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High Springs, Florida

My Escape to Nature 🙏🏻😇🌅 @ginniesprings #florida #camping #mamavacation #silence #nature #love #food #2019 #spring

Miami Beach, Florida

More Great News) Congratulations to our team of @lateagainana on winning the Best Student Film today. The jury was impressed by our work on Late Again Ana! I am so happy and blessed! Thank you @lafilmawards for this award!! It was a big pleasure being a part of your festival 🙏🏻 #lateagainana #newyorkfilmacademy #womendirectors #indyfilm #festival #anakofilm #womeninfilm #miami #kochetkova #filmmaker

Miami Beach, Florida

“The tool of every self-portrait is the mirror. You see yourself in it. Turn it the other way, and you see the world”. #agnesvarda photo by my amazing @gladkova.ph ❤️

Thank @lafilmawards for selecting our film @lateagainana! It is a big pleasure to be a part of your festival!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Both parents film directors is a big challenge 😄Спасибо @rezofilm и @nadineobolentseva за незабываемый и волшебный праздник 🙏🏻😊❤️

Miami Beach, Florida

Thank you @festigious International Film Festival for your support and award for our film and team🙏🏻

Miami Beach, Florida

Congratulations to our @lateagainana team! Today we won the Best Narrative Short Film at the @festigious Film Festival! So much Love and Joy 🙏🏻 @jackinobauer @cineasticzone Let’s keep rolling and have more films and festivals coming this year! #womeninfilm #lateagainana #womendirectors @nyfasouthbeach #miami #indyfilm #shortfilm #thesisfilmaward #festival #love #lovewhatyoudo #anakofilm

Miami Beach, Florida

As a Festigious finalist, our film @lateagainana is nominated for Best Picture award! 🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳 #indyfilm #womeninfilm @nyfasouthbeach #anakofilm #womendirectors #usa #festivals #2019 #lateagainana #festigious

Little Havana Art District

Thank you @miamifilm and Lynn & Louis Wolfson || Family Foundation Cinemaslam competition for selecting our film @lateagainana The creating of this film was a very hard process for us. I am a Writer, Producer, Director, Actor and Editor of this film. With the low budget that we had - we did an amazing job. Thank you @nyfasouthbeach for love and support that you gave me! I am so proud of each person who have helped this project happen! I am blessed to see the happy eyes of my crew and my actors! And it is the biggest price for me. I would love to continue seeding love in people and creating art with love! I am proud to be a woman filmmaker and I am ready for my new projects and my new adventures! #nevergiveup #nyfasouthbeach #anakofilm #lateagainana #miamifilmfestival #miamiff #womeninfilm #newyorkfilmacademy #miami #southflorida #usa #2019 #independentwoman #indyfilm

Miami Film Festival starts tomorrow!!!!! I am super happy and excited!!!😍 @miamifilm #lateagainana #shortfilm #newyorkfilmacademy #nyfasouthbeach #womeninfilm @womeninfilmla #filmmaker

Miami Beach, Florida

Не могу перестать смотреть это видео! Столько эмоций и любви было вложено в создание нашего волшебного фильма! Плачущий и счастливый режиссёр после последнего кадра. I can’t stop watching this video!!! So much love!!!! ❤️#bts #lateagainana #family #bestcrewever #besttimeever #miami #mfa #nyfa #thesisfilm #miamifilmfestival #shortfilm #womeninfilm #2019 #florida #justdoit

Los Angeles, California

“Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness”...

Нет слов обьяснить мое счастье! Спасибо всем близким кто разделил и поздравил меня с этим важным для меня днём! 8 лет с половиной высшего образования период окончен и пора заниматься отважными делами! Теперь я с гордостью могу произнести вслух что я кинодеятель! 🎉😍 Спасибо всем моим преподавателям ВГИКа и New York Film Academy!! Благодаря вам я насыщенна знаниями, которые будут мне помогать в моей профессиональной жизни!!! There are no words to explain my happiness! Thanks to all of my friends who shared and congratulated me on this important day! 8 years and a half of university period is over and it's time to go to the real world and do some brave things! Now I can proudly say that I am a filmmaker! 🎉😍 Thanks to all of my teachers from VGIK and New York Film Academy! Now I am full of knowledge that will help me and guide me through my professional life !!! I will miss my NYFA family - you’ve been my first home at USA and you will stay my family forever! Photo credit @slavadipro #nyfasouthbeach #miami #graduation2019 #filmmaking #becauseimhappy

Miami, Florida

Моя дипломная работа почти готова 👩‍🎓😍 #lateagainanafilm is coming 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Я иду по этой жизни как рыцарь держа одной рукой мою дочь, а второй меч, которым я пробиваю нам путь. Путь в новую и хорошую жизнь. Этот год был невероятно сложным и интересным. Я выучила много нового и прошла через много испытаний. Я заканчиваю свою магистратуру. Произошло очень много новых и приятных знакомств. Появились хорошие друзья и интересные коллеги, что очень радует меня, потому что я была одинока очень долгое время. Много перемен в конце уходящего года и я готова к ним. Моя вера и сила помогла мне начать заново жить и я знаю, что в новом году все будет ещё сложнее и интереснее, но я готова к испытаниям, потому что моя любовь сильна! Сильна и не победима! Идите по жизни с добром и любовью в сердце! Это великая сила которое победит все плохое! С наступающим вас 2019 годом! Любви, Силы и Веры 🙏🏻❤️ I walk through this life like a knight holding my daughter with one hand, and with the other my sword with which I punch our way. The path to a new and good life. This year was incredibly difficult and interesting. I have learned a lot of things and I went through a lot of good lessons. I am finishing my Masters degree. I have met a lot of Good friends and cool filmmakers- which makes me so happy, because I’ve been alone for a long time. I have a lot of changes at the end of this year and I am ready for them. My faith and strength helped me to start a new life and I know that in the new 2019 everything will be even more harder and more interesting, but I am ready for the trials, because my faith and love is really strong! My dear friends, walk through this life with kindness and love in your heart! This is a greatest power that will defeat all bad! I’m wishing you all a Happy 2019! Love, Strength and Faith to you all!! 🙏🏻❤️

Miami, Florida

Merry Christmas ❤️🎄🙏🏻 Photo by my love @katherine_bard


#myeverything Ребёнок за 30 минут сделала все уроки чтобы с Мамой поехать и один кадр для фильма сделать))) Хлебом не корми - дай камеру подержать 🎥😎😂 #cameraassistant #redcamerausers #miami #mommydaughtertime #filmmaking #indiefilm

Miami Beach, Florida

The best team ever!!! #lateagainana God blessed me to have the best crew in the world!!! Photo by @kristabri @nadapersonale and @im.davila @lateagainana #anakofilm #mfa #film #director #writer #producer #actor #lifeisachallenge #lifeisbeautiful #miami #2018 #diploma

Miami, Florida

My Thesis film production is done! I’m back to life. I feel happy and sad at the same time. I don’t know how to express what I feel for the people that have been next to me through all this time! This is more than thanks! This is more than love! This is just incredibly powerful feeling that I have for you guys! Thank you for making my dreams come true! Thank you for your magic! We did it!!!! #lateagainana @lateagainana #film is officially wrapped and it’s time to do the editing magic! Mama love you very much from the bottom of her heart! #mfa #filmmaking #nyfasouthbeach #lovewhatido #actress #producer #director #miami #diploma #2018 #lifeisbeautiful

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