Линдси Лохан


Американская киноактриса, певица, автор песен, модель и дизайнер одежды. Она начала свою карьеру в качестве модели в возрасте трёх лет, чуть позже начала сниматься в кино, снялась во внушительном количестве рекламных роликов.
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My heart is broken. Thank you for everything x

Lohan Beach House Mykonos

Excited for tonight!! @lohanbeachclub @mtv -the Vip hosts get a little more personal! One of the girls goes from a “Nice Girl” to a #meangirl 🙄🧸🔺

I have been made aware that further comments were added to my last Instagram post as to appear that I wrote them. Firstly, I can guarantee these comments were not made from me. Sadly from investigation I have learned that a past member of my team who had access to my account made these changes. This matter has now been dealt with internally. I want to personally thank CBS and Big Brother for giving my Mother this incredible opportunity and also to say how proud I am of my Mom for what she has achieved. Also MTV and Viacom for their wonderful support. Lastly, I want to thank those who made me aware of what was happening on my social media channels . Thank you. Lindsay x 🔺

Burj Khalifa



@vanityfair one of my favourites 🙏🏻 @4ocean 🧸

This Monday is gonna be good! 🙃 a new episode of my @LohanBeachClub premieres Monday at 10/9c on MTV! ❤

Times Square, New York City

When my brother @mikelohan doesn’t want to get 🎤 for @lohanbeachclub @mtv but he does! 🔺🧸🔺

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Loving @lohanbeachclub from my bed sheets 😊 if hiding is a virtue, I will take it 😊🙏🏻 🔺

I’m moving to Mondays! 🙃 Watch a new episode of my show @LohanBeachClub this Monday at 10/9c on MTV! 🔺🧸🔺

💪 @lohanbeachclub

Dubai City

Getting ready for @krisfade @virginradiodxb @virgin with @alianalohan #sisterwork 💫💫💫

New episode of @LohanBeachClub tonight at 8/7c on MTV, can’t wait!! ❤ 🔺


Life is Life 🔺🧸

Getting ready for @lohanbeachclub on Tuesday @mtv 🙏🏻 #goodvibes 🔺🔺🔺

Finolhu, the Maldives

Living life in side of a bubble never felt so real 😂 🔺🧸


⭐️ #goodvibes 🔺🔺🔺

Enjoying the natural beauty and peace that this island is bringing me 🌴🌿🌱🔺🧜‍♀️🔺🧜‍♀️

@lohanbeachclub tonight!! 8/7c @mtv 🤩🧜‍♀️😇 @4ocean

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