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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Echo from Brisbane Australia❤️im so grateful for Australia and New Zealands love to our music. Always amazing touring in your beautiful countries. Cant wait for the next tour. Im still blown away💥 @aqua.dk

Thanks to these new water girls for friendship and support❤️❤️ @rikkehvidbjerg @mariacorydon @aqua.dk #hummel

Sydney, Australia

Bob the builders💕

#brisbane @donnamariethyrrestrup 🌸

Adelaide Entertainment Centre

🌴 @donnamariethyrrestrup

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Introducing flowers in my hair again🌺it was a big part of my style back in the days, and @donnamariethyrrestrup always make me feel strong and feminin thru her creativity. She always amazes me❤️ im so grateful

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

China Girl🌺 @donnamariethyrrestrup @aqua.dk

Rushcutters Bay Park

#sidney @thesepinklips @donnamariethyrrestrup @jonasworup @aqua.dk 🖍

#sidney❤️ 🤘🏼 we felt eachother. Im smiling

Queen Victoria Building

🍁 @donnamariethyrrestrup @aqua.dk

Sydney Harbour

#sunrisetv 🌞 @donnamariethyrrestrup

Sydney, Australia

🌺 @donnamariethyrrestrup @jonasworup @aqua.dk

🌺 @aqua.dk @kaspervejloe @donnamariethyrrestrup

Aloft Perth

🖤 @aqua.dk @kaspervejloe

Airforce Uno😀 @aqua.dk #b.schristiansen

Dream team heading for Australia and New Zealand❤️ @aqua.dk

Groomsters💄 @donnamariethyrrestrup

Happy campers😎 @kaspervejloe

An amazing red creation made for me by @the_tinus for Australia/New Zealand tour coming up end this month🌹Exited⚡️ @jonasworup

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