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Park Güell

Barcelona, 2013. Kids playing. Bubbles. Magic. This is how life should be - NOT fraught with terror and hate. I'm sorry #barcelona. Sending love, prayers and hope that humanity fixes its malignencies soon. 😔👫🖤

Belleville Melbourne

Hosting the #miff2017 Shorts Awards. Probably midway through a terrible joke... Thanks for having me @melbfilmfest and a big congratulations to all the amazing winners and nominees. #tbt @jimleephoto

Little Ruby 🐶

Comedy Theatre

@lukemitchell17 trying to kill me with hugs at @melbfilmfest. 🤣

Resolution 4 – Guitar 🎸 My fourth and final resolution (for now) is to learn to play the guitar. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years… At school, I was always focused on my sport and studies, and regretfully neglected the music world – aside from, of course, being a mediocre recorder player (Hot Cross Buns anyone?). Because of this, I’d felt that learning an instrument this late in the game would just be tedious, pitiful and embarrassing and I've used every excuse under the sun to avoid it. But I don’t want to be a person who avoids trying things for fear of failing. I want to try everything and (potentially) fail miserably… because that’s how we grow. And learn. And get better. Maybe I’ll never be a prodigy at it, but I’ll more than settle for one day being proficient. One day. One chord at a time right? Hope your @Beroccaau #30daysofresolutions are going well. Please keep me posted on how you’re all going – Remember there is a lot of year left to achieve your goals. 😊 #Berocca #sp

I made this 🤤🥑🍫 Raw Choc Avo Tart. So easy and so delicious. Thanks for the recipe @larajmessenger. P.s. A NutriBullet might have died in the making of this...😩 #foodporn #vegan

Dusky tree 🌄

Resolution 3 – Writing 📝. My third resolution is to write everyday. Words have always been very important to me and it’s consistently been my most articulate form of expression. My Mum is an inspiring and incredible writer, and ever since I was little, she has impressed upon me the power of words - especially the written ones. They provide the framework for our imagination to run wild and free and immortalize the stories of our past, present and potential futures. But like most creative expression, it can be a grind, it can demand patience and persistence and it will almost always be imperfect. And I’m learning that’s okay… but you just need to start. Even if it’s just a sentence a day - just write. So that’s what I’m going to do! I really can’t wait to share some of the stories I’ve wanted to tell. #30daysofresolutions @Beroccaau #Berocca #sp

Regent Theatre

Suited up with the bro for #miff2017 opening night. Class, culture and cinephilia coming at ya! Looking forward to seeing you all in a dark, cosy theatre over the coming weeks. 🎟🍿@melbfilmfest @greygooseau @tommyhilfiger @_yords

The Waiting Room, Crown Towers

Brothers 🍸 Shaken not stirred. Having a jolly good time at the #miffxgreygoose Vive Le Martini event last night. 🤣 @_yords @melbfilmfest @greygooseau @tommyhilfiger

Secret Garden Byron Bay

Never give friends permanent markers 🖊 @ionaisland

Byron Bay

Birthday Boy. The morning after... @charlie_clausen.

Sydney Kingsford International Airport

Bon Voyage to my beautiful Mum ✈️ You've spent your life looking after my brother and I, and now finally, you're off on your own adventure. Time to be free!! Safe travels and I couldn't be more proud or more excited for you. Til we meet again in this crazy world - Love you Mum.

Tinonee Vineyard Estate

Happy #humpday from the Hunter! @tinoneevineyardestate thankyou for the beautiful retreat, it's been truly wonderful🙏🌞😊Now back to work we go! #huntervalley #grateful

Tinonee Vineyard Estate

I Hunter-ed and gathered 🧀🥖🥑 #checkmate #foodporn #spread #huntervalley @tinoneevineyardestate

Tinonee Vineyard Estate

Drove past this sign today, couldn't resist... 😉#oldtimessake

Tinonee Vineyard Estate

Afternoon light Feat. Mum in one of the most beautiful places I've ever stayed @tinoneevineyardestate #huntervalley 🌅

Farrrrshun forward Friday #notathing #butitcouldbe @isaacbrown__

Bronte, New South Wales, Australia

Resolution 2 – Mobility 🤸🏻‍♂️ I have been active my whole life, but it’s only been recently I’ve learnt that true strength cannot be achieved in the absence of mobility. So, every day I get up before gym, I have a #Berocca and I stretch for 20mins. It’s boring. It’s repetitive. But it works. This is called a diagonal stretch and when I first attempted it, I couldn’t even touch the back of my calf with that hand. Bit by bit, my body is actually becoming functional, not just strong, and it feels good. How are your resolutions going? #30daysofresolutions @Beroccaau #sp

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