists, athletes and businessmen and I kept thinking- I came from nothing and my life changed bc someone gave me a pair of running shoes. Someone giving, lead me to become a 3x Olympian. I attended the Samsung charity Gala and was honored when they GAVE 20,000 dollars to my foundation “Hurdles of Hope” which helps kids with incarcerated parents. One gesture of giving can help change someone’s life forever. It did for me. Thank you Samsung for helping making a change in the community. Thank you to anyone who helps bless others to get them on the right track. #samsunggives

You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch ✨- @britneyspears

New York, New York

Traded my track suit for a night Styled by @frankelfresh Suit @shop_alexis @intermixonline Bra @fleurdumalnyc Earrings @mateonewyork Purse @emmkuony 👠 @stuartweitzman 💁🏽‍♀️: @coreytuttlehair 💄: @makeupbydisco #ny @usweekly

Manhattan, New York

HELP!!! watch my insta stories and help me pick out my red carpet look. Tell me which dress you liked in my comments #nyfw

US Open Tennis Championships

cheering on fellow asics athlete @djokernole but really wondering how to get a job as one of the kids that sprint across the court getting the tennis 🎾 @asicstennis

New York fashion week requires me to walk in heels which means I won’t be walking. 🤷🏽‍♀️ styled by @michael.mann

New York

Who has more horsepower, me or the car?

Every.runner.can.relate.to.this. Pushing yourself when you have no more gas. Dehydration and cramps are the 300 pound invisible Linebacker that tackle you in track and field 😨 vid via @svtsport #athletics

Long Beach, New York

Every person needs to take one day away 📷 : @camilamtv

Status Single 101

Dating in 2018 😩. Last night, was the first time I was meeting this guy. We have been trying to meet up for a while. So even tho I just flew in and was exhausted... I decided to go. The first part of the dinner was great. He was funny and charming. My cheeks are starting to hurt from laughing. Wow is this how rom coms start?! He said he loves God. Yes amen 🙌🏽🙌🏽 should I go pick out my ring now boo 💅🏽 size 7 radiant cut. I was enjoying a fruity cocktail when he started talking heavily about religion. 😬 Pump the brakes now I’m trying to unbuzz myself to talk about God 😈🔜😇. 😩I felt like i was trying to walk a line and pass a sobriety test 🤖 He said Christians shouldn’t go to church... I started to think of an excuse to leave but I wasn't done with my steak 😩 Then he said he doesn’t believe in giving money donations to church. guess I will be paying for this dinner 😏 he continued to go on this religious rant as I continued to eat my steak wow the chef really nailed the peppercorn sauce 🤤. I listened to him go on without him asking me what I think but I think I should’ve ordered another drink to get thru this. He wanted to debate the Bible and when I finally spoke I asked him if he even reads the Bible he said no but he’s attended studies on it...🤔 remind me to not read his yelp reviews 👩🏽‍💻. The server brought the check. I offered to go half... usually what I do when I know I don’t want another dinner but he reached for the bill 🙌🏽ok maybe he is more giving than his whole no donation rant made him seem. The waiter said Ummm we do not take Amex 😬 pause. I wait for him to use another card. He stares at me. I reach for my purse. Arreghh 200 dollars 😫 damn ouch how do guys afford to date in 2018?!! And why did I order a salad, an appetizer and a STEAk should’ve just ordered a salad you greedy bitch🤰🏽. But my fav part is dessert. when we left old boy didn’t even offer to pay for my Uber home. He posted a few hours later on Instagram him taking a stroll in New York with 8 dollar ice cream cone in hand. Guess his Amex worked there.

look mum no hands!

These challenges are getting out of hand. pun intended #LoloLegChallenge

something to do while you watch TV. Use a weighted ball for full effect

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Have you ever seen a runner vomit and then go back to running? Runners are just stubborn. We have peace in pain. We don’t stop when our bodies quit only when our minds say no more. @asics #imoveme

Warsaw, Poland

Throwin it back to when I ran the 100meters to pick up some extra cash. Anyone else look like they are struggling on the toilet when they are running hard? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #trackandfield #asics @asics

I shared fav Instagram tips and hacks. Check it out on Skillshare-it’s FREE for 30 days! 🤑—link in bio❗️ 📲 @skillshare #ad

Block his number and enjoy the summer

Los Angeles, California

Would you guys nominate me to host The Espys bc I’m never gonna get on stage with @chloekim around. Did she win 5??! 😱 congrats to her and all the winners 💪🏽💪🏽 . Stylist // @michael.mann Hair // @scottkinghair Make-up // @taniamariaglow Dress // @jovanifashions Jewelry // @tacoriofficial Shoes // @loribluofficial Clutch // #devikroell #espys

Los Angeles, California

Them: your ex is gonna be at the party. . . Me:

Los Angeles, California

I’m not nominated for anything 😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️ 💅🏽 • Dress // @jovanifashions Jewelry // @tacoriofficial Shoes // @loribluofficial Clutch // #devikroell . Stylist // @michael.mann Hair // @scottkinghair Make-up // @taniamariaglow #espys

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