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beams of light -@maisystella

oh man oh man I cannot believe this song is out in the world. I feel naked!!! about a year ago I went on a writing trip to Nicaragua that was completely life altering. I’ve never felt so inspired. I’ve never been surrounded by so many people filled with so much magic and talent bursting out of them. At the time of this trip, I was in a very weeeeird headspace. if I’m being entirely honest, my parents were separating and I was moving out on my own scared shitless and just feeling genuinely lost in many different aspects. This song was made in the trees of Nicaragua about exactly how I was feeling in that moment which makes this song ultimately special to me. I hope you resonate with it. <3 love you guys a painful amount. thank you for caring <3 -@lennonstella

breakaway out on thursday <3 -@lennonstella

somethin sweet comin on a day this week that starts with THUR and ends with DAY - DO U PICK UP WHAT IM PUTTIN DOWN -@lennonstella

repost @maisystella 🖤

our mannequin friend was having a rather difficult time keeping himself together this day... watch the “bad” behind the scenes video ❤️ link is where the link goes xo -@lennonstella

AHH YAAA BABAY!!! new song with @liampayne and @jonasblue out now. go dance to it 💞💗💗 -@lennonstella

TOMORROW !!!! new song out with @liampayne and @jonasblue ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ -@lennonstella

@lennonstella @maisystella

repost @maisystella

i had this cool idea of taking polaroids of everyone who ever came into my house... this idea lasted for 5 polaroids then I realized what an expensive idea this would be and decided maybe not -@lennonstella

me when someone tells me they’ve been listening to “bad” on repeat. -@lennonstella

bad <3 if you haven’t listened yet - the link is where links are usually found <3 I genuinely cannot get over the love I’ve been sent since the release of this song. I hope u guys feel my love I’m sending right back to you. <3 -@lennonstella

repost @maisystella

well someone was smiley this weekend. so sweet meeting you guys <3 -@lennonstella

ITS FRIDAY ITS OUT !!! this has been a long time comin, I’m so beyond stoked to have “BAD” officially released!!! thank you guys immensely for being so loving and getting so excited with me always. This is gunna be a fuuuun next couple months. GO FIND “BAD” - out now everywhere!!!! 💗🍭🍬💗 - @lennonstella

NYC!!! come listen to some of my songs in the park this Saturday💕💕💕💕 -@lennonstella

f r i y a y -@lennonstella

there may also be somethin for u to watch with ur eyes as ur listening with ur ears to “BAD” on Friday !!!!!! -@lennonstella

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