Леа Пайпс


Американская актриса, в основном известная по фильмам "Редкая женщина", "Крик в общаге" и "Первородные"("Древние")
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I’m losing my edge. 👽

Happy Monday, Love Gamgee.

Leah’s keys to life: Just have fun with it. Make it yours... **shes lying it’s whip cream and cocktails**

Happy Fathers Day to this guy... Keith Pipes aka Dad aka Coach Keith. I love you Pops! Thanks for bein awesome! ❤️

❤️Forever. #marriedlife #bffgoals

Finally get this guy back home tomorrow... ❤️😍

Accidentally went full #ScarfaceMichellePfeiffer @ the hair salon. Pretty happy about it. 🎥 💁🏼‍♀️

My latest obsessions: knotted headbands & the movie “Jackie” Gamgee’s latest obsessions: destroying purses and shoes 🐶

Happy #nationalpuppyday from our furry family!

#tbt to #thewomensmarch because it’s #internationalwomensday ❤️!! #thefutureisfemale

Don’t stop searching until you’ve found your Andrew James Trauth...He’s out there I promise you. ❤️

#kellesdirty30crew #catalinacasey 💁🏼‍♀️

The NRA doesn’t care about your rights. It cares about your money. #wakeup #guncontrolnow

Be still my heart. ❤️ #HappyValentinesday to this kind, brave, funny, dead sexy man of mine. Thank you for being my best friend and personal encyclopedia. I’m the luckiest.

Meet real-life Wonder Woman and true American Hero, Christina Prejean. She is running for Congress in California’s 49th District so she can get on over to Washington to be a much needed powerful female voice of reason and tolerance. And we can get her there! Please donate and help spread the word about this awesome woman! 👊🏻👊🏻 (link in bio!)

Petit Ermitage

I ❤️ these girls.

#RideOrDie since ‘06

10 years later and these two still fill me with this much joy...😍 @brianaevigan @joshstolberg

Love means never having to say “I’m sorry for stealing your #hiroclark sweatshirt...” ❤️

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