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Американская актриса, известная по роли Пэм в драматическом телесериале «Настоящая кровь», а также роли Малефисенты в телесериале «Однажды в сказке».
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@wondercon day for #suicidesquad - I'm #killerfrost !! @suicidesquad

#opiodcrisis #trump Repost from @other98 - 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Did you know I love #JohnWayne ? He reminds me of my dear old dad. Repost from @versionsofu - “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday.” John Wayne

SALE TODAY on the #vegan bags I carry! I love these bags AND they rescue moon bears with the proceeds! #goodpeople doing #good things Repost from @miomojo_italia on Instagram: “Spring has sprung, and there’s no greater way to enjoy it than to get outdoors! Take your work…” - Spring has sprung, and there’s no greater way to enjoy it than to get outdoors! Take your work with you (if you have to!) with this special Spring promotion: 20% off all Urban bundle sets. Act fast, offer ends April 1st! 🌸♻🌷#miomojo #spring #springbreak #travel #recycled #recycledbags #vegan #animallovers #gogreen #ocean #oceanwaste #environment #crueltyfree #loveanimals #iloveanimals #pvcfree #specialoffer #italiandesign

Before & after of photos of the kind people's work at @little_brook_farm ! Repost from @boochaces - Last week or so, I wrote an open letter about my favorite horse rescue - @little_brook_farm - to anyone willing to read it. They need help and I could not standby and do nothing. Click the link in their bio to read the campaign I set up! GOFUNDME.COM/HELPLBF

Thank you @lewa_wildlife for raising this orphaned baby #rhino who will be released back to the wild. See original post for adorable video of his morning bottle! ❤️🦏Repost from @lewa_wildlife using - ⏪⏪ Swipe Left⏪⏪ #Throwback to this moment 2 years ago of rhino scientist @pilot_lemaiyan giving baby rhino Kitui his evening bottle of milk. Back then, his favourite things were his milk, his little blanket and days spent splashing about in mud under the doting care of his keepers. He has grown so much since then and is now completely weaned off milk. His keepers still look after him 24 hours a day and take him out for longer walks, teaching him the essential skills he needs to survive in the bush: what to eat, where to find water and how to protect himself. One thing that has remained the same, however, is his love of mud-baths. 😂 We're delighted that Kitui is turning 3 years old this Sunday! Kitui's keepers will continue to care for him until he is old enough to be re-introduced into the wild. 📹: @martinbuzora 📷: @stevetoom #ThrowbackThursday #LewaWildlifeConservancy #LewaBorana #BabyRhino #Kitui #Cute #Adorable #Blankie #Nature #AnimalLovers #HandReared

My babies! #sleepwell everyone. #goodnight and #goodmorning (to those over the pound)

Thank you #corretascottking - i'd sure like to see if women could do a better job. Let's just try it? Repost from @womensmarch - Two weeks from today marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we remember Dr. King's late wife, activist Coretta Scott King, for her work radicalizing her husband, leading civil rights work and advocating for equality. #mlk50forward #mlk #marchforhumanity

There is so much horrendousness out there that I'm trying to take a page from #mrrogers right now. And seek out the helpers! Look at the good people! They are also out there. Repost from @sierraclub - A positive outlook from the one and only Mr. Rogers, who was born March 20, 1928.

Stunning #whales #music - so you think we should allow them to live, or not? Right now, #trump is removing their protections so speak up if you want whales to survive. It's that simple. Repost from @oneoceanconservation - The ocean is a beautiful place with such beautiful animals. Please help us save the ocean. #Repost @oceanramsey (turn the volume up!! So beautiful! 🐳) ・・・ TURN THE VOLUME UP!!! 😍🐋💙🐋💙 I just want to say that this was instant good karma. I swam down to get a piece of debris, a plastic bag (one of two that unfortunately drifted through this mornings @oneoceandiving @oneoceanresearch dive) & a whale swam right towards us and down and stayed in place just singing his heart out! It was bone rattling, my heart was racing with joy, it was so beautiful to be surrounded by his symphony reverberating through everything. I cannot express how grateful I am for moments like this. I’m not a fan of the necessity of paperwork in life but moments like this really put life and work in perspective 💙🐋💙🌊 I freaking love the #ocean #nature #whales #sharks #dolphins #work #fieldwork #respectTheocean #savewhales #savetheocean CHECK OUT @juansharks OTHER VID FOR MORE 🎼🐋🎼🐋💙🌊💙🌊 It’s whale season in #Hawaii and while we don’t put people in the water with Whales we are very fortunate that several times each season they swim up to us when we are already in the water with the sharks. The sharks don’t care about the whales or pay them any attention unless they are injured or dead. WIN THIS @xcelwetsuits #WaterInspired wetsuit & a @mauidiversjewelry ring & these @cressi1946 #FreediveFins and @oakley #Sunglasses. LINK IN MY BIO 😊💙🌊

Those of u in #illinois district #IL03 get out and #VOTE for @marie4congress to stop a bigot! Repost from @shinybootz - #Repost @thomas_sadoski ・・・ Doing something I rarely do and speaking on behalf of a specific candidate. I usually keep my public opinions to issues rather than politicians, but in the case of #IL03 (parts of Chicago and the SW area of the city) and candidate @marie4congress I make an exception (there will be at least one more in 2018, @jocelynbenson). The current representative from #IL03, Dan Lipinski, is an open and fervent anti-LGBTQ congressional voter and in 2018 I can’t make that jive with all the incredible work that we have done in this culture towards recognizing basic human dignity and equality. Tomorrow is the Democratic primary in IL03 (you read that right, Lipinski fashions himself a Democrat, because he was gifted the seat by his father who ran as a Democrat...you read that right, too) and I’m asking you to please spread the word: VOTE MARIE NEWMAN! ✌️✊️❤️🏳️‍🌈🤝

Repost from @natgeo - Photo by @amivitale With a heavy heart, I share this news and hope that Sudan's legacy will awaken us to protect this magnificent and fragile planet. Yesterday, wildlife ranger Joseph Wachira, 26 comforted Sudan, the last living male Northern White Rhino left on this planet moments before he passed away. Sudan lived a long, healthy life at the conservancy after he was brought to Kenya from @safari_park_dvur_kralov in the #Czechrepublic in 2009. He died surrounded by people who loved him at @olpejeta after suffering from age-related complications that led to degenerative changes in muscles and bones combined with extensive skin wounds. Sudan has been an inspirational figure for many across the world. Thousands have trooped to Ol Pejeta to see him and he has helped raise awareness for rhino conservation. The two female northern white rhinos left on the planet are his direct descendants. Research into new Assisted Reproductive Techniques for large mammals is underway due to him. The impact that this special animal has had on conservation is simply incredible. And there is still hope in the future that the subspecies might be restored through IVF. In 2009, I had the privilege of following this gentle hulking creature on his journey from the snowy Dvur Krulov zoo in the Czech Republic to the warm plains of Kenya, when he was transported with three of his fellow Northern White Rhinos in a last ditch effort to save the subspecies. It was believed that the air, water, and food, not to mention room to roam, might stimulate them to breed—and the offspring would then be used to repopulate Africa. At the time, there were 8 Northern white rhinos alive, all in zoos. Today, we are witnessing the extinction of a species that had survived for millions of years but could not survive mankind. Follow @olpejeta and @amivitale to learn more what we can all do to #coexist. @natgeo @natgeocreative @olpejeta @kenyawildlifeservice @thephotosociety  #SudanForever#WorthMoreAlive #OlPejetaRhinos #NorthernWhiteRhinos #protectrhinos #DontLetThemDisappear #rhinos #saverhinos #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournali

Be selfish...eat plant based foods to feel good about yourself. Repost from @zippyvegan - There is great peace in knowing you are causing the least amount of harm you can. Go vegan, don’t contribute to animal abuse Ⓥ 🖤🌱

Something can be done about elephants dying but we must keep ivory bans in place! Did you know Bush enacted the first ban & Nixon created the endangered species act? The Republican Party has changed - today they are the big donor trophy hunters so #trump lifted the ban. This must be kept in our feeds and conversations with so much going on! We can't forget about wild animals! Repost from @natgeo - @natgeo @stevewinterphoto An elephant taking a drink then walking across the river in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda The greatest single step taken to ensure the future of elephants in our world was the Ivory Ban recently enacted by China. Famous individuals in China like former NBA star Yao Ming have trumpeted WildAid’s mantra “When the buying stops the killing can too" The murder of elephants and other species for their parts needs to stop. Real community conservation that is based on the continued life of the species rather than it’s death can result in greater and more consistent economic rewards for the future of the local people and the species. With poaching still a problem throughout the world - PSA campaigns based on economics like @WildAid - WORK - and the numbers show that they WORK. To learn more about projects that work - check out natgeo,com/bigcats @WildAid @africanparksnetwork @AfricanWildlifeFoundation @SavetheElephants @natgeo

Awesome horse sweatshirts, tshirts, tanks to support horse rescue! Repost from @boochaces - 183 sold!!! Can we hit 200 by Monday morning?!?! You asked for it!!! Thanks to your fun idea and @albaparis art, we launched a fundraiser!!! Click the link in @jandrelevich bio to order your very own Miakoda’s herd shirt!!! Available for 9 MORE DAYS ONLY!!!!!! ❤️ Miakoda is a wild mustang who was kept in a government holding pen for five years of her life after her mother was rounded up by helicopters while pregnant. That’s right. Miakoda has never even tasted freedom. The whereabouts of her mother, who gave birth to her in captivity, are unknown. This little mare went through three separate adoption events and no one wanted her. Some said she was “too small!” Others said she was “ugly!” She was then marked as a three strike horse after the government realized no one wanted her. Three strike horses are most at risk of being sent to slaughter due to there being minimal regulations setup for them compared to the adoptable mustangs in holding. This is when Rancho Relaxo comes in. With the mission to save a life in mind, as well as the goal to educate the public about what is happening to America’s wild horses, Caitlin Cimini, President and Founder of Rancho Relaxo, asked for the horse who was most at risk and most in need of safe haven. The first number out of the government official’s mouth “#6365!” Caitlin has been spending hours with Miakoda, gaining her trust and forming a strong bond. So many have been touched by Miakoda’s willingness to love humans - even after everything she’s been through. Everyone at Rancho Relaxo has come together, with the help of artist Alba Paris, to ask you to join Miakoda’s herd. In wearing this shirt, you too can educate the public about wild mustangs and spread the word about Miakoda’s journey. #miakodamustang

Across the board @realdonaldtrump is cutting funding to nature: whales, elephants, open spaces, lions, Forrests...because he wants to drill, frack and mine everywhere he can AND is diverting all funds to our already massive military spending. We spend more on military than the next 7 developed countries COMBINED! SPEAK UP - take 2 minutes to retweet and tag your reps! CALL YOUR REPS!!! #vote @kamalaharris @senfeinstein #senfeinstein

This exact spot is still protected, but the path to get here @realdonaldtrump has opened up to drilling, fracking and mining. Repost from @natgeo - Follow @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) on assignment in the slot canyons of #EscalanteNationalMonument in Utah today in our IG Story feed. We are looking at sites that were recently removed or otherwise affected when the Monument was shrunk by around %50 and split into 3 smaller units by Executive Order. The Zebra slots (carved over thousands of years by water in red and white striped sandstone) were not removed but the trail to get to them, and the larger buffer area around them was. This opens the area for potential resource extraction in the future. Watch the IG story feed and follow @argonautphoto in the coming days for other views and videos from these slots!

This is going to be my Sunday! #slothday Repost from @toucanrescueranch - Happy #SlothSunday from a sleepy Stella.

Handsome easy dog who loves kids, dogs, cats and survived two hurricanes needs a foster or a home! Repost from @maytesrescue - This special boy here... “George” he survived both hurricanes last year in Puerto Rico and was found by a beautiful family that asked me to help find him a forever home. He’s about 3 years old and is GREAT with kids, cats, other dogs. He’s just a loving boy that needs someone to love and a place to call home! Please network. He’s up to date on shots, neutered and just a grateful , happy boy. I don’t like the boarding in Puerto Rico so even if a foster is available. Let me know. We will transport him ASAP. Being on that cage isn’t where he should be. Let’s do something about this. Contact me ASAP. Rescue@mayte.com #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #hurricanesurvivor #love

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