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Американская актриса, известная по роли Пэм в драматическом телесериале «Настоящая кровь», а также роли Малефисенты в телесериале «Однажды в сказке».
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Look at this flirt @leftytheclefty ! We had quite a date the other day!! Thank you Eva and @goran_visnjic for saving this adorable boy that’ll snap anyone out of seriousness with those expressions! You are some good humans! And Lefty, see you again cutie pie. I mean, #swipe to that last photo! What can you do but 😊? #adoptdontshop #dog

Repost from @other98 #tenyearchallenge

Meet Jasper! He lost his family and the @amandafoundation took him in and now He’s going to be coming to stay with us! I hope so much he loves it here! And that Abigail is not a total bitch for another 1.5 yrs! He’s 10 and so so sweet. He had a home with many cats and dogs and his person died. They had to be all spilt up to find them homes and I just think he deserves a family again with many brothers and one (bitchy) sister. We will do everything for yet another big transition for him, to be as smooth as possible. Im very hopeful and also praying that it’s not too scary for him. And that Abigail isn’t a catty Cat, did I mention that? She’s FINALLY ok with the kittens!!! So I’m really hoping she’s learned something and that she wants a boyfreind! He’s very handsome! #adoptdontshop #adoptaseniorpet

I hope you #sleeptight like Abigail! My only girl ❤️ my little Abimouse Beanie girl. #adoptdontshop 😻

Sammy and Loshe say #sleeptight and #love your #lovedones #cats #brothers #twins #adoptdontshop

We gotta laugh!!! 🤣🤣😂🤣 Or we’ll 😢 😭 Repost from @agirlhasnopresident - Accurate

I heard an educational piece on the facts of our immigration challenges. Fun fact: the wall will cause the extinction of 107 species. Also ...1. Hard drugs and criminals do not come over our southern border. Only weed and less as we legalize. 2. Illegals don’t commit crimes at the same higher rates as legals. 3. Hard drugs come in through the ports....the money should be spent elsewhere to keep us safe, and not on a wall. Repost from @yvettenicolebrown - Meanwhile the Northern border is wall-less and visa overstays by "genius" Europeans like Melanie are the biggest cause of illegal immigration in our country. But the Mexican border wall is all about border security, right Tang? Mm hmm... #SureOrangeRacistJan #Repost @betoorourke #stupidwall #drumpf ・・・

Gotta say....makes one think about flying right now. Repost from @thedailyshow - If this government shutdown continues much longer, lapses in airport security could get even worse. #TSA

😂🤣😂🤣 this has been me my entire life. I lied to get every job I ever had. Waitressing, bar tending, window washing, nanny, acting-every resume was entirely BS. Nelson and I get each other! It’s not dull!!! Repost from @light.knowledge.power - 😂😂😂😂😂😂 No comment

I love him sooooooo much. Asher dasher crasher. Sweetest dog ever. I got him on his last days from a rough shelter at a @bestfriendsanimalsociety super adoption. #truelove #unconditionallove #dog #adoptdontshop

Asher and Ozmund. Oz needs Asher. If he is ever out of eye site Oz gets very worried. He has to sleep on Asher. There are two dog beds! I have no idea how Asher feels about Oz. He sure tolerates him, but never really acknowledges him. It’s kind of funny. But they are always together. #dogs #yinyang #love

🤣😊 SO NOT how my dogs view bath time (once a year 😬). Mine act like they’re being killed! Repost from @thedodo - Take a break from your day to watch these pups enjoy bath time 🐶 💦 Thank you to our friends: @lifeofolliethedal @poefie_englishcockerspaniel @rockyboylab @the_world_of_cooper @michellebsoto @littlecharliedickens @sir_bartholomew_ @mochi_little_paw @graffitithecorgi @tarouki.the.puppy @viralhog

This is how I feel about getting to the weekend. And also 😱😱😱👏👏👏👏Repost from @usagymnews - Who’s excited for the GK US Classic on Saturday?? Tag someone you plan on watching the competition with! #gkusclassic2018 #gymnastics #tumbling #katelynohashi #competition #usclassic #usagymnastics

The Tan suit was a SCAN-DAL!!! Repost from @occupydemocrats

Sorry men. (Sort of) 😂🤣😂🤣Repost from @simonereyes - #yespleaseandthankyou

Wow. At midnight @doterra announced that another of my favorite oils, that helps me sleep, is FREE with a 200pv order! SERENITY is SERENITY in a bottle! And TODAY ONLY you can get #FRANKINCENSE - the King of all oils, the oil of Truth emotionally, AND #SERENITY FOR SLEEP, AND RedMandarin for FREE. #swipe to see regular costs - I don’t have a photo of the usual cost of Red Mandarin as it’s a special oil not normally sold. This is at least $150 IN FREE OILS.☄️ . 🙏🏻 I had no idea this sale was happening today so sorry to the people who ordered yesterday! But I had to tell everyone about it today❤️ . 😍Once you buy I will also call you and do a free wellness consultation on the phone with you! 😍 . 💫HOW TO ORDER: . Go to the the LINK IN MY BIO. . 🌟CLICK ON BECOME A MEMBER (dōTERRA has a $35 “Costco” type fee to get 25% off for a year. OR you can buy an enrollment kit and the fee is included. ⭐️ 🌟 So CLICK on Wholesale Customer. . 💫Then pick the $35 fee or the “emotional aromatherapy kit” that includes 6 wonderful oils for emotional well being and the LUMO diffuser for $199. My fav diffuser as it can run 10 hrs😀 . ⚡️FILL IN YOUR INFO AND THEN SHOP!!!. . 💥put the products in your cart that you like and when you get to 100pv you will see the Red mandarin FREE IN YOUR CART! Then when you get to 200pv you will see the FREE FRANKINCENSE & SERENITY OIL IN YOUR CART! . 🎉Then check out and you will have started on a journey that enhanced my life!!! . 📦 Then a package will arrive at your doorstep! AND I WILL CONTACT YOU to schedule a free wellness consultation with me. . . FAQ - pv stands for product volume and the oils are 1pv=$1 - other products vary. 🤩Please EMAIL ME with questions and I will do my best to get back to you but I’m swamped today with wellness consults - so I hope you don’t miss this sale on my account. #frankincense & #serenity are so wonderful! PINKPEPPERPOWER@GMAIL.COM 🙏🏻🖖 . #essentialoils #wellness #sale #doterra #mandarin #healing

Sammy & Ozmund. ❤️❤️ #smilingdog #happycat #adoptdontshop #crossspecieslove #truelove

GUARANTEED 😆😄😀!!! Wonderful!! Repost from @tacugama using @RepostRegramApp - The #rescued #chimpanzees that live at the second stage in #tacugamachimpanzeesanctuary are true #ropeartists! #swinging, walking, #playing or arguing on top of the ropes, it's all part of their daily activities. From the second stage, the #chimps move on towards next stages, so they need to practice their abilities to eventually move around comfortably high in the #treetops. #stopbushmeat #stopwildlifetrade #wildliferehabilitation #primaterehabilitation #chimps #primates #rescuedanimals #sierraleone #westafrica #Tacugama #tacugamachimpanzeesanctuary

Man and Nemo are best friends! ❤️ 🐠 Repost from @racingextinction - Real Life Nemo 💙🐠 ・・・ #Repost @shawnheinrichs: Did you know that fish have their own unique personalities and that we can actually form super cool relationships with them? Ten years ago, a local dive master in New Caledonia named Marino met a baby anemone fish and they formed a unique and special bond. Even today, a decade later, the two unlikely friends have a very special connection. We tend to look at fish as commodities in our food chain or emotionless beings without personality. I hope this story of Marino and Nemo can flip this misconception upside-down, revealing that so many creatures in nature have distinct personalities and behaviors. Fish have feelings, feel pain, and can be highly curious and social beings. Who would have guessed that a clownfish could form a personal relationship with a single person and recognize that individual and come out to greet them and play with them everyday? Remember: when we recklessly extract marine resources, there are billions of little beings that are being affected. New Caledonia is an oasis of marine stewardship in the Pacific Ocean, where national laws and traditional wisdom bring together communities, industries, organizations and governments to safeguard their marine treasures. By showing people what the successful conservation of reef systems looks like, hopefully we can engage wider and more diverse audiences to support conservation initiatives. Thank you to the dedicated team at @conservationorg for their relentless work to conserve the Coral Sea and its diversity — before it becomes endangered. Learn more at conservation.org/coralsea

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