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Американская актриса и кантри-певица.
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Just booked a snowboarding trip to Park City for the husbands bday and someone is very jealous they aren’t coming. Also, I would gladly trade my spot with U Jolie. Last time I was on a ski lift I was filming one of the season finales of OTH and I had a massive panic attack on it. Sooo there’s that. #fearofheights #sh*t.

Getting cozy with @fabfitfun ☺️ #fabfitfunpartner Head to my FB page to see the goodies inside this editor’s box and use code JANA at www.fabfitfun.com/editors-box to get $10 off your first box! Xoxo

Such a proud mommy moment 😂. God I love this girl. Constantly makes me smile. #mygirl

Alert: diva at Gelsons.

One of my absolute favorite gifts was from my brother in law @jack.caussin. This bracelet has the coordinates to where Jolie was born and her name is engraved inside. #mygirl

2017........you broke my heart, you broke me down, you made me question everything, but damn did you make me strong. You taught me patience, you taught me family was everything. You made me believe not only in myself but the power of forgiveness. You turned me into the women I always wanted to be. I have NO clue what 2018 has in store for me but I’ve never been more ready to live day by day and enjoy each day as it comes at me. Here’s to always believing in love and fighting for it.... (Pics from Hawaii Dec 2nd...vow renewal.. photos by @rodrigomoraesphotography )....2018, I’m ready for you!

My whole world... #mygirl

Been trying to take a picture of her smiling all day and of course she finally does laying on the kitchen floor. But I’ll take it! Christmas was never my favorite holiday but it sure is now seeing this girl light up so much. Jolie, Merry Christmas my love. You are by far the best present I’ll ever have.

Hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas!!! All our love... ❤️❤️❤️

Jolie seeing her playground for the first time....Christmas with her is everything. Makes this day fun times a million!

I grew up figure skating....so this moment is everything to me right now....#mygirl #myskatergirl

I’m back!!!! #brunette @morganparks901 @tauni901 #901salon #extensions #change 🍷

My heart.....this girl....(shoes from her Uncle Steve @kramer1269) #potterybarn #mygirl #jmu

Want to know what Mike and Holly are up to a year later and see 3 bonus scenes from @emosswilson cut?!?! Well you’re in luck!!! TONIGHT! @lifetimetv #8/7c. Is Holly and Mike still together?!?! Watch and find out!!!

When I tell Jolie to smile this is the face she has been making lately. She’s also playing with a decoration that my Momma @norak40 had when I was Jolie’s age. It reminds me of home. And I’m obsessed with her toy chest that she’s sitting on by @kidkrafttoys !

Yup. @scarymommy just gets life. I literally cried laughing when I saw this. #truth

I’m thinking about going darker and longer again. Yay or nay?!? #ineedachange

I am making my list and everyone I know is getting this hair tie bracelet for Christmas! If you are looking for last minute stocking stuffers, check out the #busygirlbangle by @gogirldesigns Last deal of the year, 50% off using promo code MERRY50, stock up now!!

These girls. What a great night for the soul. @julssolomon @oliviacaridi @ellingson1 @sheevafit #girlsnight #catch

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