Линдси Джекобеллис


Американская сноубордистка, выступающая в дисциплинах сноубордкросс, хафпайп и слоупстайл.
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Oh Mexico 🇲🇽, how I have missed you ❤ 📷@adam_bakkedahl

Happy to be back home 🏡 🌊

Snowpark Feldberg

Scrappin all day! 👊🏽 📷 @peterfoleyusa

Happy #humpday 🍑. - 📷@haraldbenselin

Missing those Cali vibes 📷 @adam_bakkedahl

Bansko Ski Resort, Bulgaria

Well starts aren't my thing, finished 8th, but it was a fun day in #bansko.


A little Bulgarian cafe 🇧🇬. 📷 @teamcheever

Couple of days in the ☀️, now off to Bulgaria 🇧🇬. 📷 @adam_bakkedahl

Bummed there is no SBX at @xgames this year. I guess #10 is a good one to stop at....but comment if you want me back at #xgames next year!!!! @echoentertainment_inc. 📷 @lucyos

Missing these girls already @rosiemancari @fayegulini

Racing is not over yet...tune in live and see @rosiemancari and I race for team #USA

Solitude Mountain Resort

Finals tomorrow!!! @monsterenergy @bernunlimited @paulmitchellus @wendwaxworks 📷 @TSquaredSports

Need a New Years Resolution??? Use the one I plan to follow. Get out and be active at least 5 times a week! Join me in making a #CleanStartPledge. #ad. Go to the link in my bio 😜

💥GIVEAWAY 💥 The new @paulmitchellus line, @neonhair and a few more goodies will be given away this Friday. Follow @neonhair and tag 3 friends 👩🏼‍🎤🙋🏽‍♂️💇🏼 I will announce the winner on Jan 20th on Instagram LIVE at 1 pm MTN time. 📷 @adam_bakkedahl

Powder Mountain Ski Resort

❄️Hello weekend! ❄️ @powdermountain Smiles for Miles 📷 @nateholland #powder #snowboarding @monsterenergy @paulmitchellus @bernunlimited @wendwaxworks

Time for this snow bunny to head back to the #mountains. @spirithoods - 📷 @adam_bakkedahl

Image Spa MD Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa

Mid winter is a great time to get dermal needling treatments done. Sun damage or scars, see results faster than a regular facial. Stop into @imagespamdofficial and receive 15% off your first treatment!!! 💆🏼 @indira.skin #dermalneedling #healthyskin #ad - 📷 @adam_bakkedahl

Smiles all around at @bear_mountain yesterday!!! #bearbuilt #snowboarding 📷 @ride573

Up close and personal. Join me on Instagram live at 6pm PST 🌟 📷 @adam_bakkedahl

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