Элизабет Гиллис


Американская актриса, певица и танцовщица. Известна по роли Люси в бродвейском мюзикле «13» и по роли Джейд Вест в сериале «Виктория-победительница».
  • Все 1843
  • Фото 1697
  • Видео 146

Like Mother, like daughter. One of my favorite episodes this Friday. Don’t miss it. #Dynasty

Missing my spotted beasts. Also, please note the wild jealousy in my son’s eyes. We’ll deal with that when I get home.

✨Pale Blue Eyes. Full cover in bio. ✨ Art by @heathheathh ⚡️

The event of the season is finally upon us. Get your wedding looks ready & your revenge plots sorted. It all goes down tonight. #Dynasty. All new. 8 PM. The CW. 🥂

We like to call this one, “Going to the Courthouse.” Any sane woman MUST have a “Going to the Courthouse” look in her closet at all times. You never know when you’ll need it! • #Dynasty is all new tomorrow. 8 PM. The CW. 🥂

Can you do #TBT on a Tuesday? Is that a big no-no? Well, either way, here’s a Tuesday #TBT, as the kids don’t say. #SDRR #BangBang

It’s not all glamorous on the set of #Dynasty. Sometimes it’s a lot of hard work, sifting through gown after gown...you can really get a sore wrist. I feel sorry for myself just typing this.

Brother bear 🐻

Hope everyone enjoyed last night’s episode. Next week it gets really real. Get ready for Fallon’s big day. 🥂💍

#Dynasty is back in action with all new episodes starting TONIGHT. Be there. 8 PM. The CW. You’d be a damn fool to miss it. 🍸

The face you make when you realize your agonizing wait is finally over cuz #Dynasty returns with all new episodes starting this Friday. Don’t miss it. 3/9. 8 PM. The CW. 💋

Drink in one hand & a dog in the other. That’s where you’ll find me.

#TBT. 17 year old me. And Steven Tyler.

Missing my #SDRR family today 💋


Happy Valentine’s Day🌹

Don’t bother buying them a drink. It’ll never happen. #GirlsNight tomorrow on an all new #Dynasty. Be there. 💋

Don’t judge us.

💋 #Scad #atvfest

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