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Американская актриса и кантри-певица.
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Spring forward Hair by @morganparks901 & @tauni901 #7hourcrew

I don’t even have the words for how amazing this is.....caption below for me ... #mygirl

Flyin into Monday and this week like...#letsgo

The reaction when...you tell @mikebisping you can kick his ass....

One of my favorite parts of the day...our nighttime cuddles. #mygirl

Any other moms out there that can relate to this?!? #truth #me

Every morning this is the frame I see when I wake up. I’ve been trying to do morning gratitude and just looking at this frame every morning makes me feel beyond blessed to have a baby girl that calls me Momma and shows me what true love is. #mygirl #mommy&me

I am women hear me roar;) #internationalwomensday

Happy international women’s day to the girls who literally hold me together and share the love of comfy clothes, wine, friendship, love and who have loved me at my worst. #fab4

My new band photo. Comment below for the band name .... Ps. Hi boobs. Nice to see u. Thanks to the padded bra.

Napa trip with the @simply girls @oclydia @sarahpboyd @lindsayalbanese @shenaegrimesbeech @laurenbushnell @sazan @jetsuitex #livelaughandwine

“I still believe in fairytales, I still believe in picking flowers...” #love

Such a pleasure talking to and meeting a fellow @diamondresorts ambassador @chadpfeifergolf. Thank you for your service!!!

Love this so much. #fridayfeels

Getting real with you all… Getting pregnant can be a struggle sometimes so I’m excited to try @AvaWomen. It tracks not only your cycle but also your temperature, sleep, and stress levels. They say using Ava can double your chances of conceiving each cycle which is music to my ears. If you’re not trying to get pregnant you can also use it to monitor your health. LMK! Have any of you tried it and has it worked for you? If not, use code KRAMERGIRL for $20 off at avawomen.com to try it out yourself xo #avabracelet #avapartner

Smiles and hugs from this girl is all I need!

Missing this sweet girl so much. #mygirl

I need more lessons. 😂 #parkcity #goofystyle

Let’s be honest....I came to park city for the hot chocolate ;) #itsSOgood

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