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Американская актриса, в основном известная по фильмам "Редкая женщина", "Крик в общаге" и "Первородные"("Древние")
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We've seen each other through every possible hair color, 'cause that's what real #besties do...👯 Happy Birthday @kellecantwell I LOVE YOU!!!


Is there anything better than a next day blowout? I think not.💁🏼


Look, not to brag but... this is my life. 🙏🏻

And they lived happily ever after... ❤ #HappyValentinesDay

I'm so broody I'm now adopting my BFFs. #proudparent

My Springer uses his ear as a built-in eye mask cause he's a genius. #jealousmuch

Nothin' more satisfying than an earned cocktail #womensmarch

That one time #nastywomen filled an entire march route with people and when space ran out on the route the rest of us surrounded the Washington monument.

Notice the little one likes treats but my retriever knows where the good stuff is...**what happens when you binge watch The Crown on Netflix** #TheQueenIsMyStyleIcon #ImOldAF

Ojai, California

Bye LA I live in Ojai w @david_kepner now...

New year. New puppy. Same holiday photo fail on the kitchen floor...🎄🐶

These two am I right?

The Holidays are about spending time with family & havin' boozy cocktails on a Tuesday.

Good luck today America 😬 #vote #imwithher

If anyone's been wondering what I've been up to, I live in my robe now... so basically life is great.

They heard Downton Abbey was casting a new Grantham dog. The level of acting it took from them both to look this well behaved should earn them an Emmy.

Gamgee's clearly saying "Save me from this attention seeking actress parading me around her managers' office please." @medavoy.brian @erwinmore

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