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Американская актриса, в основном известная по фильмам "Редкая женщина", "Крик в общаге" и "Первородные"("Древние")
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These two am I right?

The Holidays are about spending time with family & havin' boozy cocktails on a Tuesday.

I'm coming back as my dog in my next life...

Good luck today America 😬 #vote #imwithher

If anyone's been wondering what I've been up to, I live in my robe now... so basically life is great.

They heard Downton Abbey was casting a new Grantham dog. The level of acting it took from them both to look this well behaved should earn them an Emmy.

Gamgee's clearly saying "Save me from this attention seeking actress parading me around her managers' office please." @medavoy.brian @erwinmore

bliss- (noun) a weekend spent lounging by the pool, listening to your all time favorite bands, and hanging with your all time favorite person. #desertTrip #oldchellaovercoachella

Don't mind me, just livin' the dream... #dogmom

Meet the newest member of the Trauth House. Samwise Gamgee Trauth. He's epically adorable.

Happy Birthday to my main man. The dude of all dudes. The stud of all studs. Who makes me the luckiest lady in the world everyday. 👊🏻

I like to wear all white the day after Labor Day. It's a great way to let everyone know you're a total rebel who doesn't give af about rules.

Sent pic on the left to husband after a regrettable pizza incident... He sent a pic of me at age 4 back. Somethings never change... (And yes I'm wearing my onesie as a cape. And yes I do plan to bring that look back.)


It's 12:20am and all I want is a Lucky Boy breakfast burrito. #pasadenagirlsbelike

102 degrees and smilin'️🌞

Summertime and the livin is easy 🤓

Happy Birthday this feminist sexpot @phoebejtonkin!! 👯🍷

Wishing all Mondays were Hawaii Mondays #takemeback

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