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All love is love ♥️ in every way

All my loves, can we just treat ourselves today? ♥️💅🏽 Face masks, bubble baths & naps are just a few of my favorite things 💕 . . . Comment below & tell me how you’re treating yourself with love today. . . . Happy Galentines Day 💅🏽♥️ I love Me! I mean, You!

When you break your cleanse and add another week for atonement 😂😩 🔥🍊🔥🍊🔥🍊🔥🍊🔥 #cleansewithlinzz

“Wait. I’m sorry, did you say donuts?” . . . *cue “Let the Rain Fall” by @hilaryduff DAY11 #cleansewithlinzz 📸: @farrahaviva

To love, is to hope ✨ . . . New moon 🌝 Fresh starts ✨🙏🏽♥️

Vancouver, British Columbia

To insure good health: eat brightly, breathe deeply, live passionately and laugh loudly! 🍊💪🏽✨🙏🏽 Or treat yourself with some @pescience goodies. Use my code “LINDSEY” for 15% off #cleansewithlinzz

Vancouver, British Columbia

This is my truth 🙏🏽💪🏽✨🍊 Motivation to me is a lot like bathing... You. Have. To. Do. It. Everyday. And when you do, when you get your mind right, the body will listen. This is why I journal, this is why I meditate, this is why I try to influence my mind, heart and soul with positivity and people who inspire and I admire. To change, to achieve, to grow; you have to want it, and you have to work for it 💪🏽🍊✨🙏🏽 What motivates you??? #cleansewithlinzz

Start this week strong! Cleanse starts today💪🏽🍊 Follow along on my stories as I take you step by step including recipes, grocery list, fitness and more! @pescience always on hand - save with my code “LINDSEY”

A Still Life 🍊🌊

PSA: Get your five servings of fruit and vegetables a day 🍊🥕🍑

Fighting free radicals and boosting immune systems since 1990 🍊

To everyone marching, thank you for your support, activism and heart. Together we are creating the transformative social change in America and the world. For us and for our future. ✨✊🏽🚺♥️💪🏽 #womensmarch #womenswave

Feminist AF

Two years ago, millions of people marched worldwide on January 19th, for the Women’s March, with the mission to dismantle systems of oppression through non-violent resistance. On this day, we are reminded that though great progress has been made, the “glass ceiling” has barely begun to crack; and we are inspired, united and supported to continue to break down antiquated and intolerant barriers until there is full equal social reform. With the most women every inducted into political office; this a revolutionary time in our history, our HERstory. ✨✊🏽🚺♥️💪🏽#womenswave #womensmarch

Vancouver, British Columbia

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” ✨ @WilliamShakespeare

Vancouver, British Columbia

It all begins here ✨ What advice would you have given yourself a year ago? 🗝✨

Vancouver, British Columbia

“We know what we are, but not what we may be. “✨ @WilliamShakespeare

El Capitan Canyon

#WCW goes out to my mountain wife @emilybett ✨⛰🐙&Tina🥃4Lyfe

Clearly, the @elcapitancanyon life suits me. Moving here. Buying a llama farm. ✨👩🏽‍🌾

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