Оливия «Лив» Боэри


Одна из самых успешных женщин - профессиональных игроков в покер. Её призовые в оффлайн турнирах составляют более $2 500 000.
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Daniel and I doing our best "dogs cocking their heads at a high pitched noise" impressions. Seriously though, I love this photo. Keep on crushing the series, buddy!

Happy Summer Solstice! In the northern Hemisphere the sun is at its highest angle in the sky today, peaking around midday. Go check out your short, stubby little shadow. #summersolstice

wtf did this tv screen just try to sell to me

Grand Canyon National Park

Fascinating pattern repetition on this #grandcanyon wall - it looks like a bad copy/paste job in photoshop! Perhaps the universe-simulator just said fuck it and put this section on repeat to save on computation costs.

Grand Canyon National Park

I only do dresses for natural wonders, darling #grandcanyon

1990s white costume party brings out all the love (w/ @maria_ho )

Lenticularis clouds over #vegas



Twins doing twin things

Las Vegas Strip

I simply can't believe it. We did it - we won World Series of poker gold... and even better, we won it together as a team - something highly unusual in poker. Winning a #wsop bracelet had been a dream of mine for over 10 years. Utterly speechless. Thank you to everyone who gave your support to me and to this wonderful game over the years. Funny side story - Igor and I randomly decided before entering this particular event, because it was a special event, that we will donate half of our winnings to www.reg-charity.org ... so it's turned into a healthy donation! Perhaps run-good karma is a thing after all... #wsop4charity #makeourplanetgreatagain #LondonRoyals #teampokerstars

Only 5 teams left between Livgor and a pair of bracelets! Igor and I teamed up for the tag team WSOP event and we're down to the final 6 of 102 teams... play resumes at 2pm PST and you can follow on https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/wsop-2017/event-2-tag-team-championship/ 👫 #wsop #wsop2017 Wish us luck!

Las Vegas Strip

First day of school #wsop

ARIA Resort & Casino

‪Hurt my ankle & got given a wheelchair. Gave it to Igor for 5 minutes and this was the outcome: #waitforit

Had a short but very sweet time in Sochi! Played one tourney and finished 2nd, accumulating this mountain of chips along the way 😀

I can identify, small dogs

Trying the local food. Eeees nice. #pscSochi #russia

Utterly obsessed with pictures of things painted in VantaBlack - the world's blackest material that absorbs 99.96% of light and makes objects LOOK LIKE PORTALS TO ANOTHER DIMENSION

My children #guitar #metal

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