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Grand Hotel, Oslo

Me giving zzzzzero fucks 😍 #vixen #blogawards

Yesterday's look. More photos on the blog!

Grand Hotel, Oslo

I kissed her // spraytan by @spraytanhuset

Sometimes I'm least lonely when I'm alone

A soul that never loses faith

Don't choose me if you hesitate between me and another person




I'm turning 20 years old today!!!! YAYYY!! Bitch is getting old!!! Woke up to this - couldn't ask for a better roomie @julieesm 😍🎉

Heart is glowing

About to set fire to everything I see

How about starting 2017 with a gift to yourself? Strengthen your hair with HAIRCARE hair vitamins 💆🏼 If you order now, you'll get 40% off on your first package from @haircare_no. Yeyyyyy! Your welcome babes! #haircare #ad

Kaffebrenneriet Aker Brygge

An elderly man at the table next to us looked at me and my friend where we sat with each our newspaper. He had the warmest smile and crystals in his eyes. As if he suddenly realized that there is hope for this generation too. That we have not lost completely sight of what actually matters, the small pleasures, which are actually the greatest joys in life


'Cuz you'll never regret red lipstick and a leather jacket

Kaffebrenneriet Aker Brygge

Darling, you don't wanna look back and regret worrying too much about everything

Sverige, Göteborg

Throwback to some partying in Gothenburg


Happy New Year

Max Hamburger

I don't know 'bout you but we're getting those two cheese burgers with style



This is gonna be my mood through 2017. Fuck it, fuck everything. Life is too damn short to be sad

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