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video might b coming soon...swapped styles. can you tell?? (i’m wearing a bow) // @maisystella


hi guys

you always hurt the one you love / @lennonstella

tonight the final episode of nashville airs. INSANITY. watch to see how this crazy story comes to an end. love love love you guys. thank you for sticking with us for so long <3 - @maisystella ⁣ ⁣ wow. this is surreal. end of a beautiful era. this last episode came much sooner than I thought it was going to... I don’t feel ready to say goodbye 💔 ⁣ @maisystella and I will be watching through tears tonight... you don’t wanna miss the SERIES FINALE at 9/8c on @Cmt - you knoooow Nashville won’t say farewell without ALL the drama - @lennonstella

come give me a hug in LA on sunday ❤️ - @lennonstella

anotha1 / new from @lennonstella

OKKKAAAAYYY DISNEY LAND !!!!! // @lennonstella

since day one // @maisystella

took this pic a couple days ago... posting it right now // @lennonstella

with THE ana nelson // @maisystella


whoopsies looks like the whole demo is out into the world now !!!! 🙊💞⚡️🐥🤪👅👀 full version at youtube.com/lennonstella @lennonstella

💧 // @maisystella


can’t stop won’t stop with the lil teasers // new from @lennonstella 🎶

sweet day in LA💫


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