Линдси Морган


Американская телевизионная актриса.
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  • Фото 1386
  • Видео 111

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What are limits? ✨ Turn your magic all the way the fuck on

Who knew 🥔s grew on trees?! . . . @saturnemagazine @dreamcatchersphoto

Vancouver, British Columbia

Link in the bio 🙏🏽✨ @saturnemagazine

Do not stare directly into the sun☀️ Unless you are in this photo @saturnemagazine

Bringing in Fall with @saturnemagazine 🙏🏽✨🍂 . . . Thank you @saturnemagazine @dreamcatchersphoto 🙏🏽🍂✨

Strong like Woman . . . 3 things that make me feel strong 💪🏽 • Expressing my truth • Pushing myself • Saying “no” . . . What makes you feel strong? ✨ #fyeahFRIDAY #fitnessFriday

Has Sexy Evil Kanevil been done for Halloween yet? ✨🤘🏽 . . . Huge thanks to Dat & the boys @pacificridingschool for teaching me some new tricks 🎃✨👌🏽

Sweater Weather 🍂✨ . . . 📸: @the_italian_reve New write up in the bio 🙏🏽

Lost lands ✨

Vancouver, British Columbia

1st day of October got me like... 📸: @the_italian_reve . . . New Feature in @the_italian_reve Link is where you want it ✨🍂

Vancouver, British Columbia

Sunday’s are for waffles for dinner & pajamas all day ✨😬🥔 . . . Swipe right for my @pescience 1 carb waffle recipe 😏 Use my code “LINDSEY” for 30% off . . . I’m pretty guilty of firing at all cylinders, all at once, all the time; until I burn out. And truthfully, I just kept burning out. I’d get sick physically or stressed mentally and completely rinsed emotionally. ‘‘Twas no bueno. My new goal for myself is to make myself slow down, relax and rest. For as much as we use our bodies, brains and hearts, we need equal amount of time recovering, recharging like our cell phones :). Happy Sunday ✨ . . . How did you recharge this Sunday?

You are what you eat 🙏🏽✨ Food is fuel, but also medicine. It will dictate your energy levels, physical & mental health. . . A lot of you have asked what my diet consists of. The most important thing for me to say is: EAT & Eat Well. No crazy “diet” ever works in the long run for me, and starving yourself does a lot more harm than good. I believe in eating clean and treating yourself from time to time. I don’t have specific meal plans but as busy as I am I never skip meals 💁🏽‍♀️, also food is delicious. In a pinch, I always have @pescience chocolate vegan protein with me. I prefer vegan 🌱 to get as many vegetables in my tank as I can.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The rose that grew from the concrete 🥀

Vancouver, British Columbia

Le cose belle arrivano quando non le cerchi 🍝

Vancouver, British Columbia

✨A Streetcar Named Desire✨ . . . @suzanneteresaphoto @adenarohatiner @elienmaalouf @blkwhtcreative

Vancouver, British Columbia

What’s your why? . . . When it comes to fitness or (anything in my life), I genuinely ask myself “why” do I do this? Why do I do this to myself? Why do I take the time? Why do I seek it? . . . The answer is, I do it because of how it makes me feel, I do it simply, for me. Once, I found the answers to the “whys” in my life, everything became much more clear. My will, my desire, and my satisfaction became more fulfilled. . . . Ask yourself. Tell me, what’s your why? ✨🙏🏽🥔

Vancouver, British Columbia

Natural State ♠️ . . . @lucaissues @suzanneteresaphoto @michaelkanyonhair @elienmaalouf

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