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Американская певица и музыкант, южнокорейского происхождения.
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A HUGE Thank You to the WOMAN team and @colbertlateshow making this made my heart burst with joy. LINK IN BIO Credits on YouTube Link 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 @potatorobot @dangermousejukebox @karenoanddangermouse #luxprima #WOMAN

Can you guess what song we’re performing tonight on @colbertlateshow ??? 🤫 Watcha watcha waaaaatch and seeeee! 👀 #luxprima @karenoanddangermouse @dangermousejukebox @potatorobot 💥💥💥

Making the ⚡️magik⚡️ happen @potatorobot & @karenoanddangermouse on @colbertlateshow this Monday night! @dangermousejukebox @samcohenmanimal @carla_carla_carla @chakourah @beaniefeldstein 💪👄‼️

TGI to the F‼️OMG‼️ Lux Prima album is out NOW #yaaay #luxprima #intoyourarms don’t forget to grab the #dopevinyl 🖤 @karenoanddangermouse @dangermousejukebox sound on #turnthelight 💫

Office Magazine Cover Girl 💥 Happy 10th @officemagazinenyc 📸 @sandycandykim 🌪 Style @neverhavetotweet 🔥 Makeup @lotstar ✨ Hair @dylanchavles 🍝 Haircut @comme_des_pr ⛓ Special thanks @moses & Alexandra Weiss & Eugene Tsai and @toe_ring_ 💥❤️💥

Turn the Light turns to love tonight! Our new single is out now- ✨🤩✨ Sound On👍 #turnthelight #luxprima @dangermousejukebox @karenoanddangermouse Link to full song in BIO Lux Prima Record OUT NOW 🆒

Sunday morning paper 🤓✨ tagged by a buddy... Thanks #carynganz and @nytimes for getting the word out 🙏 this record is about to POP (out this Friday!) #luxprima And come see us for our @timestalks on 3/20 we’ll play a few songs for ya ✨ @dangermousejukebox @karenoanddangermouse ‘Where is the damn rock?’ Find out for yourself at An Encounter with Lux Prima @marcianoartfoundation

Feel good about the future with the likes of Esme Creed-Miles on the rise🤘 thank you @cafe_molly for your transcendent Whistlin’ and @imaadwasif for being the man behind us international women! #IWD @hannaonprime @iheartradio #womenwhorock

Happy IWD, my life was forever changed by S.E. Hinton, her books have been an endless source of inspiration for me over the years and she penned The Outsiders at the age of 15. Bad. Ass. Reposting @theunsungheroines on this one cuz it got me so fired up! 💥💥💥 #staygold #outsiders #rumblefish 🙌

#benedettabarzini #retrofuture 💫

Hi, we don’t want you to miss out, no, we really don’t! Reserve your free tickets THIS FRIDAY 1pm PST 💥💥💥💥💥 @marcianoartfoundation #luxprima #soundbath #lightbath #drenchthesenses @karenoanddangermouse @dangermousejukebox #coachellaweek link in bio✨

Me and this other dude photobombing this snap of Amy and Spike #oscars2014 #her #moonsong #margaritatime #faded #magical #memories ✨

Hi! Please come and experience Lux Prima in a heightened state of the senses at the Marciano in LA this April✨🤯✨ Tickets are free and will be available soon‼️ Our multi-sensory art installation accompanies our album Lux Prima premiering in LA @marcianoartfoundation April 18-21st. Shout out to collaborators #barneyclay @tobiasrylander #renklyce @davyevans @obscuradigitalsf @warrenjfu @grossjulian @dangermousejukebox @karenoanddangermouse Link in BIO - - - Huge thanks to our partners @thegarden @thisisryot @dropbox @meyersoundlabs @skywalkersound

Jingle jangle morning, one more from @dazed piece ✨ for our record #luxprima ‘cosmic balm for the golden age of anxiety’ well put, spread love 💖 @karenoanddangermouse

I’m a tomboy but what girl doesn’t like a little dress up💥 thanks @dazed for the spring ‘19 feature ❤️ what a treat! Magazine out now I believe 🙏 Photography @clarazara Styling @emmawyman Penned by @whereforeartemis Hair @dylanchavles Make up @yumilee_mua

One wild ride ❤️ #leoscarax #loversonthebridge

Austin! We’re coming for ya and it’s all us baby!💥 5/3 & 5/4 - Long Beach / Just Like Heaven 5/7 Austin ACL Live 5/11 - Guadalajara / Corona Capital 📸 @little_vampire #yyys #fevertotell

Was just perusing Korean pears and now this. Goodnight 🐱🍊 rg @rekopaper

Yeah man, ever feel like a rubber ducky 20,000 leagues under the sea? So nice to happen upon Urs Fischer at the Gagosian- been a decade since we collided together on the cover of Its Blitz #ursfischer ❤️

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