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Американская актриса, известная по роли Пэм в драматическом телесериале «Настоящая кровь», а также роли Малефисенты в телесериале «Однажды в сказке».
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With climate change parasites are thriving - better study this chart! @realdonaldtrump #tic #parasites #deertick #lymedisease #lunatic

I got this email from @realdonaldtrump today. Can u find the typo??? The only 3 “crimes” democrats have committed are calling #Trumpers #deplorables, ONE off comedian & Maxine Waters (😍) - ONE of 535 in Congress. So here’s my short list of ALL #republican congressman’s crimes - let’s compare shall we??? 1. Orphaned 3000+ children for life that will now be wards of the US, on the tax payer. 2. Removed legal protections for seniors in nursing homes who’ve been abused. They can no longer sue. 3. Removed protections for wolf pups and bear cubs IN THEIR DENS, WITH THEIR MOTHERS, IN THE ALASKAN REFUGE. 4. Allowing elephant, rhino, lion heads, hands and feet to b imported back in to the US for trophy hunter’s walls. 5. Allowing coal plants to dump toxic sludge back in to water ways that millions get their water from 6. Puerto Rico still has no power on half the island 7. Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water 8. Allowed insurance co.s to exclude you for pre-existing conditions or raise your rates as high as they want 9. Gave $111 Million to the top 1% while the bottom 85% saw no tax cut or even a tax increase 10. Trying RIGHT NOW to CUT SOCIAL SECURITY! Calling it “entitlement reform” that WE PAID FOR! 11. RIGHT NOW trying to cut Medicaid and Medicare to pay for his tax cut To the rich. 12. Cut federal protections to National Parks and monuments more than all presidents in history combined. 13. Sided with Russia over 17 US agencies who all agree the Russians are hacking our elections. Attacked ALL of your govt agencies and sided with Putin 14. Opening up MILLIONS of acres of protected ocean to oil drilling which could likely kill the last of 3 species of whales after millions of years of being on earth. 15. Increased foreign tariffs for many US products. 16. Lied about NATO and our Allies claiming we pay more and they do nothing and are our foes- So Who fought with us in every conflict since 9/11??? 17. Cut meals on wheels 18. Cut health care funding to planned parenthood 19. Cut funding to national parks 20. Dropped the MOB at a cost of $330 million for no reason or effect 21. Can’t spell collusion 22. Has had many affairs & paid them

His feet are facing one way and the top half is facing the other way! How do cats do this??? Loshe beast #adopted #cats #kittens #catyoga

This sleepy cream from @lushcosmetics is #HEAVEN ! I’m a long time insomniac and have created a 17 step routine for me to fall asleep and it works! This cream is my fav part! Repost from @lushcosmetics - More is more. Sleepy Lotion now comes in an XL container for more restful nights. 😴

My husband’s music. Father to abigail, asher, Ozmund, Loshe and sammy. Repost from @abrivanstraten - #santafe #desert #flamenco #singersongwriter

One of these is a comedy about two utter fuckups...the other one stars Danny Devito. @schwarzenegger @realdonaldtrump #dannydevito #kimjonghyun #ridiculous

#caturday ! Always trying to find ways to mimic the hunt and kill for indoor cats! This silly toy is pretty fun for them. It lasts not too long if you forget about it, like i did today and now the Batteries dead. AND if u have cats that will ingest things, like mine, you have to watch over them. The tail has now disappeared 😳 but a good few play sessions were had.

#Facts suck when you suck Repost from @occupydemocrats - Seriously! Image by Occupy Democrats.

South Africa

“People must learn to hate, they can be taught to love. Let’s be joyful in our struggle to make that truth manifest here on earth.” I mean, wow....this man...the work he has ALWAYS done and continues to do...it’s staggering. One knows ANYONE who can find fault with THIS man ...has been taught garbage, chosen to swallow it and is likely racist. There is no sane way to find fault with this Work. Repost from @obamafoundation - “Young people are capable, when aroused, of bringing down the towers of oppression, and raising the banners of freedom.” —Nelson Mandela #ObamaLeaders from across Africa stand poised to change their communities, their continent, and the world: Obama.org/Africa #africa #southafrica #obama #imissyou

The last animal food to go for me was cheese. But now There is NO excuse to eat cheese. I’m obsessed w/ @miyokos_kitchen #vegan cheese. @earthbalance butter is better than butter and any non dairy milk is 1000% tines tastier and more nutritious and more calcium than dairy milk. Did you know dairy causes heart disease? It’s plaque. I eat coconut or cashew yogurt-delicious! Dairy is also super duper sad. As a woman, I can’t support another female being impregnated over and over to have every Baby taken from her on day one. 😢😢They ALL do this. Even the Stoney farms organic Eco yadda yadda farms—-they can’t have the babies taking the milk. The female babies are then born to also be impregnated over and over or if male they are veal. If you don’t support veal, then you can’t really support dairy as what are they going to do with all those babies? Repost from @theherbivorousb - Our friend @theveganroadie is in Clarksville, MD for the @rootsmkt Vegan Fest & look at this pic he grabbed of all the amazing #vegan cheese options at Roots! 😍 Which ones do you need to try, and can you spot ours? 🧀 📷 @theveganroadie

@barackobama ❤️❤️❤️ “utter lack of shame...now they just keep on lying!” 🍊 Repost from @please_prove_me_wrong - @realnews45 I love this

This woman is incredible!!! @ocasio2018 ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ Repost from @nastywomancosmetics - “I derive power from my femininity. And any attempt to make femininity trivial or unimportant is an attempt to take away my power. So I’m going to wear the red lipstick. Other people’s attempt to say, ‘Oh, talking about lipstick is unimportant,’ [they are] talking about feminine expression being unimportant,” she says. “That expressing yourself as a woman is unimportant. Don’t ever believe that. Wear the skirt. Wear the combat boots. Tear up your jeans. Whatever makes you feel authentically yourself and like a badass. The only way that we’re going to move forward is by running as our authentic selves.” WORDS TO LIVE BY FROM ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ. She just beat a 10 TERM incumbent in the Bronx in her primary election. #feelinginspired

This is not normal and SO WONDERFUL!!! It could be normal if more of us were like this sweet woman! Orphaned Calves are a byproduct of the dairy industry. Repost from @thedodo - This baby cow was so lonely when he was saved from auction, but then he met the best friend 🐮🐶 (📹: @LittleBucketsFarmSanctuary)

#boycotticeland - #iceland is brutalling slaughtering endangered #whales using grenade tipped harpoons. There is no market for whale meat. Their whale watch tourism brings in $20 million a year. The only way to stop this is to vow to not go to Iceland. Me and 2 freinds have cancelled our plans to see Iceland in 2019. @elaine4animals & I will visit someplace else! Repost from @racingextinction - WARNING: Graphic images. Will THIS be our legacy? 💔🐋 For the last few weeks, Icelandic whalers have been hunting endangered fin whales using grenade-tipped harpoons. This government-approved hunt makes no economic sense, as the global market for fin whale meat has almost disappeared. Meanwhile, whale-watching in Iceland is booming. One in five tourists pay to watch whales, contributing $20 million USD annually to the country's economy. We expect that this blatant defiance of the International Whaling Commission's 1986 ban on commercial whaling will take its toll on Icelandic tourism. As the largest marine mammals, whales play a critical role in keeping our oceans healthy. They prevent species over-population, regulate food systems and combat climate change. They're also intelligent, sentient and social animals. Our two species share more than just DNA; we share needs, emotions and vulnerabilities. Icelandic Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir announced that her government will launch a full review of the whaling industry this fall. We need all of our whales, alive and breathing, to support healthy and abundant oceans. Join us in calling on Iceland choose tourism over whaling. We must continue to keep the pressure on the Icelandic Government in the wake of this latest news; your voices are being heard. Click the link in our bio to TAKE ACTION 💪🐳#StopIcelandWhaling @wowair @icelandtravel @icelandair @iceland.explore @iceland.explore @iceland_photo_tours @iceland_photography @iuriebelegurschi

Awwww! There are some nice people on this planet! Repost from @thedodo @worldanimalnews - This lady found a tiny #bat crying in a bush, so she came up with an elaborate plan to reunite her with her mom💙🦇 (📹: @batusi.nights) - Via @thedodo - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews @peace_4animals

Does anyone know why Instagram does this? #swipe “comments on this post have been limited” - ps good post eh? Would love to see this criminal in a suit to match his skin. Repost @encyclopedia.bridgetica

The Instagram saga continues! This is better than a soap opera!!! 1st time I got this warning I had posted a Screen shot of an inappropriate photo from IG (Hitler was in it and the guy was harassing another person in their comments) without his name. But it had been ok for the original poster to have it up? 2nd time I got this notice I had posted it Again w/out his name. 3rd time I had REposted This time with his name on the photo, but with no hashtags or @s so there was NO WAY IG could find anything about it with 95 MILLION POSTS A DAY...unless someone is after me on IG. Well guess what?....I’m being stalked by IG. It came down again. And I love that it’s for “photos of extreme violence. Encouraging violence or attacks. Threats of physical harm, theft, vandalism or financial harm” 🤣😂🤣😂 But some of you also reported the original poster and IG did take it down. So maybe we did something good??? BOTTOM LINE: someone is stalking me. This story line will continue because I am not posting threats of any kind. Totally Ridiculous!! Good night my @Instagram stalker. Sleep tight. 💋

Is it though?!?! Repost from @newyorkercartoons - A cartoon by Barbara Smaller, from 2014. #TNYcartoons

Amboseli National Park

OMG! THIS group is amazing!!! @biglifeafrica saved the elephants of #amboseli in #Kenya where I’ve been & are expanding in to #Tanzania, where elephants are still hunted and is close by, so the 🐘 migrate to there. If you like elephants this is a great Tshirt from @floatapparel to get to help A wonderful group who put rangers on the ground to patrol, airplanes in the air and sniffer dogs to track poachers. On guard 24-7. Can’t say enough about them! They protect the entire Eco system of #elephant #amboseli #kenya #rangers #lion #giraffe #rhino #zebra #hyena #wilddog Repost from @floatapparel - Since 2008, the poaching of wildlife, primarily elephants and rhinos, has dramatically escalated across much of Africa. @biglifeafrica works closely with local communities, national parks, and government agencies to protect and sustain East Africa’s wild lands and wildlife. Help put a stop to poachers and stand with conservation with this design at www.float.org/biglife 🐘 #conservation #elephant #endpuppymills #floatapparel #africa

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