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#Regram #RG @wwfcanada: On this #InternationalBiodiversityDay, it's important to remember that maintaining biodiversity not only helps preserve life but changes lives too. We aim to protect our biodiversity, which provides clean water, food, air and stable climate. #IBD2017 🌎 … #biodiversity #canada #canada150 #wildlife #ocean #oceans #forest #lakes #greatlakes #environmentalprotection #saveourheritage #wwf #wwfcanada

#Regram #RG @everydayclimatechange: everydayclimatechang­­­­e­ photo by John No­v­is @johnnovis­ for ­@everydayclimatechange Tavolo Community Forest in Papua New Guinea There are usually no roads with community forest management. The forest provides food, medicine, craft and building materials for the Tavolo community. All access is by foot or by boat within the Tav­olo FSC certified community forest management area in New Britain, Papua New Guinea. This is a key distinguishing feature from the logging roads usually associated with forest dwellers turned loggers. The corporate lumber trade is aware of the rich timber growing in Papua New Guinea and unregulated and badly managed deforestation could be at risk in the futu­re. The PNG rainfore­st plays a cr­itical role in regulating the global climate and halting runaway climate change, for the benefit of the en­tire biosphere.  #papuanewguinea #rainforest #tavolo #newbritain #climatechange  #climatechangeisreal #globalwarming #photooftheday #nofilter @greenpeace

#Regram #RG @unep: #ClimateAction: Countries are taking big steps to address climate change. Since the #ParisAgreement, nearly 50 national laws and executive policies addressing climate change have been enacted. #climatechange

There’s still time to take action and save Bears Ears National Monument. Click the link in bio to take action now. #StandWithBearsEars #Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Today, the comment period opened for Bears Ears National Monument. It's only 15 days. Add your voice. 📣📃 TAKE ACTION to protect #MonumentsForAll—link in bio!👆 ____ #StandWithBearsEars #bearsears #monument #publiclands #landscape #conservation #nature #actnow #action #resist #resistance #activism

The Hopi, Navajo, Ute Mountain Ute, Ute, and Zuni tribes of Southeastern Utah need your help. Trump recently signed an executive order mandating a review of 27 of our national monuments. This process could end with these monuments being rescinded or dramatically reduced. Now is the time to speak up. Tell the Trump administration why protecting our most special federal lands and waters matters. Visit monumentsforall.org #MonumentsforAll

#Regram #RG @conservationorg: Edgardo Ochoa wrestles with an abandoned fishing net he helped remove from a reef off Otoque Island, Panama. Ochoa first discovered the net when was he was scouting for dive training sites in Panama Bay in 2000. These so-called “ghost nets” can ravage marine habitats for decades. Nearly two decades later, as a marine safety officer for @ConservationOrg, he was able to do something about it. With a newly formed Ghost Net Removal Team that included @ConservationOrg, local NGOs and government agencies, Edgardo was finally able to help remove the ghost net from the reef. For the full story, visit blog.conservation.org #ghostnet #panama #net #marine #conservation #ocean #reef

#Regram #RG @sierraclub: Not only do America’s national monuments preserve our nation's history, our culture & our natural wonders, they help grow and sustain local communities and economies. With President Trump requesting a review of past national monument designations, it’s time for all of us who love our #MonumentsForAll to stand up for our heritage. Go to sc.org/zinkeprotect and tell Sec. Zinke to protect our public lands for generations to come! #KeepItPublic #StandWithBearsEars #nationalmonument #findyourpark #publiclands #conservation #bearsears #nature

Proud of the involvement @leonardodicapriofdn staff had in #ProjectDrawdown. This must-read by #PaulHawken brings together hundreds of scientific studies, creating the top 100 solutions to restore balance to the climate and make our planet a better place. Learn more on drawdown.org.

#Regram #RG @everydayclimatechange: Mette Lampcov @mettelampcov for @everydayclimatechange - Two men are fishing where the Owens river is diverted and separated into the start of the California aqueduct; the Sierra Nevada mountains are covered in snow in the background, in the Owens Valley, CA. After years of drought and very low snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas where most water in California originates, this year was the total opposite, with one storm after another slamming into California. These storms are called atmospheric rivers, bringing one of the largest snowpacks in history. Now the weather is starting to warm up and the DWP ( Department of Water and Power ) are bracing themselves for flooding, as that snow starts to melt. The aqueduct is currently running full to capacity and the DWP is working overtime to spread water to help avert flooding, diverting water into smaller creeks and fields, hoping that at the same time they might replenish the groundwater. They have not seen this level of water in 40 years or more, and its only the beginning of spring and warmer weather. Extreme flooding and drought are two sides of the same coin, and experts see this as a connection to climate change. #california #californialandscape #water #climat #owensvalley #sierranevada #photojournalism #documentaryphotography #climatechangeisreal #river #naturephotography #flooding #globalwarming #watertodust

The smallest member of the porpoise family is the most endangered marine mammal in the world. Unsustainable and illegal fishing practices have caused a dramatic decline in the vaquita's population. Fewer than 30 vaquita may be left in the wild and without immediate action, they face imminent extinction. Join me and @World_Wildlife and let President Peña Nieto of Mexico know that we demand action to protect the vaquita today. Link in bio.

Thank you @ChristiesInc and Thierry Gillier, founder of @zadigetvoltaire, for your generous offer to donate part of the proceeds of your auction to @LeonardoDicaprioFdn and @Oceana. Pictured here is a painting by Sterling Ruby, inspired by the sunrises and sunsets in my hometown, Los Angeles.

#Regram #RG @everydayclimatechange: Photo by @lucforsyth for @everydayclimatechange. The entire crop of a non-profit community greenhouse in Ecatepec, Mexico, died when the government water delivery trucks failed to refill their cisterns for nearly three weeks. The water scarcity around Mexico City is reaching a crisis point, and as global temperatures continue to rise and water becomes increasingly rare, cities around the world will suffer from shortages. #mexico #environment #water #climatechange

#Regram #RG @conservationorg: Martha Ntoipo on the challenges women face due to #climatechange, & how they can be part of the solution. Watch the full video by following the link in our bio at https://youtu.be/uZL_f074nQE #climatechange #WomenAct4ClimateJustice #actonclimate #nature #conservation #africa #tanzania

#Regram #RG @nytimes: @mattabbottphoto photographed ruins at @portarthurtassie, in the far southeastern corner of Tasmania, the Australian island state. Built in 1843 as a flour mill and granary, Port Arthur was converted into a prison that received some of the most incorrigible criminals in the British Empire. Today, it’s one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions. But it’s also an example of a looming global problem: #PortArthur is under costly siege by a rising sea. An island cemetery is being chewed away and a seaside coal mine once worked by the convicts is under assault. And they aren’t alone. The ocean is rising in large part because people the world over have burned so much coal, pumping planet-warming carbon dioxide into the air. Managers of national parks and other historic sites around the world are realizing that #climatechange represents a profound risk to the heritage they’re trying to preserve. “We can’t retreat” from the rising sea, said David Roe, the archaeology manager at @portarthurtassie. “We can’t elevate. We can’t rebuild. Perhaps all we can do is manage loss.”

#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Bears Ears National Monument under attack—again. In December 2016, President Obama designated 1.35 million acres of Utah’s iconic Bears Ears region as a national monument. Now, Utah Governor Gary Herbert is asking President Trump to reverse the one protection that safeguarded Bears Ears from oil and gas drilling, uranium and coal mining, tar sands extraction, rampant looting, vandalism and other dangers. America’s treasures must not be exploited. ACT NOW—link in bio.👆 ____ #bearsears #monument #publiclands #landscape #utah #environment #nature #nrdc

#Regram #RG @leonardodicapriofdn: Thousands have already added their voice to show support for strong U.S. involvement in the Paris Agreement. Join us and take action today to keep the U.S. in the #ParisAgreement: tiny.cc/ParisAgreement | #climateaction #actonclimate #earth #environment

Today’s #ClimateMarch leaves me inspired and hopeful for our future on this planet. We must continue to work together and fight for #climatejustice. The time is now. #100by50 #NoDAPL #ClimateJustice #KeepItInTheGround #100isNow #NoKXL

It was an honor to meet with Indigenous peoples today before the #ClimateMarch. Manari Ushigua, President of Sápara Nation of Ecuadorian Amazon (pictured here) talked to me about how the expansion of oil drilling activity is destroying their territory.

Today, we march to keep fossil fuels in the ground, to fight for a transition to 100% clean energy by 2050, for climate justice and so much more. Join me in standing with Indigenous leaders and native peoples as we march together to protect our planet. #ClimateMarch #100isnow #ClimateJustice #KeepItIntheGround #100by50 #NoDAPL #NoKXL

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