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Американская актриса, в основном известная по фильмам "Редкая женщина", "Крик в общаге" и "Первородные"("Древние")
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Just casually harassing this poor writer at his book signing trying to convince him to cast me when it's a TV series. In my defense, it's a freaking awesome book.... #stayingclassy. #Incarnate

Here's a Riddle: If fact based news is now "fake news", and fake news is now "alt facts", then what does that make white supremacists? (The answer: still fucking disgusting pigs who deserve no place in our towns, our country, or our world) ✌🏻

This is what 10 years of drinking together looks like... 🙏🏻

"I hate quotations. Tell me what you know" -Emerson

Are you ever too old for floral summer dresses?? The answer is: Yes. Hard yes. #pushingthirty


This magical dude is in Uganda doing his damnedest to bring awareness to the South Sudanese refugee crisis there. Millions of people, 87% of them women and children, are suffering. And tragically being ignored. Let's all help right this wrong: http://represent.com/gillies

This guy... #waybackwednesday

Maybe I do miss my long hair... @david_kepner ❤️❤️

Hosts with the Mosts. #marriedlife


He cooks like a gourmet chef. I eat like I'm Tony Soprano. #soulmates

#Friday got me like...😊

Don't bother me I'm tiki-ing.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I call this my "patriotic soccer mom" look. #owningit

Wailea-Makena, Hawaii

Heaven is this view (...and that beach behind him) 😍

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort

Wasps love a good sprawling lawn... #maui


I'm the kind of wife who'll break into your man-cave drink all your craft beer and raid your record collection if left alone on a Saturday night...with my cat. 😎😼

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