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gm ~ 💛I love this @chaduneliteo

I have a headache and I'm sick and I could rly go for some sunshine nd chinese food by the pool right now. also this is me trying to will some abs into existence. @krickithodges see you tomorrow.

I think I may be too pale for coachella

I love u @aliceandolivia 👓


I took a few moments out of my day to watch a series of short films called #thatsharassment. My dear friend @_schwim_ helped put this project together and it is so important to share with your loved ones. These stories are both heartbreaking and relatable. We need to break the silence and create more of a dialogue with one another about harassment, and how to stop it. Link in bio ✨

hold still

when your boyfriend says it and your bestfriend paints it

ladies u know it's serious when he takes you to ikea

@pautiu wowowow you're so talented!! thank you for making this 💚

keep lookin' up

everything's ok over here!!

@kaileyb31 this is awesome thanks for making this✨✨

always women's day


The Paramount Coffee Project: Los Angeles

✨✨happy birthday bby allie I love you ✨✨

bffs already #billiecam

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