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good things

Bellingham, Washington

no better way to spend #earthday than in a field of tulips! thank you @madewell and @surfrider for this amazing shirt also #madewellxsurfrider 🌎

whata day! 💛🌼

one more week with you oklahoma you will be missed

buckle up


📷 by @freight_house ! ✨👯‍♀️

not my glasses - sophi’s. thx sophi.

sweetest valentine

suit up

just wrapped banana split. going to miss you clara 🧡



last syracuse day with my banana split babies // minus luke he won’t take photos with me

met this lady when I was 9 years old. if you told us then that’d we’d be starring in a movie together - I don’t think we would have believed it. thank you @hannahgmarks and @jellycoward for writing this movie and letting me be your Clara. it’s so special and I can’t wait for you all to see it 🍌 #bananasplit !!!!

on this day two years ago I was stuck in traffic after a meeting and decided to call Tommy on my way home. after we got off the phone he walked into our friend frank’s room and told him he might be falling in love with me. frank took his phone out and snapped this picture during the conversation. thanks for photographing this memory frankie. I didn’t know it then but this kid is the love of my freakin life.

clara’s our new little cherry bomb

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