Кристин Уллебо


Юный фэшн-блоггер из Норвегии.
  • Все 1850
  • Фото 1821
  • Видео 29

Stop question «why me», it’s always been you

i just wanna dance and kiss and listen to good music and create something cool and feel all those good feelings!! that’s all!!! 🕊🍸✨💐 how about you

Friday and a Pit Stop @idollooks! ✨

Happy cuz it's Monday! And because I just bought myself the most beautiful jacket EVUUUUR 🙀

LOOK HOW FUCKING TIRED I AM OF LIFE HERE hahahha I've been recording this for AN HOUR and I always played something wrong on camera 😂 Just look how I pull my shit together every time I fail and how FAKE that smile is 😂😂😂 But I love to play piano!! Thank you for the feedback guys <3 It's never too late to learn something new. I wanted to start playing when I was younger but I couldn't afford one back then now look HERE I am with my own piano 🍸

South Beach, Miami

TB to being a complete loner in my room in Miami with two great things in life: Pepsi Max and Beyonce Live 😂 (I'm not addicted to PM anymore though, haven't been drinking it in months!!) I've always been a little bit of loner but I guess I bloom better alone that's all

When you run into bae on casting !! 😻 We actually share a ring with our initials on hi hi

On my way to casting :D

Me after one Gin Tonic


Universal Music Norge

You're my September Song

SHIT I freaked out when I saw the video and the man suddenly appeared in the background 😂 Sooooooooo I'm still fresh but this is so much fun!!! 😭❤️ Never felt the music through my own fingers before it's truly amazing

Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain

A Dream girl should live in a Dream World

St. Olav's Church

Out with @juliekrogstad @anevervik

My pretty flower!!! 😍😭🌷

The dog is my favorite part 😂🐶

Closeuuuup 👀 Thanks to Julie Horne @egerskinclinic_injections (sponset)

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