Ллойд Бэнкс


Американский рэпер, участник группы G-Unit. Вместе с ней выпустил 2 альбома: «Beg for Mercy» и «T.O.S: Terminate on Sight».
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New album from @therealdjkayslay "The Big Brother" out now! Check it out!!

#tbt my vibe for the day..this album was crazy for me as a teenager! And still is..#ripprodigy (one of the reasons you will never be as dope as me) #studentofthegame

Can't help but see myself looking at this young man..I remember studying rakim and big daddy Kane the same way..I would be glued to a much smaller tv tho lol..hip hop has changed so much from what inspired me to rap..I just hope I'm around to see it all come back full circle! Vids like this....makes it all worth it 🙌🏽

#tbt with my boy @chrisbrownofficial wow

I'm going down in history n!99@ next to.......

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Ok how bout this one?! If you haven't..look it up and check it out! Favorite lines?

If you've really been down with me..you'd remember this freestyle! 🔥🔥🔥🔥Favorite line?? Or 2 #plk #qgtm

16's of a psychopath..shout to @artsso._ 🔥🔥favorite line in this freestyle??

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