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Одна из самых успешных женщин - профессиональных игроков в покер. Её призовые в оффлайн турнирах составляют более $2 500 000.
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I canoe hear what you're saying


Laxey Wheel

My waterwheel is bigger than your waterwheel (It's the largest working waterwheel in the world, the Laxey wheel) Now you know

Hey folks, I have a favour to ask... I just found out I'm up for an award: "most inspiring player of 2017". It would mean a lot to me to win it, & apparently voting closes tomorrow, so please head over to this site (clickable link in my bio) and vote for me at the bottom of the page (only if you think I deserve it, obviously!) http://www.pokerlistings.com/pokerlistings-awards/most-inspiring Thank you!

When your Mum lies on her back to take a photo but the dog wants her attention

Kent, Kent, United Kingdom

When I was 7 I planted the pips from a locally grown apple I had just eaten. A few weeks later they germinated, and my Mum and I planted the strongest growing one in our garden. Twenty-six years on, the tree is now >25 feet tall and giving us apples of its own. ❤️🌳🍏

Black Rock City

Snapshot from my Thunderdome deathmatch with the mighty @kira_stolberg . Epic video coming soon! #burningman #madmax

It's easy to become desensitized to the pictures of devastation until you see somewhere you have visited before. I stayed in one of these lovely rooms in the BV islands last year and they are now utterly destroyed. My heart is broken for the communities of these little islands, and for anyone who has been affected by disaster, whether man or nature made. The bigger tragedy is that these "freak" weather disasters are predicted to become more and more frequent over the coming years. Physics 101: If you take a stable system in equilibrium, and then add a bunch of extra energy and trap it within said system, that system will lose stability and undergo changes. Keep trapping more energy, and those changes will accelerate and the system will start doing more and more unusual shit. Humanity's post-industrial revolution activities have been casually blanketing Earth's atmosphere with byproducts that trap a bunch of extra energy from the sun each day. And our oceans have been absorbing a shit ton of that extra energy in the form of heat. Hurricanes' main fuel source are hot, balmy oceans, and so it's of little surprise that we are already starting to see these "once in a century" storms start to happen far more often than once a century. Irma, Harvey and their forest fire & megadrought friends are an alarm bell, ringing out to warn us of the house fire that's started. Act fast, and we can still put it out. Ignore it, and the house will eventually burn down with our kids (and maybe even us) trapped inside. And the biggest tragedy of all, most of us (myself included) will soon let Irma's annoying alarm bell fade from our memories. We'll go back to our cushy little lives and forget all about it until the next alarm starts. And we'll then forget that one too, until one eventually goes off in our corner of the Earth. So what to do? I don't know, at least not yet. But I know I gotta get my shit together on this stuff. #britishvirginislands #irma

Damn parrot flew off. At least we have each other. #burningman #burningman2017

Burning Man

Modelled for an art class at burning man and this was by far my favourite piece #burningman2017 #burningman

Git outta my yard #burningman #burningman2017

His flame is red. Everything is fine.

We're back safe, dusty and thoroughly unsound ❤️ #burningman

I believe in this

I won my Poker After Dark episode, woohoo!! In other news, I need to learn some gesticulation self-awareness. Watch the whole episode now on PokerGo.com #pokerafterdark

ARIA Resort & Casino

‪About to start playing the $25k SNG on Poker After Dark! Tune in on PokerGo.com in 30 mins. Playing winner-take-all vs Igor, Jason Koon and 3 others.

Black Rock City

Three. More. Sleeps. Til. Home. #burningman

What better way to celebrate Igor's win than partying in the DJ booth with @zedd ?! #PscBarcelona

Congrats to my Igor for winning the Super High Roller tourney just now! Very proud of you #PscBarcelona

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