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goooodmorning 💛

to my best friend lennon, you are easily the most magical person to walk the earth. you are so special i can still feel your energy from Europe. the fact that you're 18 really scares me so let's not talk about that ok! things have been rough lately and you have been away, but it didn't matter because you called me everyday to check up, and always wanted to talk about me even though ya girl was traveling the world. i wish everyone got to know you personally because it still blows me away how open minded, caring, giving, and selfless you are. i miss you so much!!!!!! i may or not be crying writing this but um let's just go with not. please never change. you have the fullest heart i've ever known. len dawg, you are 18. again really freaks me out but wow. the amount of lives you've changed already in 18 years is WILD. i love you len, happy birthday💛🦋 - Maisy

happiest of birthdays

miss LA and you💛💛


most magical night of my life. my heart is so full. this picture makes me cryyyyyyyyy. this night was exactly what i needed ❤@johnmayer

extremely old picture but you could say I MISS LENNON SO MUCH. come home alreadyyyyy<3 - Maisy


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omg this is so dope thank you 💟





WOWZA i missed you

i love Ireland

hoodie gang

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