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Американская актриса и кантри-певица.
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Wisconsin...Country Jam and Freedom Festival thanks for having me! I had a blast in your beautiful state! Back home to my baby girl now!

Oh. My. This is what happens when I'm out of town and @sara_brice has Jolie girl over. U for sure scored points girl! Hahaha. Her first time having whip cream! Thanks for that! 😂 have fun putting her down @mlmendoza. #sugar

When I'm on stage singing in Wisconsin my baby girl back home is jamming too! Thank you @sara_brice for letting her play with her bf while Momma's gone!

I love this photo so much. Thank you @sara_brice for the laughs this week and friendship. If only there was a camera in the car the other day to witness the madness! I love that our girls got to hang. 🍷🍷

Best friend kisses. Jolie and I are so thankful for @alittlebitfancy and her little love bug.

And take 3 it is! @alittlebitfancy #momlife #rideordie

Take 2 with @alittlebitfancy

Take one @alittlebitfancy #momlife

These girls. Thanks to the glue @jennifer_denmark for getting us all together. @dredre2424 @jenniferwayne @kvwoodard @erinoprea. Tonight was tears laughter and lots of red wine that were so good for the soul.

A duet in the making. @sara_brice

Jolie and her boyfriend Ryker singing a duet @sara_brice

Me right now...literally. And a glass of TEA believe it or not. Thanks to my girl @sara_brice for posting this and shout out to all my girls and momma friends who feel me on this!!!!

What a great weekend of shows in Iowa and Chicago! Thanks to everyone who came out and showed so much love and of course my band guys for killin it each night. Now back to Nashville to see my baby girl! (Arms and legs by @erinoprea ) thanks girl for kicking my ass via FaceTime workouts when I'm on the road!

There's nothing better than having your best friend and manager on the road with ya. I love you @kvwoodard ! Thanks for always supporting me and being there for me through all the ups and downs and for never leaving my side. #family

I'm out on the road this weekend and I couldn't be more thankful for @mlmendoza for loving my baby girl so much when I'm gone. It's the hardest to be away and the mom guilt I feel when I am away is real but to know she's in good hands makes it a little easier. See you tomorrow morning baby girl! #2daysaway

When ur trying to hard to have the model squint face. #itried #itsokaytojokeaboutyourself

Girls day!!!!! @mickeyguyton #raerae

It's so hot in LA. Jolie running around with all the energy and mom be like....#95degrees #seewhatididthere #brainfried

Peace, love and mean mugging from me and Jolie Rae! Photo by @sara.cuse

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