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Американская актриса, известная по роли Пэм в драматическом телесериале «Настоящая кровь», а также роли Малефисенты в телесериале «Однажды в сказке».
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Northern Rangelands Trust-Coast

ALL my respect & love to the wildlife rangers. ❤️Repost from @r.e.s.c.u.e - Today, on #WorldRangerDay, we say thank you to the rangers everywhere who work tirelessly and often at great risk to themselves, to protect the world's wildlife and preserve the future of our planet. We are truly grateful. Photo by @amivitale. @nrt_kenya @kenyawildlifeservice @lewa_wildlife @glassybaby @elephantcooperation @lifeisgoodco @yachakyerbamate @tusk_org @natgeo @magicalkenya @tourismkenya #protectelephants #bekindtoelephants #DontLetThemDisappear #elephants #saveelephants #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale

I mean what?! Are you kidding me?! These kittens need to dial it down! Too much! These beautiful orange babies need great (local) homes (see @kitten_faces feed) Repost from @kitten_faces - From the journal of Mandie: “Dear Diary, today we all loaded up in the carrier and went for checkups. Foster Mom was telling the nice ladies there at the SPCA how we are perfect angels. If only she knew what happened that one time, in Summer Camp. It was lights out, and Pommie and I decided to sneak out of our cabin. We waited until Kumquat and Bergie were snoring. Boy can they rattle the windows! Pommie wanted to see Kirby, the gray tabby in the next cabin. We had our flashlights 🔦 and Pommie had a breath mint in her pocket. I was so nervous! Sneaking out was against the rules but I didn’t want Pommie going out into the dark alone.” -to be continued. #citruskittens

Only THREE% of the worlds charitable giving goes to animals AND environment! When u give please give to protect animals as 97% do not. Only 1% goes to wild animals of all the giving on the planet!! On this #WorldRangerDay I want to urge others to help these true heroes who are willing to die to save the last of their kind! What is more heroic than that?!?! Repost from @worldanimalnews - Today we celebrate #WorldRangerDay to commemorate #rangers killed or injured in the line of duty and to celebrate the work rangers do to protect the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage. - Support rangers this World Ranger Day - share this post & talk about it. Lives have been lost protecting our megafauna - and it is thanks to these men and women in many ways that species like #elephants are not yet extinct. 🙏🌍🐘🦏🐆 - Via @blackbeanproductions - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews @peace_4animals

Congo, Ouaka, Central African Republic

#worldrangerday 2018 - these men and women are true wildlife heroes! Thai gentleman lost his arm in the line of duty and still serves. We would have no wildlife left if it weren’t for them! Repost from @africanparksnetwork - We are priviledged to share the following story - one of extreme bravery and of overcoming adversity in the heart of Congo. Park Ranger Komerewa Daoba Dieudonne is a Ranger of distinction who has served the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN) in @garamba_national_park since 2008. He quickly rose to the ranks to become a Patrol Commander, leading rangers in the field, facing heavily armed groups including Sudanese poachers (who were largely responsible for the extinction of the northern white rhino in the park) and the Lord’s Resistance Army who wreak havoc and destroy human and animal life. Despite the constant threat from these heavily militarized and incentivized armed groups, Mr. Dieudonne and his team have shown extraordinary courage, grace, and selflessness protecting the region’s wildlife, and the local communities. Tragically, Mr. Dieudonne faced the ultimate test when out on a patrol, he suffered a terrible accident that resulted in severing, and losing his arm, below the elbow. Despite this catastrophic incident, and after months of healing and recuperation, Mr. Dieudonne was determined to join his ranger team once more. He never waned in his commitment and this obstacle didn’t weigh him down. He returned to work and used his strong leadership skills to become an integral member of Garamba’s training wing. Mr Dieudonne never regarded his injury as a disability and remains one of the best marksmen on our team. Mr Dieudonne has given years of dedication and service during one of the most difficult periods in the park’s history. It is a credit to him, his enduring character and his professional pride that he continues to be an example for future rangers, and the DRC’s younger generation. Want to show your support of Mr Dieudonne? Send a note in the comments section. While most of our rangers are not on Instagram, we are compiling your messages, and letting Mr. Dieudonne and the other rangers know

Are my kittens holding tails??? In the shape of a ❤️. Humans just can’t love each other like this. I wish for all, well, most of us, to feel this comfortable and loved some day, some time ...and it’ll likely be with an animal, and that’s wonderful!! Good night from Loshe and Sammy. #kittens #adopted #brothers #cats #truelove

These brothers wrestle, run, chase, bath and snuggle all day! Always adopt two. Best thing I’ve ever done - three times now in my life I’ve had #siblings . I call that back kick move “the bicycle” - this is the double bicycle!! #adopted #kittens #cats #love #play #snuggle

So what if I have to fib a bit to get @abrivanstraten to eat healthier?? I told him this was a heavy metal shake...not a heavy metal DETOX shake. Wives have to do this. See @medicalmedium for the recipe - #health @ironmaiden #heavymetal

The release of this California #Condor is an historical event! The Condor is the largest bird in N America w/ a wing span of 10 ft! They went extinct in the wild in 1987 when the last 22 on earth were captured and bred and are being reintroduced in to the wild. Through massive efforts they struggle to survive up against mans Need to procreate and cover this entire earth w/ farms and structures. Repost from @worldanimalnews

I hope you Sleep like you are a kitten cuddling with your brother. #kittens #adopted #brothers #love

@seanhannity May be right! I mean this liberal agenda is nuts!!! Support for seniors??? Come on! Solidarity with #PuertoRico??? Sure they’re actually Americans but that’s beside the point! ....women’s rights?!?! Now the left has gone too far! The next thing you know women’ll be wanting to vote!!! 😳😳😳😳😳 look at this “liberal” list and just imagine how cool it would be to live in a country who has actually figured out how to do this? Just imagine it. And then realize you’d like to move to Denmark and also just how insane you have to be to scream about how there is anything at all NOT disgusting about a private fucking prison. The right is shit-house-rat-crazy and we just need to focus on rallying the troops and #voting - THAT’S the game folks - just #vote (and always follow zombie rules - don’t look em in the eyes and no sudden movements) #trumpersarecrazy

Wanna feel all good inside about life and love and even some humans? Repost from @thedodo - This swan's about to see her mate for the first time in weeks 😭 (📹: @caters_news, @dierenbescherming)

Echo Park Lake

So much fun to see my niece Greta! We paddled a duck around echo park “lake” (yeah, to #Wisconsin folks it’s a pond) - Super fun!! Thank you Greta!!! 😍 love you! ❤️ #echopark #losangeles #duck

I woke up to this, and then....I saw this in the mirror. #swipe - No wonder my cats were looking at me like that! #caturday #adopted #brothers #kittens #cats

Repost from @newyorkercartoons - A cartoon by @ellisjrosen. #TNYcartoons

This is the rescue in Venezuela I donated proceeds to from last charity auction - they really need help! ❤️🐶Repost from @ayudemosapluto using @RepostRegramApp - #Lolo sigue necesitando de todos y cada uno de ustedes 🙏🏻 Busca un hogar #Urgente 🆘 Necesita seguir pagando su inmensa deuda en la Clínica para poder seguir teniendo un techito seguro por favor 🙏🏻💔 . . . - Logramos abonar 50.000.000 Bs 🙏🏻 En la cuenta de #Lolo 🙏🏻❤️ Pero su cuenta sigue subiendo y el sigue necesitando ayuda 🙏🏻 Ambas patitas necesitan ser operadas pero mientras no se consiga un hogar no podemos operar a #Lolo los costos son sumamente elevados y ya su deuda es inmensa en la clínica 😞 Seguimos necesitando de corazones bondadosos y almas caritativas por favor 🙏🏻🙌🏻 #Lolo lo merece y lo necesita, no lo abandonemos una vez más 🙏🏻😞 Amigos les pedimos de corazón, lean con atención 💔😞 El es #Lolo fue rescatado por una Sra. Llego muy malito porque fue atropellado pero gracias a Dios ha mejorado muchísimo, amerita ser operado porque su patita como ven en el video esta torcida 💔 La persona que lo llevo, tiene más de 3 semanas sin ir a verlo, sin llevarle comida y sin atender los teléfonos de contacto 😞 No se sabe que paso con la Sra. 😥 Lo cierto es que #Lolo necesita comida, porque ya no tienen nada para darle, nosotras dejamos dicho que de la comida de #Toby le dieran a el por igual 🙏🏻 Lo siguiente es que la cuenta de #Lolo también sigue subiendo y no hay nadie que ayude a este pobre amiguito, de ser así, deberán tomar una decisión ya que no pueden costear esos gastos, el amerita antibióticos aún pero por falta de pagos, no se los han podido colocar 😞💔 Nos parte el alma la situación de #Lolo y es un amor, súper dócil y muy cariñoso, por eso una vez más queremos ver si alguien puede ayudarnos o ayudar directamente en la clínica abonando para #Lolo y llevándole más comidita y si alguien se enamora y lo adopta sería maravilloso!! ¿QUIEN LE DA UNA PATITA AMIGA A LOLO?🙋🏻‍♀️🐾 Por favor 🙏🏻🆘 . Numero de cuenta Mercantil Cuenta de Ahorro Antonieta Khazne 01050029010029798981 Cedula: 23067425 Correo: ayudemosapluto1@hotmail.com PayPal: anto_georgi94@hotmail.com

First time I’ve heard @realdonaldtrump & not regurgitated a tad! 😂😂 what genius made this??? #poormichael Repost from @FuckAgentOrange (@wefuckinghatedonaldtrump - Turn on sound!! 🕺😂✊️❤️ * * * We are @undergrounddisruptors And @climatechangeisfuckingscary

So true @torre.washington - and thanks for those plant based muscles and showing us what is possible! Repost from @torre.washington - When the road gets tough, don’t quit! We are all in this together, put your head down and give it all you got 💪🏽. #vegan4life . Let’s change the world! 🙌🏽 Are you with me? 🌱

I have to tell you, I’ve been under so much stress for last 24 hrs watching this #cranstonfire - I’ve never had so many freinds in a town that was burning who I can’t reach. I’m overwhelmed with emotion for the #firefighter s - I can’t understand their devotion. I will forever be grateful to them. And I’m astoundingly underwhelmed by most of the reporters on scene & in helicopters. It has added so much stress for home owners that real seasoned journalists are not working at the networks. They are young and cute but film the ground as they talk, explain what we are seeing “this is a house on fire, being engulfed by flames, a lot of smoke” but never tell us what the area or address is. They don’t seem to know how video works, that we are SEEING what they are filming - so describing it 😳😳. They post endless photos of horrifying scenes and say “on hwy 74 looking at fire” not “on hwy 74 between _____st and ____exit, driving north, looking east...” - it makes me REALLY appreciate actual journalists who may be older & not as cute but know journalism 101: who, what, when, where and to frame up! One reporter in a helicopter was joking as a Home went up. I’ve never been so close to a tragedy and realized how bad Many reporters are now as we’ve removed the news wing from most networks & put it under “entertainment” & make them fight for ratings. The news gets more and more about some tween celebs bday post getting 1 million hits and how to make some bacon sandwich while towns burn. Truly sad and kind of shame on you ALL major 3 tv networks. Dust off some real reporters & send them out there or just stay in the studio and regurgitate others footage - what u r doing adds no info & more stress for home owners. I had to HEAR ONLY, about a gas station going up in flames (why we don’t know - new fire, or same fire moving?), as the fire trucks arrived!.. for 3 minutes while the reporter filmed the ground and her dash board...I’ll spend an hr googling & learn nothing 😡 Repost from @abc7la - #BREAKINGNEWS: Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in Riverside and Shasta counties, where firefighters are battling massive wildfires amid blistering heat

#idyllwild #cranston #fire for large #animals Repost from @simonereyes - Via @pattyshenker

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