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Одна из самых успешных женщин - профессиональных игроков в покер. Её призовые в оффлайн турнирах составляют более $2 500 000.
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Thought-provoking words by artist @katyuffka .. . November 2050: . My dear grandkids, I would like to tell you about The African Elephant that is extinct. I painted one a long time ago in 2016. I wished to highlight his beauty, to show his character and to project my love on the canvas. I strived to connect the animal and the viewer, and soften people’s hearts. I painted Elephant’s eyes the same color as your grandfather’s. It signified the true representation of love. It is important to project the love we have in our hearts to every living creature in the world, as no good heart can hate an animal. I am writing to you to say that you should feed the ones that are hungry, protect the ones that are helpless, and speak up for those who can’t. Others may tell you differently, but you should know what a kind heart is. I wish we could’ve gone to Africa together to learn more about these beautiful animals. Unfortunately, this beautiful soul is gone. In 2017 the US lifted a ban on elephant trophy imports, which led to the fast decline of African Elephants. You probably won’t believe me but the reason they died is so people could make chopsticks, hairpins, pendants, and trinkets from their tusks. When I was young, people cared more about the things they had, than the living things around them. Be kind, Your loving grandma . . #bekindtoelephants #elephants

The first episode of “Amazing science adventures” is out now! Go to the Facebook link on my profile to view it - this episode explores the extraordinary engineering behind the #panamacanal

My day got even better. I love you, internet ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Well that’s my day complete

The pinnacle of success: When it’s 1am and only now find out your trousers were on backwards for the entire day.

Extremely excited to announce my new mini-series “Amazing Science Adventures”!!!!! Basically, I get my nerd on exploring the science behind a bunch of really cool things and the first episode will launch this Saturday as one of Facebook TV’s new shows. Please go to the show’s page and “like” it to watch - Clickable Link is here on instagram in my bio. Thank you!!! 🔬🔭🌎🚀 . . #amazingscienceadventures #science

Couldn’t ask for a better start to the day before the biggest tourney of my life! #onedrop #wsope

He played hard to get but I got him in the end

**spoiler alert** #GOT season 8 features a strange plot twist for Daenerys

Really getting into this climbing thing. I’m not very good yet but at least it’s building some muscle definition! 💪🏼

True blue, baby I love you

New York, New York

Sometimes you just gotta go with the best shot you get #newyork #tbt

My bark isn’t raspy, it’s husky. #psfsochi

The teams at #Ligo and #ESO just witnessed a cataclysmic collision between two neutron stars for the first time... in both gravitational waves AND light simultaneously - from 130 million light years away!!! Truly amazing - thanks to modern science, we can now see AND listen to enormous cosmic events that happened millions of years ago. We now have eyes AND ears with which to understand our universe.

London, United Kingdom

The pink sun at 2pm in London right now is Sahara dust whipped up by #hurricaneophelia . Weird, weird weather! #ophelia Update: apparently a large part of the discolouration comes from the terrible forest fires in Spain and Portugal

Always keep your eyes on the road (photography by @Katyuffka)

You can take an elevator to Toronto. Now you know.

There’s nothing better than a game of FFS-Don’t-Drop-Me on a sunny afternoon

Awkward family photo 👍

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