Элизабет Гиллис


Американская актриса, певица и танцовщица. Известна по роли Люси в бродвейском мюзикле «13» и по роли Джейд Вест в сериале «Виктория-победительница».
  • Все 1793
  • Фото 1652
  • Видео 141

Love my Raf ❤️ @rafaeldlf

Love this vintage 60’s Fallon look by @ambercdoesmakeup. PS- nothing in tonight’s episode has anything to do with the 60’s. I just love a theme. 💅🏻 Don’t miss it!! #Dynasty. Tonight. 9 PM. The CW.

Fallon look from Wednesday night’s episode. She’s very 60’s this week. Don’t miss it. Wednesday. 9 PM. The CW.

Happy birthday to a real Leather Daddy, Mr. @matthbennett.

Fallon’s Garden Party look from tonight’s #Dynasty...pre-champagne bath, that is. Don’t miss it, tonight at 9 PM on The CW.

Fallon goes full U.S.A on this week’s #Dynasty. No, she’s not running for office...but she is trying to win something else. Tune in Wednesday night at 9 PM to find out what!

When it’s all too much...

The Carrington Children would like to remind you to watch an all new #Dynasty tonight at 9 PM on The CW! Don’t miss it! P.S. I don’t remember the name of this beautiful horse but I just called him Noodle. Noodle wants you to watch tonight, too. Watch it for Noodle.

Alexis Morrell Carrington (Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan)

Enter Alexis.

Fallon’s poolside look from tomorrow night’s #Dynasty. This is a shot from my fitting. She was supposed to be wearing a bathing suit but @meredith_costumes & I felt this was more appropriate.


The seemingly perfect Carrington family...but we know that’s not true. Next week’s episode is a juicy one. Get ready.

Fallon’s 80’s look shot by @natkelley from tonight’s #Dynasty.

Happy Place.

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