Оливия «Лив» Боэри


Одна из самых успешных женщин - профессиональных игроков в покер. Её призовые в оффлайн турнирах составляют более $2 500 000.
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Made it through to the final day of the 10k HR here at #PscBarcelona - 13 left, €378k to first let's goooo

Taking the whole chip-porn thing a little too literally

Just found this old gem from my modelling (if you can call it that?) days. It involved a surprising amount of trying not to drown in a tangle of red cloth.

Mr twisty

The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Went to the athletics World Championships tonight with my Dad and it was flippin' brilliant. Got to see Mo and Usain run their last ever races!!! #worldchamps #usainbolt #mofarah

Got into Mum's makeup drawer again

Nearly time to battle dinosaurs in the desert again. #burningman @burnergirls


I dunno whether this is food or some kind of cushion but I need it immediately #Japan

That's it, I'm staying here forever #Japan #hakone

Creepy weirdy blue lake. Apparently caused by aluminium hydroxide. Pleasant on the eye, nonetheless. #Japan

No longer the bridesmaid, Igor's finally the bride #Japan

Odori Park

Just Mario driving down a normal street on a normal day #Japan

If you keep still they won't see you

Shibuya crossing


Never a zen moment


Moment of zen

Pretty sure I've played against this dude on the poker circuit

A sunset trolley problem

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