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YASSS to Holiday deliciousness & keeping it Fitmas! You can have it all 🙏🏽🌲✨ I’ve found a healthy balance works the best for me. Not depriving yourself, but not going overboard indulging. 👌🏽 If I’m having holiday treats at dinner (um or breakfast 😬) I’ll have a protein shake and something green for lunch. Use my code “LINDSEY” for 15% off all the lowered price @pescience products & stay delicious 😋

I wished on the lidded blue flames Under your brow, And, baby, I wished for you ✨

Vancouver, British Columbia

“It’s A Wonderful Life” . . . Starring You ✨ @farrahaviva @msmonicaryan @swankmakeup

Vancouver, British Columbia

Honey in your coffee ✨ . . . @farrahaviva 📸 @swankmakeup 💄 @msmonicaryan 💇🏽‍♀️


Edit: Say it louder ✨ & with love ✨✊🏽💕

Somewhere between I’m ready and I’ll be late 🧖🏼‍♀️✨

Sweaters are keto, right? ✨ . . . @suzanneteresaphoto @michaelkanyon @adenarohatiner @makeupbyhendra @blkwhtcreative

Vancouver, British Columbia

Runnin, runnin, runnin 🍂 It’s that time of the year: busy for everyone in their own way. When I’m busy, especially during the holidays (when everything seems to be more delicious & tempting & in your face). I pack @pescience (chocolate vegan) protein powder in my luggage, bars in my backpack and a bottle of water. Use code: “LINDSEY” for 15% off

Virtue is bold, and goodness is never fearful. @WillyShakes ✨ Today for #givingtuesday please consider donating to @active_minds ! Thank you all for your generous donations yesterday, I see you and appreciate you! 🙏🏽✨ Let’s keep it up today! Every $5 is a new entry to win a Skype call with yours truly🙊♥️✨

I really do ♥️ . . . Mental Illness and poor mental health can make it challenging to be hopeful, or difficult to believe in ourselves. I’d like to help find ways to spread light in our darkest hours. . . . That’s truly why I’m committed to causes like @active_minds ✨ Today and tomorrow we’re raising money for mental health and we need need your help. Active Minds is making an impact in schools and lives around the country and the money we raise now will support their cause in the new year. Every $5 you give will count as one entry into a drawing to win a #HereForYou t-shirt and a Skype call with me!! To donate, click on the link in my bio. The winner will be notified by Active Minds on Wednesday, Nov 28 #HereForYOU 🙏🏽✨♥️

Autumn’s sweet We call it Fall ✨

Today is such a beautiful reminder of gratitude and a celebration of thankfulness (and delicious food) 🙏🏽😬 However, though I don’t condone the historical practices surrounding the creation of this holiday. I do, highly endorse giving Thanks. When we are grateful we become aware of all that we have and begin to experience life from a place of bounty; full and overflowing, this allows us to share and give to those in need. I thank you all 🙏🏽✨ and wish you all bountiful love, hope and peace and perhaps a bit of inspiration to give to others who may not be as fortunate this holiday season. I hope you carry this feeling of love and awareness and appreciation with you, for not just today but everyday. Happy Thanksgiving ✨🙏🏽

Vancouver, British Columbia

Secret ✨ Everything you want to be, You already are ✨

GUYS! I’m super excited to announce I’ll be participating in @active_minds ’ #GivingTuesday Ambassador Sweepstakes beginning next Monday, November 26! ✨ . . . @active_minds is the nation’s premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students. . . . I’m proud to be an Active Minds Ambassador because mental health is a cause that I am very passionate due to my own personal journey. I feel the need and see the importance, now than ever to try and help anyone who may be struggling or affected, like I was. . . . I hope to one day end the stigma surrounding mental health because I believe the toxicity, the shame, the negative thoughts breed in secrecy. If we can open a dialogue and better equip ourselves with the necessary tools to battle our demons with love and compassion and community, I truly feel this world; our world, our minds, bodies and hearts will be a better place. ✨ . . . Please help me support this wonderful organization so we can continue to do the necessary work and let’s raise some $$$🙏🏽✨

Vancouver, British Columbia

Soulful Sunday’s ✨ . . . Sunday may be my favorite day (after Tuesday) :) It’s my day to reflect, meditate, manifest, create and above all ‘thank’. Thank God, thank the Universe, thank friends, family and all the love I’ve been blessed with in my life and my journey. . . . I challenge you to share something you’re grateful in the comments ✨ . . . As always, fueling & replenishing my temple with @pescience supps. Use my code “LINDSEY” for 15% off ✨ (prices have now been lowered by another 15% FYI)

@_lauraberger_ “After women, flowers are the most divine creations” @ChristianDior

✨Y I R I Y I R I ✨ . . . @thepsylence @thisisantonii @kashanakaream @sxottdavid @intyceyou . . . See the entire video @intyceyou on IGTV ✨

Whatever is going on around you pales in comparison to the strength within you. Believe that. ✨

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