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Happy Sunday! Tons of new shoe styles are available, including this beauty, LEEDS 🙌🏻@Nordstrom #ItNeverGetsOld #4YearsStrong #ThankfulForYOU

I love when girls take gorgeous pics with my shoes!! Capri flats killing the game! Repost by @aikocunanan 🙌🏻 #nordstrom

West Hollywood, California

Lala Land ✨🌤

Missing long romantic walks on the beach with my gusband @thescottycunha 😂ok I'm done posting Mexico byeeeeee

Husband and gusband. And since Jay looked like a 300lb lesbian in my last post, I felt I should do him justice by posting him looking hot AF in this one 😍. PS....look what happens when he hangs out with @thescottycunha for 5 minutes #TheDeepDeepV 😂😂😂

Yeah, I'm gonna be annoying and post pictures from Mexico all week. But come on, how gorgeous is this??

I had the best birthday of my life and it was all thanks to this guy. Not only did he plan a huge surprise party, he planned a "surprise" trip to Mexico with some of my closest friends, too. Thanks, babe....you will probably never see this 😜

Adios, Punta Mita! I'll miss this spot....☀️✌🏻️


Never leaving | 📸: @thescottycunha PS- I'm obsessed with my PREY swimsuit by my girl @audrinapatridge !!! So proud of you babe ❤️

My 30th birthday celebration continues....!! 🙌🏻

Hey guys, after a tough decision, I've decided to leave Emerald Duv. I felt as though I could never take the company where I wanted to go and felt restricted in everything I wanted to accomplish. I've decided to launch my own jewelry line, and since I was solely designing the past collections at Emerald Duv, it will have a similar aesthetic: effortless, timeless, and refined. I'm hoping to have my new line launched by April but stay tuned!! And once I can announce the name, I will let you know. I couldn't be more excited to start my own company and I really appreciate the support!!! ❤️ #TheBestIsYetToCome #NewBeginnings

Glam shot from the Globes. Shoutout to my amazing hair and makeup team @thescottycunha @robertsesnek ❤️

Home sweet home and made dinner for the fam ❤️👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👧🏼 scallops with sautéed fennel and blistered tomatoes....yep, u guessed it...from #TrueRoots

2nd dress for the Golden Globe parties....🍸 here we goooo!!! Dress @marialuciahohan24 // jewelry @heartsonfireco // styled by @judystylexo // hair @thescottycunha // makeup @robertsesnek

I'm gonna be annoying tonight, sorry!!!! Champs to celebrate an amazing day before heading out to #GoldenGlobe parties 🍾

Sorry one more! What an incredible experience today! Thank you E! for having me back to help with the red carpet countdown ✨and to my amazing team!!!! @judystylexo @thescottycunha @robertsesnek

Had the time of my life helping with the red carpet countdown on E! at the #GoldenGlobes Thanks to my AMAZING team: @judystylexo @thescottycunha @robertsesnek and @theglamapp for my nails // dress @idancohenofficial // jewelry @dovesjewelry and @heartsonfireco

Fitting for my #GoldenGlobes dress!!!! I'll be doing the red carpet countdown tomorrow on E! 4pm ET 🙌🏻

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