Линдсэй Прайс

Американская телевизионная актриса, наиболее известная по ролям Джанет Со́сны в сериале «Беверли-Хиллз, 90210» и Джоанны Фрэнкель в сериале «Иствик».
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Serious Sunday serenade. #broodingmusician #schroder

Look who just ate roast beef AND chocolate cake for lunch. Best. Wardrobe. Ever. #poncho #nospanks #letitgo #thatkaftanlife 🙏🏻

Is it weird that I'm already stressing about a 5:48am call time? Also, I'm very excited. Also, why 5:48am specifically? #need8hourstofunction #inbedby8

Friday feet. ( Do not try this at home however if you live with cats. Or babies. It will end in tears. ) Guess these will stay in the closet for a little bit longer 😁

🎼 " My name is no. My sign is no. My number is no... You need to let it go..." 😐 But he's too ding dang cute to argue with. #bathtime. Crazy cute and ridiculously soft pants, perfect for rocking out, by my friend @carryurheart_ ( mention Price15 for perks 😉)

I want their inner voice to be soft. I want it to be filled with unconditional love and humor and forgiveness. And maybe have a British accent. #love #kindness

Oh hai! #monalisasmile

".... and I said to myself, what I am looking at is only a shell. What's most important is invisible.... what moves me so deeply about this sleeping little prince is his loyalty to a flower- the image of a rose shining within him like the flame within a lamp, even when he's asleep.... #naptime #thesweetestdays

Took the long way home. 🌾🌾🌾.

Anemones are the new peonies. Have you heard? @kateprop always making everything prettier #ihavethisthingwithflowers

I got to wear a pretty dress, beautiful women put make up on me and did my hair up all perfect like, and I ate ice cream all day with my husband all day. All in all it was an epic day I have to say. Hair: @justinemarjan... makeup @jdmakeup. Magical self esteem building photo by @justinemarjan #secretproject ( because I always wanted to say that) 🦄🍦.

This is everything right here. Mother's Day. Everyday. #couldntaskformore

Happy Mother's Day to the one who taught us everything we know. We love you so much Mom. You are the most dedicated, hilarious, psychic, unconditionally loving, best cook in the world, can start a fire with two rocks, can lift pretty much anything twice your size strong, totally excellent driver against all stereo types, help us move a total of 27 times combined, give everything no questions asked, live by example and practice what you preach, wiped up countless tears and always our biggest fan kind of mom. We are who we are because of u. #luckyus #mothersday @yellowpower50

#currentmood. When I say FRIDAY you say YAY! FRIDAY! 👂?????

@allianceofmoms Has designed this awesome LIKE A MOTHER T shirt and matching kids LOVE MY MOTHER t shirt with @omazeworld Because its Mothers Day and National Foster Awareness Month. A portion of the sales goes to young moms in the foster care system so they can become the positive parent they want to be. Simply put they help moms who don't have moms. This is a mission close to my heart as my own amazing mother didn't have a mother and the support she got in her life made her the most amazing mom that has ever lived. She is now passing on her love and knowledge to me so I can hopefully become the unconditionally loving mom that she has been to me. Help support Alliance of Moms support young women who need the knowledge and care to break the cycle and become amazing moms themselves. What a beautiful and perfect gift for Mothers Day! Buy some!!! Link in my bio!!! #allianceofmoms #likeamother

Wait. This is a thing? Light sabers today and margaritas tomorrow? I love May!!! #maythe4th #cincodemayo #maythe4thbewithyou #areyouseriousmama #lifewithboys

Clicked my heels together today and here I am! #noplacelikehome 🌼

I'm a very very proud plus one. #datenight #jamesbeardawards. Dress I love deeply in my heart by @johannaortizofficial 🌸💋.

I take my job of being arm candy tonight very seriously. Fancy night out with my personal chef @curtisstone. #jamesbeardawards #armcandy

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