Оливия «Лив» Боэри


Одна из самых успешных женщин - профессиональных игроков в покер. Её призовые в оффлайн турнирах составляют более $2 500 000.
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ARIA Resort & Casino

Setting the Vegas sun

Maalaea, Hawaii

This was one of those “well here we are, in a bad situation once again, Liv” moments of self-reflection where I thought climbing up the tree like this was a great idea but in the end it really wasn’t and straight after the photo igor had to come rescue me And yes I know my butt is sunburned

Rocket launch . With @jonkmd

Maalaea, Hawaii

Excited to announce I am soon to be Mrs Quacker McQuackerson. Wedding invites to follow soon.

Garden Of Eden Arboretum, LLC

Never leaving #maui

Haiku, Makawao, Hawaii

Maui, you are quite delightful

Played with the wonderful @willie.garson today on @pokernightinamerica on CBS Sports

Check out the mathematical cake I got igor for his birthday - it even has a GTO push-shove range! Can you solve all its puzzles to figure out how old he is? Check the second photo for a different view.

London, United Kingdom

That one time I made my “office” look respectable

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The world is made for climbing . . . . . #fitness #fitnessmotivation #climbing #climb #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #fitnessgirl

Monte Carlo

Because I got bluffed by @nanonoko , I am having to play poker wearing these and it’s awful. Tune into twitch.tv/pokerstars now to watch us live now! #poker #pokerstars #twitch #pokerface

‪About to be live with holecards on a @TwitchPoker special with this beautiful crew on www.twitch.tv/pokerstars ‬- Tune in now!

Seeing as it’s #oldheadshotday , here’s this gem from my 5th birthday, where I was extremely disgruntled from being forced to wear a dress.

Monte Carlo

Side poker face at #eptmontecarlo . . . . . . #poker #pokerface #cardplayer

And don’t come back

Happy #earthday everyone. Let’s take better care of her. I took this photo in #yosemite a couple years ago, and even that protected wilderness is starting to bear the marks of our carelessness. In this modern age it’s impossible for any of us to be perfect to the Earth, but there’s many simple things we can all do to reduce our impact on it. Buy more local produce, eat less meat, buy less clothes, fly less, pick up trash when you see it... you don’t have to reduce to zero. Just reduce what you can, when you can. #earth #reduce

Burning Man

A good friend is hard to find, but when you find one, never let them go . . . . . . . #burningman #skeleton #desert

A little peace of London #home #london

But where’s the runway, doc? Where we’re going, we don’t need runways...

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