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My crew ❣️

The daily seafood pick up

Salt water kisses 💙

Dear mom and dad, Please do us all a favor and do not watch tonight’s episode of @verycavallari . Thank you very much.

The girls

My favorite print from my capsule collection with @saplingchild 🦊 out now!!

My lovers of @uncommonjameshome , I’m re-branding the line and will be launching new product in a few weeks along with its own site. In the meantime, head over to www.uncommonjameshome.com to sign up for the newsletter so you know when we launch! PS. You’re beloved measuring spoons and measuring cups will be back in stock!

Have you checked out @uncommonjames lately? We have a ton of new styles, even silver and rose gold 🙌🏻

Made the rounds last week in LA talking all things @verycavallari . New episode on tonight!! Who’s gonna be watching?

Christmas in July yesterday doing press for @verycavallari 😂 dress @becandbridge

The cutest lil gummies I ever did see 😍 recipe from #TrueRoots || 📸 @samanthatebo522 (I love seeing fan recipe pics!).

Los Angeles, California

LaLa Land press day for @verycavallari

New #UncommonJames woot woot @uncommonjames link in biooooo

Nashville, Tennessee

Mondayyyyzzzz 🍏 (shoes my OGs-Laurel).

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Celebrating love last night!

Nashville, Tennessee

Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈

Nashville, Tennessee

So excited for tonight!! Who’s gonna be watching the premiere of @verycavallari ?!!

Salt & Pepper

The vegans will say she’s trying to get away because of my chicken comment 😂

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