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Американская телевизионная актриса.
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Los Angeles, California

My recipe for a bad day: 1. Ugly cry for 2-3 minutes 2. Turn up music to the max 3. Throw back some @pescience pre work out 4. Go hit shit, until ded. Once you’ve lost all feeling on the inside and your brain leaves you alone...Recover with a cool, frosty delicious @pescience protein shake and surrender self in an utter sweat puddle and realize you’re not dead. It could be a lot worse and you’re still fierce AF. *this post was powered by @pescience & pure, sweet rage 🙂🔥 **also, thanks to the fam @unbreakableperformance & @fatenginethatdoes

Beverly Hills, California

A potato goes to pasture 🥔 BTS action for @grumpymagazine : @makeupbyhendra @hairbybradleyleake @michellewustylist @rebeccakarta

Starlight Hills, California

A potato 🥔 goes home 🏡 . . . BTS @grumpymagazine cover shoot 🥔🙈✨ . . . Thank you to my Fashion Farmers @makeupbyhendra @hairbybradleyleake @michellewustylist @rebeccakarta @justinegoodiel

Los Angeles, California

Fear nothing

Downtown LA

Finally ready for the quinceanera I never got to have 🦄🙂 (I also need a Spanish keyboard) #bts @lumiere_magazine @edwin.j.ortega @makeupbyhendra @hairbybradleyleake @stackzofstyleproductionz

Los Angeles, California

Pure. Joy. Captured. It’s pretty crazy when your personal hero happens to also be your wife. I lobe you @emilybett until the end of time. From the moment I met you, I knew. I knew you were beyond an amazing person, light, soul and heart. Your fire is inescapable and I’m honored to shine brightly with you my lobe. I will el pulpo you in my tentacles forever. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Happy birthday and I can’t wait to see you very sooon. Photo also featuring the doods ♥️. @emmett_hughes & @luccadeo_

Los Angeles, California

Fitness tip 5783: Just move. Sometimes I do the dumbest things in the gym bc I’m bored but dumb things are better than no things ☝🏽💪🏽. This Monday morning motivation is powered by @pescience pre-workout, my new favvvv ☕️. Use my code “LINDSEY” for 30% off and get to doing dumb things 👍🏽

West Hollywood, California

I'm so proud to announce that I am newest Active Minds’ Ambassador, @active_minds a foundation that is very close to my heart and soul. I am also excited to share this much needed, uplifting news!!! New research published today concludes that Active Minds has a significant impact on student health and well-being by creating a positive and supportive climate for mental health on college campuses. Bottom line: Active Minds is a model for mental health education and suicide prevention that’s effective, swift, and necessary for every high school, college, and community in the country. I hope you will join me in supporting this amazing and impactful organization any way you can - activeminds.org/study. ♥️♥️♥️✨✨✨🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank yous: @lucaissues @suzanneteresaphoto @michaelkanyonhair @elienmaalouf

Hassan II Mosque

Travel far, travel often ✔️


Marrakashhh me outside, how ‘bout dat? 🔥


Marrakeshes 💋💋💋

The coast of Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco

When I’m cold, they are my Casablankets. ♥️💛🧡💜

مراكش - Marrakech

My Chad’s bad ♥️



Swim Fam ♥️🐪💰


🐫🐪 Moroccan it


Gang gang

مراكش - Marrakech


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