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Do you know who this is??? He's a wonderfully fun guy and I've known him for several years now. #startrek #startrekbeyond @startrek @startrekdaily @startrekmovie @startrek_collection

A photo I hadn't seen from the last GS Trophy. I enjoyed being the host of the @gstrophy and getting to meet a ton of awesome people along the way. @bmwmotorrad @bmwmotorradusa thanks for the heads up @carrinoanthony on the photo. #motorbike #motorcycle #motorcycles #motorcyclelife

I can say honestly, I have very little understanding of electricity or wiring a house but I did read you check if the house batteries have juice by touching your tongue to the wires. #homerepair #renovation #actor #actorlife #doityourself In your professional opinion @carrinoanthony Is this right???

All this debris washed into the ocean after our Southern California rains washed it down the rivers. It was pretty darn impressive to see such a powerful series of storms. #storm #rain

Finished filming a really cute family film called A Doggone Mystery and I really enjoyed not being a killer or dying! Here's the producer Jim, my film wife Dominique and myself. Worked with some old friends too!

Your comments yesterday were hilarious!!!! I want more!!!! #actor #actorlife #roleprep

This is not the character I'm preparing for but man, was playing Suggs amazing. Quarry was a great show to be on, unfortunately they have decided that a second season isn't going to happen.

What kind of character do you think I am creating??? Best guess who wins the BEST GUESS AWARD - the award is a thumbs up 👍

This is called a tail-whip. It's a bit harder to do now, trying to find the pedals with one foot is sort of like playing hop scotch in the dark. #bmx #bmxlife #bmx🚲 #bmxshow #actor #notacting @thewebbieshow check it mate. #4130

New House 1 : Kurt 0. A steel pole, under tension flung into my face and cracked me one. An inch higher and I'd be a actual pirate. #homerepair #remodel #actor #notacting

Part 2 the continuation of the shot. I tossed the phone into my lap when they all decided to stop and a really cool effect happened. Pretty fun. #motorbike #motorcycle #motorcyclelife #motorcycles @womanrider @ncisla

Part 1 of a quick video I took using/holding my iPhone while riding on top of the Santa Barbara Mountains with good folks, some from @ncisla others from @womanrider and this awesome gal @moterrificmedia and my GF @riderjenny - part two in a second.

I told you, I told you, I told you. Sullivan / Ferris isn't dead! How could he be dead and still be smiling!!! It's just a flesh wound! #ncis #ncisla maybe #ncisneworleans soon... #ncisnola #actor #actorlife #film #tv #fun

This isn't me trying to pop my collar, be sexy with my shirt unbuttoned, look funny with my tongue out, or show my motorcycle helmet to be cool #noob In fact, I pulled a rookie move and in @tobaccomotorwearco Kevlar lined jeans, @touratech helmet, boots and other gear, I walked home 2 miles because I ran out of gas. It was 97 degrees outside and I was a sweaty mess!!! Here's to mistakes! #motorcycle #actorslife #outofgas #touratech #sena

Here's a shot from the feature film I'm working on. Finally getting to act in a family movie! Usually I'm killing or pillaging. Feel free to let everyone know I'd like to do more family projects. :). #actor #actors #actorlife #family #familyfilm

In fact, I bring it with me everywhere I go. Loving this helmet! #Repost @touratech with @repostapp ・・・ "I have worn it in all conditions and really put the #aventurocarbon to the test. Its design is flawless an I could not recommend this helmet enough.“ Kurt Yaeger #touratech #motorcycle #madeforadventure #companero shop.touratech.de

I think I've gotten about all I can get out of these tires, don't you think? #motorbike #motorcycle #ride #gs1200 #gs #bmwgs

Epic turnout for the @aetherapparel ride this Saturday. Everyone is hitting the back canyons headed up to @rawhyde_adventures for a day of off-road fun and training. #ride #motorcycle

Does this prove to #casting that I'm a dedicated actor because I'm working on lines for a new film I'm cast in these conditions!?!?!? lol . #actors #actorslife #actor #noproblem.

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