Кристин Уллебо


Юный фэшн-блоггер из Норвегии.
  • Все 1838
  • Фото 1812
  • Видео 26
St. Olav's Church

Out with @juliekrogstad @anevervik

My pretty flower!!! 😍😭🌷

The dog is my favorite part 😂🐶

Closeuuuup 👀 Thanks to Julie Horne @egerskinclinic_injections (sponset)

The Necklace You Gave Me

Meg og Norges favoritt (@hakonullebo) er på @bloggernetv2 i kveld 21:30! ❤️ @idollooks @amarfaiz @olemh @piaruud @tarekhamidi 😍❤️


Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?

Walk on untouched, unattached

My Monday Mood

Paris, France

Could cry this is so beautiful

We Don't always say What we Mean

Paris, France

Asked the taxi driver if he could take a photo of me :D

Paris, France

Gonna have a Good day

Paris, France

Let me Stay I fucking Adore this magical City

Paris, France

Wake up and be Amazing

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