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Американская актриса, известная по роли Пэм в драматическом телесериале «Настоящая кровь», а также роли Малефисенты в телесериале «Однажды в сказке».
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No more wolf killing!!! SAY NO! EMAIL AND WRITE TO SAVE THEM!!! If we speak up they might have a chance! Repost from @paulnicklen using @RepostRegramApp - The @BCNDP government is proposing to increase the wolf trapping season on Vancouver Island in a misguided attempt to preserve deer populations, lengthening the season to 10 months out of the year despite a lack of scientific evidence. The B.C. government is still not recognizing the coastal wolves of Vancouver Island as genetically distinct and globally rare, nor the highly social nature of these family groups or packs. Leg hold traps are inhumane, cruel and should be banned. If you want to help, join @sea_legacy and @pacificwild in letting the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch know you oppose the NDP government proposal to lengthen the wolf trapping season on Vancouver Island. Want to help? The deadline is January 19th. Email @johnhorgan4bc at premier@gov.bc.ca. Alternatively, the mailing address is: B.C. Fish and Wildlife Operations, 2080A Labieux Road, Nanaimo, V9T 6J9. Alternatively, you could call them at (250) 751-3100. Let’s speak up for those who cannot do it on their own.

The #endangered #species #act works!!! Join me and text this # below to help us! Repost from @racingextinction using @RepostRegramApp - 🐻 If it weren’t for the Endangered Species Act, scientists estimate that at least 227 species would have already vanished by now. 🦅 Yet members of Congress are proposing bills to dismantle the act. 😧 There IS something powerful you can do to help keep this act intact. 👉 Text PROTECT to 52886 or click the link in our bio! #racingextinction #stopextinction @joelsartore

Look at this face! What a sweet puppy girl who needs a home! Repost from @maytesrescue using @RepostRegramApp - Our beautiful Ambar needs a home.. this 1 year old girl gets along with dogs, children ... she’s an all around love. Please network this angel... she’s in puerto Rico and ready for her forever home ! #adoptdontshop #dogsofpuertorico #rescue #love

Facts of @realdonaldtrump tax cut for the middle class....who earn more than $75k/yr. under $75k a year - your taxes go up. But I'm sure it'll trickle down! Whenever I earn more I always give it away instead of paying down my mortgage! 😳#taxcuts #trickledown #bullshit

Abigail, aka Beanie, aka Snickle, update! She's been mia in my posts because she's been mia in our house. She prefers to spend time in the garden since the kittens arrived. She is happy and gets lots of cuddles and has gained back the weight she lost and her hair (that she had chewed off) has grown back. She now comes in and cuddles with me while I watch Star Trek. She is still our feisty girl but reacts much less to the kittens (through a barrier) and we are days from removing the barrier! We've all been on Abi time for 6 months! It took her a while to adjust, poor girl. #cats #hatechange #kittens #adopted

If wasn't prophetic! Wise men are wise for all times and greed is as old as humans. #MLK was as wise as they come! Repost from @yvettenicolebrown using @RepostRegramApp - Thank you Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For everything you did for the good of all! #MLK #MLKJr #MLKholiday

This will always be the Provence of the few, never the masses. So we must lead and ignore the old tired paradigm. Don't argue with it, don't engage with it, they will drain you - just go forward and inspire those who can hear you. It never takes the masses, only the few. #selma Repost from @sophiabush using @RepostRegramApp - “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” Martin Luther King, Jr. • Images from my sisters @stacylondonreal and @zoelisterjones. Incredible and illuminating video from another sister friend @mspackyetti, whose perspective and knowledge and activism inspire me endlessly. • Let’s try to live like Dr. King. Let’s commit to justice. Inspiration. To showing up and standing up. To demanding a better future for all. To being on the right side of history. • #MLKday #MondaMantra #TheBestMantrasEver #BeLikeDrKing ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

🙏🏻 #Norway for banning fur !!! Repost from @miomojo_italia on Instagram: “We want news like these every Monday!!! Who’s next?? 💙 #worldanimalnews #miomojo #furfree…” using @RepostRegramApp - We want news like these every Monday!!! Who’s next?? 💙 #worldanimalnews #miomojo #furfree #crueltyfree #norway #future #boycott-fur #progress

Thank you @sierraclub for all do for all of us and this perfect quote today! I'm so grateful for you. Repost from @sierraclub using @RepostRegramApp - Today, we pause to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s day of birth as well as the holiday in his memory. Dr. King forever changed our country with his tireless work to strive for equality and justice for all people -- an example that inspired so many new generations of leaders and teaches us to this very day and beyond.

I can post #MLK quotes all day today and run out of hours. Incredible man who moves me every time I hear him. Repost from @wefuckinghatedonaldtrump using @RepostRegramApp - Happy birthday to an activist, a civil rights leader, and an inspiration: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A lot of you will probably see things today about “Dr. King was a Republican” from conservative propagandists and even his own brainwashed niece who just appeared on Fox News. This is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, Dr. King was neither a Republican nor a Democrat and believed both parties had problems deeply rooted in their ideology. He was completely nonpartisan. The only time he ever opened his mouth about political parties was in 1964 during the Republican National Convention. Barry Goldwater, in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, was running a campaign of racism and hate. Dr. King shunned this man and anyone who upheld any of these bigoted beliefs. If Dr. King were alive today, he would be kneeling next to Colin Kaepernick, he would be protesting at Standing Rock, and he would be fighting for the rights of immigrants. When Dr. King was sadly taken from us way too soon, he was actually giving a speech at a rally for ALL worker’s rights, not just blacks but whites also. So if you see some little shit tell you that Dr. King was a Republican, you have all this to help you explain why the fuck he wasn’t. Happy Birthday Dr. King. ❤️✊️❤️ * * * We are @undergrounddisruptors And @climatechangeisfuckingscary

Win one of a kind turquoise pendant or ring! Repost from @jengrasmerejewelry using @RepostRegramApp - GiveAway Winner will receive this ring/pendant ( your choice). All sterling silver with very large Kingman turquoise heart stone. If you choose a ring it will be made in your ring size. Rules to play 1.) comment below the answer to this question.... What kind act by another human person made you feel the most loved ever ? There are no wrong answers and everyone who plays will have their name put in a drawing. Winner will be picked this Monday January 15th at 3 pm CA time. Rule 2. ) Tag a friend. Rule 3.) Must have a US mailing address because I don’t want to ship overseas. Thx❤️ . Just in case you are wondering... the stone is not set yet, the stone gets set after all soldering is complete or else the stone will burn and crack. So you are seeing an unset stone in the pictures above. . . . #love#forgiveness #beauty#kindness #onlyfollowmeifyouwantto#contestgram #contest #123go

Sammy and Mr Wiggles love each other SO MUCH - they have these massive kissing snuggle fests daily - it's so sweet esp because my Cat who died (Sammy 1) also did this exact same thing with Ozmund Wiggles and Oz was so bummed when he died. Nice to feel this return to my house. I'm so lucky. 😻🐶 #dogsandcats #adopted #adoptdontshop #love

This is why @realdonaldtrump "we can't just get people from Norway" - why the hell would they want to move here? (...You arrogant moron). And before you yell high taxes at me, nope, Norway's top marginal tax bracket is 39%. I pay more than that in the US. Happiness index? Norway #4, US #13 (after Israel). #norway #shithole @other98

Declawing a cat is actually amputating at the last joint on a finger. @floatapparel

Thing 1, Sammy, Bennie is a champion at cat ball tower toy thingy!!! Just look at that paw speed!!! #newToy and it's a big hit! I heard the tournament going all night! #kittens #brothers #adopted (it's from Amazon (use amazing smile) and it's called "the amazing cat roller toy by easyology" for $14.99)

🙏🏻 @boochaces for saving these horses from slaughter! Repost from @boochaces using @RepostRegramApp - My arms are sore today. Where do I begin? Yesterday, the three once slaughter-bound babies from Colorado arrived at the quarantine facility that we utilize right down the street from our farm. Ashley @afelice16, Leanne @goatsofanarchy and myself were out in the rain all day long trying to get these babies on the right track. We ran into multiple issues - the storm, the halters not fitting (which were only on due to the babies needing to see a vet and farrier immediately - we don't normally keep our horses' halters on once they are turned out), the babies being 100x more feral than we expected (after some patience and time, we were able to coral them into a corner), the realization that these babies needed to stay in a small pen - rather than a huge field - so we had to go out and buy panels last minute, etc. At the end of this very long and expensive day, we all felt so accomplished and proud because each baby got a physical, vaccinated and dosed with antibiotic due to them running high fevers. Even though it was in their best interest to see our amazing vet within hours of unloading from the trailer, these foals are probably more terrified of us now than they were before. We will do everything to gain their trust before they are sent to @little_brook_farm and @summer_lbf for training on March 2nd. That in itself will be an epic journey. Don't worry. You will all be coming on the ride with us. These three babies are prime examples of one type of horse that gets sent to slaughter daily - untouched and wild. Twist of Fate, Goats of Anarchy and Rancho Relaxo all have the time, patience and funds to help these foals. But do you think the majority of horse folk are going to want to deal with feral animals like these three? No. So, they get shipped to Canada and Mexico to be butchered. So many people are unaware of this practice. This is a huge reason why we rescue - to educate and spread awareness. ❤ To donate toward our mission, PayPal boochaces@aol.com or visit RanchoRelaxoNJ.org ❤❤❤

How sweet are these kittens?! A very bonded pair who need a home! Go to @amandafoundation to learn more!! #kittens #adoptdontshop

And she was found bloody, incoherent and muttering "Loshe Beast", in the corner. The only clue is this last video on her phone. Next season of @loreamazon ? #annabelle #nightmareonelmstreet ps - why was my cat sitting in the dark staring at the wall for way too long?

#throwbackthursday to when I got the @petcube to see these little Lemurs when I wasn't home. I love this pet cube btw! Fun to check in on them! #thing1thing2 #kittens #brothers #adopted #adoptdontshop #kittensofinstagram #petcube

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