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#Regram #RG @everydayclimatechange: Image by @sean_gallagher_photo A group of young men walk across barren farmland near the city of Latur. •••In the summer of 2016, parts of India experienced record drought as a result of consecutive failed monsoons. Global temperature records were broken each month in 2016 and India itself recorded its highest temperature of 51C. In conjunction with El Nino effects, this caused extreme environmental stresses in large parts of the country. ••• The state of Maharashtra was identified as the country’s worst affected area where up to 15,000 villages were believed to be without water. ••• As global temperatures continue to rise, the record drought of 2016 is predicted to be a recurring event in a country that is struggling to adapt to a warming world. ••• #everydayclimatechange #everydayeverywhere #asia #india #maharashtra #latur #drought #climatechange

#Regram #RG @yearsofliving: Did you know if you’re 41 or younger you’ve never experienced a normal climate, not even once? The last time it was cooler than the 20th century average was in 1976 when Gerald Ford was President of the United States. The first Star Wars movie had just started filming and Steve Jobs had just founded Apple computer in his garage. If you were born in the 1980’s, you grew up in the warmest decade ever recorded. That is until the 1990's, where every year was warmer than the 1980's average. And each decade has been hotter than the last, right up until today. If you’re in your teens, almost every year of your life has been one of the hottest years ever recorded. 17 of the 18 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001. This is just the beginning. What may seem “normal” today will soon feel anything but. These are #climatefacts share widely.

#Regram #RG @noaafisheries: After 48 years studying green sea turtles in Hawai‘i (known as “honu” in the Hawaiian language), George Balazs, Hawai‘i Senior Sea Turtle Scientist at NOAA’s Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, recently retired from NOAA service—but not from sea turtle research. Learn more about his work and how life in the Hawaiian Islands has changed for green turtles since the late 1960s: https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/feature-story/look-back-scientist-dedicates-career-sea-turtles-hawaii Photo Credit: Mary Lou Staman/Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center. #sea #turtle #science #islands #Hawaii#Pacific #ocean #NOAAFisheries

#Regram #RG @AfricanParksNetwork: Lions are roaring in Liwonde National Park Malawi, once again. We’re excited to share that wild lion have been reintroduced to Liwonde, four years after they were last seen in the park! Two male lions were the first to return to the park, after we translocated them from Majete Wildlife Reserve on Saturday 24th February, in partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW). The lions were released successfully into enclosed bomas where they will spend several weeks before being joined by two females, and then all released into the wider park. Their reintroduction was possible because of the conservation success we have achieved over the years in Majete. Lions were only reintroduced to Majete in 2012, decades after they were poached out, but the population has since grown – so much so that they are now helping to repopulate Liwonde. Their arrival is symbolic of the commitment of the Malawian Government to conservation, protecting and restoring ecosystems, boosting tourism and delivering needed funds to support local communities. The return of Africa’s biggest cat to Liwonde is a historic moment for Malawi and would not have been possible without the generous support from the Dutch Government, the @lionrecovery and the @leonardodicapriofdn. Join us in welcoming these lions to their new, safe, and beautiful home – and celebrating tomorrows World Wildlife Day one day early! Photo: @sean_viljoen #BigCats #AfricanParks #Liwonde #Majete#Lions #CauseAnUproar #Restoration#Revival #Hope #GoodNews

#Regram #RG @nature_org: Aerial view tourist dive boat near coral formations among the Rock Islands and coral seascape at the Republic of Palau. The coral reefs of Palau are part of a massive interconnected system that ties together Micronesia and the Western Pacific. To protect these reefs the Conservancy joined with other experts to develop Transforming Coral Reef Conservation. The Conservancy has worked with Palau’s community leaders and government agencies since 1992. In that time we have helped bridge the gap between traditional and modern approaches to conservation. The Conservancy helped establish the Palau Conservation Society, a local environmental organization dedicated to protecting Palau’s natural heritage.—Photo by @ianshivephoto #naturalbeauty #conservation #oceans #islands #boats

#Regram #RG @oceana: Shark finning is a wasteful and inhumane practice in which a shark’s fins are cut off and the body is discarded at sea to drown. While shark finning is illegal in American waters, fins are still bought and sold in the United States. Add your name now and tell Congress to prohibit the sale and trade of all shark fin products in the U.S. (Link in bio) #FinBanNow . . . 📸: © iStock/Chris Dascher #ocean #marinelife #sharks #takeaction

This #WorldWildlifeDay, people from all countries must rally together to ensure the future of the world’s #BigCats. Learn more: wildlifeday.org #PredatorsUnderThreat #iProtectBigCats #WWD2018

#Regram #RG @international_animal_rescue: 🌟 UK SUPPORTERS - Do something amazing this Mother’s Day! 🌟 We are #caring for more than 100 rescued #orangutans, many of them #orphaned after being cruelly taken from their mothers when they were only a few months old. By #gifting an online #adoption this Mother’s Day, you will be helping us to care for #baby orangutans who have been left with nothing. Adopt an orphaned orangutan for Mother’s Day: *LINK IN BIO* An adoption pack includes a personalised certificate, fact sheet, photo, an optional soft-toy and updates on your chosen #orangutan. The orphaned orangutans available for adoption have all lost their mothers, making a virtual adoption an extra special #gift to the mother figure in your life. Give something amazing: *LINK IN BIO* #indonesia #endangered #animals '#rainforest #care

#Regram #RG @leonardodicapriofdn: "Motherhood” photo by @DaisyGilardini - in celebration of #PolarBearDay. A remarkable event happens in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada, every year, in March and April. Polar bears who entered “maternity dens” the previous October and gave birth in November are ready to leave their dens for the first time, their now four-month-old cubs in tow. The timing coincides with the annual seal birthing season on the pack ice in Hudson’s Bay — easy food for the polar bears. It’s extremely rare to witness the exit of the bears from their dens and one has to face incredibly challenging conditions. Temperatures can drop as low as -54C. Winds will gust up to 60 kms (38 miles) an hour. That effort is well rewarded, though, if you’re able to witness the most iconic animal of the Arctic kingdom in such close proximity, at its most intimate moments.

#Regram #RG @natgeo: Photo by @jimmy_chin @kristine_tompkins celebrating life, beauty and 10.3 million acres of newly decreed Chilean National Parks after the signing ceremony w Chile’s President Bachellet. The magnitude and scale of what Doug and Kris Tompkins and a community of friends have accomplished as conservationists is almost impossible to entirely comprehend and might only be truly understood over a few generations. In awe of their vision, their audacious dream and their fortitude to realize it. Welcome to the new Patagonia National Park, Chile. @tompkins_conservation

#Regram #RG @amazonfrontlines: Today we share a quote from the gathering of four indigenous nations organized last week by Amazon Frontlines and Alianza Ceibo. During this gathering, Waorani women and elders traveled from their communities deep in the forest to the industrial areas of Lago Agrio to meet with members of three other indigenous nations, the Siona, Secoya and Kofán, who have lived with impacts of the oil industry for decades. Members of these nations shared their experiences and vision for their people, and came away from the meeting inspired to work together to protect their remaining rainforest territories and their cultures. buff.ly/2F5ieua #amazon #amazonlife #AmazonRainforest #indigenousrights #indigenousresilience #indigenousrising #forestguardians #resistance #indigenousresistance #climatechange #climatejustice #humanrights

#Regram #RG @everytown: For too long, too many lawmakers have been bought by the NRA. It’s time to #ThrowThemOut. Get involved at the link in our bio.

#Regram #RG @unitednations: When the eggs of olive ridley turtles hatch in Sindhudurg, #India, it is one of the local fishermen who carefully collects them from under the sand and releases them into the sea. There are 63 million people living on the country's coastline, and most of them work in fishing, tourism, and other areas directly related to nature. If biodiversity is not protected, the ecosystem becomes unbalanced. India is the second-largest producer of fish in the world. Growing demand on🐠 supplies, coupled with destructive fishing practices, was threatening the area, which is one of 11 ecologically critical habitats in the country. With support from #UNDP, the #UnitedNationsDevelopment Programme, fishing communities are taking the lead to protect life under water, creating sustainable livelihoods and preserving the biodiversity around them.In just two years, the number of olive ridley 🐢 nesting areas protected by villagers increased five-fold. Regram: @undp |📷: UNDP India / Prashanth Vishwanathan#GlobalGoals #SaveOurOcean

#Regram #RG @EverydayClimateChange: Photo by @bernardodeniz For @everydayclimatechange: A Chinese woman sells seeds in the street market in China’s Heilongjiang province, near the border with Russia at -40 Celsius (-40 F). Extreme temperatures are more common nowadays with a side effect of climate change. Worldwide record setting cold temperatures during the first weeks of 2018. Some scientists believe that Arctic warming may be a factor in this type of weather. #winter #everydayclimatechange #china #winter

#Regram #RG @conservationorg: 9,500 saplings (of 14 types of trees) have been planted along the Liyutang Water Reservoir in China as part of a fresh water ecosystem restoration initiative. Other key aspects of the project include: a baseline biodiversity survey, fishpond reform, waste treatment system improvements, and environmental education with local community groups . . . Fresh water is the lifeblood of our planet. No one can survive without it. Click the link in bio to learn how @ConservationOrg is helping transform the way the world manages water. From urban centers like Bogotá to arid landscapes like northern Kenya, we’re promoting clean water for all.

#Regram #RG @nrdc_org: Anti-environment members of Congress are trying to weaken the Endangered Species Act, effectively declaring it open season on imperiled species like the gray wolf. Visit the link in our profile to help us defend the Endangered Species Act before it’s too late.

Proud to support @LACMA as it transitions to new, energy efficient lighting for Chris Burden’s #UrbanLight installation. It is my hope that leaders from other cultural, civic and private institutions will follow the example set by LACMA to examine the financial and environmental benefits of switching to LED lightbulbs in public places as a way to help combat climate change. #UrbanLightTurns10 Photo Credit: John Sciulli (c) Museum Associates/LACMA

#Regram #RG @leonardodicapriofdn: LDF is proud to support @LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art as it transitions to new, energy efficient lighting for the 10th anniversary of Chris Burden’s Urban Light installation. All 309 incandescent light bulbs were replaced by LED bulbs, resulting in an energy reduction of approximately 90%. Over the next ten years, the energy saved will be enough to power 295 American households while also preventing the release of over 5 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent. That’s like taking 500 cars off the road in one year. Link in bio to learn more. Photo credit: Chris Burden, Urban Light, 2008, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Gordon Family Foundation's gift to "Transformation: The LACMA Campaign" © 2018 Chris Burden / licensed by The Chris Burden Estate and Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo © Museum Associates/LACMA #UrbanLightTurns10

#Regram #RG @mattiasklumofficial: A tranquil place of incomprehensible marine wealth! The rich waters of the Raja Ampat archipelago off Western Papua, Indonesia are some of the richest marine ecosystems in the world. Let's protect Raja Ampat and other fragile marine ecosystems! Shot on assignment with @ansgarklumphotos & @einars.pics #rajaampat #indonesia #marine #ecosystem #paradise #protectouroceans #divers #instagood #photooftheday #mattiasklum #nikonambassador #conservation @natgeo @thephotosociety @irisalexandrov @alexandrovklumofficial @natgeotravel @mattiasklumcollection @tierragrandefilms

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