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My stylist has spoken...the ones on the left it is 😜 | all shoes from my spring line

Little donut lovers. It's good to be back #Nashville

Chicago, Illinois

We are the worst at taking pictures. Always good about taking 1 when we leave then that's pretty much it 😩. Oh well, we had a great Valentine's Day ❤️

Don't be afraid to walk away from things that aren't serving you 🙌🏻

I just wanna thank breast feeding for making my left boob perkier than my right. Oh, and the glam squad. And spicy, skinny margs. Goodnight!

What a fun day! Thanks @eonline for having me back to help countdown to the #Grammys . It's been a blast to walk these iconic carpets ❤️ and a HUGE thank u to my glam squad @thescottycunha @robertsesnek @judystylexo and for my custom dress by @olimastudio

Beverly Hills, California

City of dreams....✨

West Hollywood, California

Being in LA makes me want to post a shameless selfie 😜 or maybe it's just because Jay isn't here to make fun of me....😂

West Hollywood, California

Expected to land to this but instead got ☁️ that's ok, I still love ya, LA. In town for the #Grammys this weekend! I'll be back on E! for the pre-show 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

If it takes me longer than 2 minutes to come up with a caption then I'm going strictly emojis: ❣️❣️❣️lame, I know, but I got nothin' 😜

Wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law today 👰🏼💍

☀️💃🏼|| shoes by me 😜 @nordstrom

It's been a day. Kids in bed and this bath is calling my name. And no I didn't get paid to post this...this really is what I use.

Making fruit roll-ups yesterday #TrueRoots #SoCloseToBeingDone #CannotWait !

Morning pecan milk for a latte 😋


Working away @uncommonjames #LaunchingSoon #CannotWait !!!!

Ok, guys!! My new jewelry line is UNCOMMON JAMES and will be launching within a couple months! In the meantime, follow @uncommonjames because once we launch, we'll be doing a ton of discounts! Thanks for the support!!

I guess Saylor wanted some ice cream

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