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Американский режиссёр, сценарист, продюсер, актёр.
  • Все 1837
  • Фото 1692
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That can be arranged! Full book tour dates for #DnD #ArtAndArcana drop tomorrow! NY, OR, WA, FL, CA, WI, PA, IL and more! Any UK fans out there want us to visit? #Repost @tophergrace ・・・ @kyle_newman I can’t wait to get this signed by the author! #art #specialedition #10speedpress

Thank you for sharing, @tarzannoz!! 🙏🏻 All editions hit stores Oct 23. PS-if you’re not watching Taran on @singleparentstv you don’t like to laugh! #Repost @tarzannoz : Thank you @kyle_newman for the beautiful set of your new book about the history of @dndwizards through it’s art. Can’t wait to dive in. #dungeonsanddragons

New @DeathSaves in the wild!! Limited edition GLOW IN THE DARK gloriousness! 👊🏻 @joemanganiello @dieselboy 💀

A fun interview w/ me & the team is now up in @dndwizards DRAGON+ Magazine (Issue 22). Check it out for a behind the scenes on our upcoming book DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: ART AND ARCANA #DnDArtandArcana #DungeonsAndDragons #DnD http://www.dragonmag.com/5.0/#!/article/116594/103660545 …

Bro Bros! This is what it’s all about. #MakingMemories #WhenWeCrossThatYellowLineLetsRunForIt

Small World, big company. #disneyland #disneylandhalloween #LeoThamesIsRowing

Princess Jaime, straight out of my favorite fairytale. #Disneyland

James Knight turned 5 this weekend! It was monumental for him. And a time of reflection for me. How has it gone so fast? It’s been an honor and a joy to hold him in my arms every day. To watch him grow. To FEEL him grow. There will come a time when he’ll be too big for that... in more ways than one. But until then I am going to cherish every time he lets me. 👨‍👦[PS-if any friends are wondering where I’ve been the last half-decade, it’s been with him.]

Happy 5th Birthday James Knight Newman! You light up my life every day, little man. 🙏🏻 #slimeparty #birthday @jamesknightnewman

Come see the #DungeonsandDragons ART AND ARCANA team and I at #NYCC this Friday - 4pm. Can’t wait to reveal more secrets about our book hitting stores on October 23rd. (PS-if you work at Penguin Random House we will be speaking there earlier in the day. Sign up!) #DnDArtandArcana


#Repost @jaime_king ・・・ I am Dr. Christine Ford. Every survivor is Dr. Ford. Let’s take the hands off the mouths of all survivors. Please watch the video and do what you can to support and let her know that WE HAVE HER BACK. WE BELIEVE HER. #bathingintruth #stopkavanaugh #voteno #kavenaugh

EAGLE SCOUT CEREMONY. Congrats @hughienewman!!! That’s my father Hugh D. Newman Jr inducting Hugh D. Newman IV (really the VIII). FUN FACT: That’s the sixth Eagle in our family — my father, myself & my three brothers also achieved the rank! #BSA #BoyScoutsOfAmerica 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 🇺🇸

THE TRIPLE SCOOP 👨‍👦‍👦🎢 (it’s ❄️outside but we found the 💦 slide)

My new familiar.

NERF WAR. #LaborDay


Some truly inspired cosply from my film #Fanboys at #DragonCon cc: @danfogler @sethrogen (Give these guys some peanuts!) 🙌🏻

Boys of Summer

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