Мак Миллер


Американский рэп/хип-хоп-исполнитель, композитор, продюсер.
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Santiago, Chile


whoever left these sunglasses on the piano, please come get them before things get out of hand.

@treejtv The YouTube channel that I started with my brother on January 5, 2009, just hit 1 billion views. We used to talk about how crazy that would be. Seemed unreachable. Thank you tree for being on this journey with me since the beginning. Love you all.

keys open doors


Pittsburgh photo by @jdmurton

Live and Direct

Practice makes perfect. 9,999 hours to go.


Mark out here pushing fashion forward, reminding you to always be bold and powerful forces will come to your aid.

jet fuel

This photograph makes me happy. Hope everybody is having a good day.

Happy Birthday to the human being that never stops being my hero. Love you brother @millermccormick Photo by Mom

somebody sample this

The Human Approach 📸 @jdmurton

Thank you for the overwhelming amount of love today. I always try to tell myself that my birthday is just another day in the year but something about this one seems special. I’ll see all of you soon. To everybody who hit my phone, I promise I’ll get back to you shortly, just trying to enjoy the day today. Love you. -26

Here is a photo of me in my backyard.

Happy birthday @jdmurton I just typed a long birthday message and then deleted it. I’m going to go with a card. Expect a card later. Love you man, dont know what I would do without you. Here’s to the first time we both can look in the mirror and say “hey, not too shabby” Great things are coming. Have a fantastic surf my friend.

Ready for tomorrow

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