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cold leaves

the best Valentine's Day


when you get to spend Valentine's Day in a treehouse

I honestly am not a fan of makeup. The most I usually do is mascara. And that's okay! Ladies don't ever feel like you can't walk out of the house without a full face of makeup! It's always fun to play around and get creative with your look. But never forget that you are all so so beautiful without anything on too. There are days where I feel really insecure about my face and my complexion - but it's important to remind myself during those times that I am who I am and I should be proud of that 💚

can I have this please

🌹red roses red roses🌹

one of my favorite past times

photo by:


Park City, Utah

the best sister

to the bone ready 💚

Park City, Utah


lil nuns back together

comfy days are the best days


my little cammy has the best friends!!!


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