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#Repost @jaime_king ・・・ It’s #chdawareness month so I thought we should share our story of the birth and journey of Leo Thames. At 22 weeks pregnant he was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries. A perilous and complex congenital heart issue. We were told he had to have open heart surgery for him to survive. We are lucky that they now have this surgery as not so long ago he would not have had a chance. As it’s a traumatic yet beautiful story I will share only these details. He is alive and well because he is strong as a lion. He fought so hard and spent his every newborn day for weeks in the ICU. Because we have the means to have the most brilliant doctors and healthcare - Dr. Randy Harris, Dr. Allistar Phillips, everyone at the Cedars Sinai congenital heart program - the will and faith of our own souls - the strength of a healthy marriage - friends and family that were there every step of the way we made it through. I took a long time to feel safe and balanced after this fight. He is a perfectly healthy and radiant 2 and a half year old child. As if nothing ever happened. So many families and children do not have this. We must fight for them and their health care so that they will have the God given right to a healthy and happy future. Thank you. 💜❤️💜❤️

KID 02

KID 01 #sometimeagosaturday

Always by my side. Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life @jaime_king. ❤️ Eternally grateful for our friendship, marriage and the family we’ve created. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!!

OLD L.A. 2 (aka Stairs To A Nerf Gun War)


Sunday am hike ftw


Get some. 🍦 #weekend

#TBT to our first time collaborating BEHIND the camera! 🎥👰🏼⚰️🎞

SAME? OR DIFFERENT? Go! (Answer: Same)


ROCKSTAR! Pretty big crowd for James Knight’s first festival appearance!! SWIPE!

Save the Tree(People)!

Peter the Shiba Inu🐕

The boys making art at their @thelovemagazine photo shoot. #alien #mommyinprogress #trainingthemwell

Partners in crime. #TBT

This little guy is so excited! His favorite princess has arrived! Thank you @Hasbro for making his month. 🙏🏻

Hanging with some good friends... @jamesknightnewman #dianoga #artoo #han #stormtroopers #sabine #porg #sarko #bb8 #saw #threepio #vader

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